From motion sickness to children

Turkey is a unique country that everyone dreams of visiting. You can organize a holiday not only beach, but also active, with a tour of the centuries-old sights. There is everything for a comfortable and unforgettable vacation: magnificent beaches, stunning nature, unique historical monuments and hospitality, honed over the centuries. In winter you can visit the magnificent ski resorts, but in the summer you can soak up the shores of the Mediterranean, Black, Marmara or Aegean seas.

What medicines to take to Turkey

Collecting a suitcase on a trip is one of the most difficult tasks, especially if the rest is to be outside our state. In addition to the necessary documents, things and money, you must take a first-aid kit prepared in advance. Of course, on vacation I would not like to think about possible unpleasant moments associated with malaise or illness, but it happens, and best arm at home with familiar and proven drugs.

When organizing a holiday insurance is issued, which involves the reimbursement of any expenses associated with the health problems that have arisen. However, it is not always possible to convey information available in full to physicians, if only because an elementary language barrier arises, which, by the way, can also serve as an incorrect assessment of the situation. Having in this case, the medicine is at hand, there is no need to run through the pharmacies.

Going on vacation to Turkey, there may be discomfort associated with acclimatization. Despite the fact that the country is located at a short distance from us. Headache, drowsiness or general weakness will follow for the first 3-5 days.. Therefore, doctors do not recommend to fly to another country for a short period (up to 7-10 days), since the process of reacclimatization proceeds even more difficult. Rest should last at least 2-3 weeks for the body to fully recover and get healthier. It is useless to fight sleepiness in this case, it is better to sleep, but for the headache you should take the necessary pills.

Most frequent ailments occur when changing the usual diet. Stomach disorders are not uncommon. Unusual food or its excessive use can adversely affect the whole vacation. Medications that normalize the work of the stomach and intestines will be most welcome.

Scratches, wounds and corns are also common in everyday life. However, on vacation, new shoes often make themselves known in the form of corns. The pain that occurs when walking can permanently spoil the mood and will not allow you to fully enjoy the rest. Plasters in this case will be simply indispensable.

So, the medicines from which you need to form a first aid kit:

headache – citramon, which includes aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol or nurofen with the active ingredient ibuprofen, as quickly as possible to relieve pain; • from motion sickness – aviamore, kokkulin, dramina, mint tablets; • painkillers – no-shpa, ketonol, baralgin; • antipyretic – paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen; • from allergies – Suprastin, fenistil, diazolin; • in case of poisoning – smect, linex, activated carbon, bifiform, enterosgel; • from injury – bandage, little green (in the form of a felt-tip pen), a plaster, hydrogen peroxide, an ointment for bruises, sulfargil; • from cold – Anaferon, IRS-19, Coldrex, Nazivin; • From cough – broncholetin, libexin, lollipops with sage – with a dry cough, and lasolvan, gedelix, bromhexine – with a viscous cough to thin the sputum; • sunscreen; • from hangover – Alkozeltser (2 tablets at night and 2 in the morning) in case of a prolonged holiday.

From motion sickness to children

If there are chronic diseases, it is necessary to add to this list and medicines for their treatment. In this case, it is better not to pack them in the luggage, but leave them in your hand luggage to use at any time. Wherein Requires supporting documents from the attending doctor with all the recommendations.

What medicines to take to Turkey for a child (1,

Vacation with the whole family is not only a joyful event for children and parents, but also a lot of problems that may lie in wait for rest. Need to be fully prepared, so as not to spoil the long-awaited vacation. To do this, the first-aid kit is collected very carefully, so as not to harm the baby in the process of treating a disease or eliminating minor troubles of a medical nature.

1. Preparations for motion sickness.

Preparations Dramina, Kokkulin or Avia-Sea can be given from motion sickness to children from 1 year. Older children need to grab lollipops for motion sickness, drinking water, packages in case of vomiting and napkins.

2. Preparations from elevated

An electronic thermometer in a special case should always be, as the temperature of a child may rise unexpectedly. Preparations containing paracetamol can be used almost from birth. Panadol, Efferalgan, Tylenol, Tsefekon D, Aqua-Teva there is in the form of syrups or candles, which is very convenient for the youngest travelers. Viburcol can be used from birth, and Nurofen or ibuprofen used with six months of age. These drugs are also painkillers. If the legs and hands remain cold at high temperatures, it should be given along with the antipyretic drug. No-Shpu. After 2 years you can apply Tempalgin, after 6 years – Spazmalgon. These drugs are effective for headaches, for toothaches, or for injuries.

