Fourth month of pregnancy

Psychopaths look at the world differently. For most people in social relationships, there are things that are taken for granted: compassion, the concept of good and evil, and much more that makes people adequate. Psychopaths can destroy another person without the slightest remorse, without any sympathy for the victim. Not all psychopaths are maniacs, criminals or murderers. Propensity to violence in psychopathy is possible, but not required. A psychopath can have a high cultural level and certain family values. It is not so difficult to calculate a psychopath, this is especially important when searching baby sitter or when choosing the right candidate for marriage.

Causes of psychopathy

More often, psychopathy is a mental disorder caused genetically. But psychopathy can also be a symptom of a disease. Mental problems can occur when brain neurons are damaged by toxic products that are either synthesized in the body, or get into it from the outside.

If the child grew up in a violent upbringing, he may develop psychopathic character traits. Such children are not confident, especially sensitive to stressful situations, they have an understated self-esteem. As a rule, such children subsequently develop infrequently. psychasthenic psychopathy: they are afraid of everything, they are extremely unsure of themselves, are prone to obsessive ideas and like to philosophize, chewing intellectual gum with pleasure. More dangerous excitable psychopaths. They are extremely demanding of people around them, often suffer from bouts of rage, can inflict cruel beatings in anger and even do not stop before the murder. Especially cruel and epileptoid psychopaths.

Paranoiac and hysterical psychopaths are not so dangerous for others, it is impossible to live or work together with such types. People with psychopathy are conflicted, they love to demonstrate their superiority by any means, they have increased self-conceit and it is useless to dissuade them. A paranoid husband will exterminate morbid jealousy, paranoids — colleagues torture him with anonymous denunciations.

Schizoid psychopaths they do not feel the emotional pain of another person, but they themselves are very vulnerable, while they can unceremoniously invade someone else’s life, acting on their own, imperceptible for a healthy person impulses.

Mentally healthy people have an instinctive fear of psychopaths, they feel threatened. If a person has signs of psychopathy, it is better to avoid it.

Signs of Psychopathy

  1. Psychopaths are avid manipulators. Psychopaths constantly manipulate other people’s emotions in order to obtain their own benefit.
  2. Psychopaths understand the pain of others, but they themselves do not feel anything.
  3. Promiscuity in sexual relations is peculiar to psychopaths, they easily go on treason, without experiencing any agony of conscience.
  4. Also characteristic of psychopaths and pathological lies.
  5. Often, psychopaths are impulsive, irresponsible, lead a parasitic lifestyle.
  6. Psychopaths are not capable of deep feelings. They can not love in the full sense of the word.
  7. Psychopaths are prone to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Fourth month of pregnancy

What if the husband is a psychopath?

The best option – do not marry a male psychopath. But what if it already happened? At the stage of courtship, psychopaths can be very attractive and charming. A woman who married a psychopath is at risk more than once in domestic violence. It is useless to redo the psychopaths, they need to be treated. We must try not to give birth to psychopaths, in the hope that with the advent of children a person will change. No, the psychopath will remain a psychopath, if you do not cure the underlying disease that caused it. Treatment of psychopathy is carried out at any age.

Fourth month of pregnancy

But if a person is a psychopath in life – run away from him without thinking, gathering the will into a fist, start a new happy life in which there will be no place for psychopaths.

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