From what week of pregnancy does the belly start to grow

Having learned about the occurrence of pregnancy, the expectant mother certainly wants to know when her tummy begins to grow. Especially worried about this issue primiparous women. After all, this is a completely new state for them, sensations, and it is necessary to determine when it should be updated their wardrobe.

So, let’s find out what affects the increase in the parameters of the abdomen, how it grows by weeks, what distinguishes its growth in multiple pregnancies, and why the belly needs a bandage.

Is the belly or womb growing?

Various women’s forums are full of revelations that in some women the belly begins to grow from the fifth week of pregnancy, in others from the tenth, and in the third roundness becomes visible to others at thirty weeks. But the key word in these revelations is precisely the “belly.” And it grows and is not in pregnant women from overeating, increased gas formation. Therefore, future moms who claim that their tummy grows already in the first weeks of pregnancy, confuse the “belly” with the uterus. She has been growing at an accelerated pace since the 16th week of pregnancy, and now, from around 20, people can really visually determine the interesting position of a lady by the rounded belly. By the way, the angle of vyperaniya uterus largely depends on how it is located inside the baby, on the characteristics of the structure of the pelvis and the elasticity of its abdominal wall.

What determines the size of the abdomen during pregnancy?

Every woman has a beginning of growth of the tummy, more precisely, the size of the uterus, especially individually. It depends on many factors. The first of them – what is a woman’s pregnancy. If it is the first, then rounding the tummy becomes visible for a period of four to five months. In the second pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are already stretched, so the tummy appears earlier. The roundness of the abdomen also depends on the structure of the pelvis. So, for women with a narrow pelvis, it can be seen much earlier, with a wide one – later.

From what week of pregnancy does the belly start to grow

Another parameter affecting the beginning of the appearance of the tummy is the activity of the woman. If she is involved in sports or a professional athlete, then the roundness of the tummy is drawn to the third trimester. And then when dressed in tight, tight clothes. It is a mistake to think that the roundness of the abdomen depends on the size and weight of the fetus. Little depends on these factors. After all, all the babies in the womb of a mother grow and develop approximately equally until the third trimester.

How do doctors fix the growth of the abdomen during pregnancy?

A woman-observing gynecologist after registration regularly measures the size of her uterus. From this period he monitors the intrauterine development of the unborn child. The dimensions of the uterus are measured using a measuring tape. To do this, a pregnant woman simply lays down on a couch in the office, and the doctor measures the length of the female reproductive organ. You should know that with the physiological (normal) course of pregnancy, the length of the uterus corresponds to the number of weeks. For example, at 12 weeks, the height of the uterus is 12 centimeters. And at this time, it’s too early to talk about a noticeable rounding of the future mother’s tummy. By the way, the observing doctor measures the abdominal circumference. These figures he enters in the medical card of the woman.

From what week of pregnancy does the belly start to grow

It should be borne in mind that the abdominal circumference is a variable indicator. It depends on the location of the fetus in the uterus, the amount of amniotic fluid, and in many ways from the fatty layer of the abdomen.

Growth parameters of the uterus and abdomen during pregnancy

The future mother should know that the uterus is growing constantly, only visually its rounding begins to be noticeable in certain terms. How does the uterus increase by week of pregnancy? At what pace?

It goes something like this. At 4 weeks of pregnancy, it resembles a chicken egg. At week 8, its size increases to the size of a goose egg. With a male fist, the uterus “looks” for a period of 12 weeks. Then its bottom reaches the top point of the pubic symphysis. By the time of 16 weeks of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus is defined midway between the navel and pubis. At 24 weeks the bottom of the uterus is at the level of the navel, already 4 cm above it at 28 weeks, and at week 32 the bottom is between the navel and the xiphoid process. The uterus reaches this process at 36 weeks, and at 40 it goes down.

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