3. Preparations from a cold.

Even in the hottest period, children can go cold and walk all the time with a stuffy nose. In order not to spoil the rest of the child and himself, too, the most effective means for washing the nose – still mineral water. A few drops in the nose will help prevent colds from getting worse and clear the nose of unwanted germs. Mineral water can be used almost from birth. Xilen, Otrivin, Nazivin, Naphthyzin, Sanorin in certain doses can be applied up to a year and after. After a short application of these drops, in order to avoid dryness of the nose, further treatment is necessary. Protargol, Polydex or Vibrocil. For increased dryness in the nose or traveling in a dry climate should be applied. Pinosol, but it is recommended to tops from one year old.

4. Drugs for injuries.

with bruises: Troxevasin, Heparin ointment or Venoruton – apply to the injury site within a few days, the edema passes away very quickly; • with scratches and cuts: hydrogen peroxide (you can dissolve 1 tablet of furatsilina in water), iodine, brilliant green, put a bandage or plaster over the wound, you should always have cotton and bandages of different sizes on hand; • with burns: Panthenol, Rescueman ointment, Atzerbin. The affected area must be cooled in cold water for 10 minutes and the indicated preparations should be applied, then it should appear to the doctor.

5. Preparations from indigestion and intestines.

On vacation, poisoning is not uncommon. You must thoroughly wash your hands before eating, after using the toilet, wash fruits and vegetables, drink only bottled water. For ailments and complaints of abdominal pain, the best option is Smecta or Activated carbon, which can be given to children from birth. To improve the digestibility of food, babies with low appetite can take with them. Mezim Forte, Festal. Regidron or Gastrolit in powder form will be effective in vomiting or diarrhea. To restore the microflora in the intestines after all preparations, babies need to be given Pobiform from one year old, and who has absolutely crumbs, it will help out here Linex, which is used on the second day after birth, 1 capsule per day. With constipation, you can use glycerin candles or dragee or bisacodyl candles, but for kids older than 2 years.

6. Preparations for cough.

From dry cough most often used Libexin, Stoptussin, Bronholitin. Wet cough Mukaltin, Doctor Mom, Gedelix, Bromhexin. All drugs should be used strictly according to the instructions and in accordance with the course of the disease.

7. Allergy preparations.

Even if a child has never had the slightest sign of an allergy, it may suddenly appear in another country for anything, such as the flowering of exotic plants or unfamiliar products. The most reliable drugs in this case – Suprastin, diazolin or fenistil gel.

From motion sickness to children

Taking the family on the road, baby kit is the most important baggage. For little tourists, children’s cream, talc, napalniki, pipettes, gloves, medical pears, hand-washing products, a flashlight for examining the nasal or oral cavity are not superfluous. Such a first-aid kit will be an excellent guarantee of a quiet and comfortable rest without any problems.

What medications should be taken with a pregnant woman to Turkey

Travel during pregnancy is possible, especially in the second trimester, when toxicosis passes and the normal state is restored. But, we must remember that it is still a risk to yourself and the child. Flights, acclimatization, diet, scorching heat, climate change and

• talc, baby cream; • electronic thermometer in the case; • wrist tonometer; • sunscreen; • headache – Efferalgan, Panadol or Ibuprofen; • for colds – Faringosept, Pinosol, Ambroxol; • antipyretic – Paracetamol; • in case of poisoning – Regidron solution, activated carbon.

The use of any medication must be agreed with the doctor.. And with prolonged indisposition, urgent medical care is needed.

What drugs can not be taken to Turkey. List

Liquid drugs, the volume of which exceeds 100 ml, banned for importation into Turkey. This also applies to any other liquid, such as shampoos, creams, perfumes, gels. If this medicine is prescribed by a doctor, then they will miss the aircraft only upon presentation of the necessary prescription with the recommendation of the attending doctor. Anything that exceeds 100 ml can be checked in..

Drugs containing narcotic, psychotropic substances, tranquilizers or those that are sold according to strict recipes are prohibited for export abroad. On the territory of Turkey, such drugs can only be taken with a special permit, an extract from the medical history with confirmation of the need to take such drugs, the signature of the chief physician, the seal of the clinic, copies of prescriptions and receipts for the purchase of these drugs are required. The quantity of such substances imported must correspond to the number of days in a foreign country. All drugs must be included in the declaration..

Medicines containing methadone, morphine, dimorphine, codeine, phenobarbital, ephedrine You can take out only by providing at customs not only a certificate from the attending doctor, but also a permit from the Drug Control Committee of the Ministry of Health of Russia. With such drugs, customs clearance passes along the red corridor, rather than the green one, as many think.

The list of medicines for the first-aid kit in Turkey

The main drugs for the first-aid kit, which will be useful in Turkey:

• antipyretic; • painkillers; • adsorbents; • antiviral; • disinfectant.

In order for customs not to have any questions regarding the list of drugs and their quantity, you need to take the minimum amount of approved drugs, and for potent drugs that are vital, you need prepared permits. This will help avoid unnecessary hassle at the airport and make the long-awaited vacation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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