Fencing for children

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This article will focus on when it is better to use the playpen, which we offer, instead of a children’s plastic fence.

Plastic fences for children are quite popular. Children’s plastic fences allow you to make a playpen or even a fence of any shape. However, wanting to buy a plastic fence for a child, adults do not always understand the difference between a plastic fence and more solid children’s fence, for example, the enclosure for children offered on our website.

After analyzing what children’s plastic fences are, we can conclude in which cases they are suitable for children.

  1. The height of the plastic small fence is usually 50-65cm.
  2. The length of the plastic fence for children is approximately 3-4 m.
  3. Children’s plastic fences are usually sold with a standard set of sections without the ability to purchase the necessary additional number of sections. You can buy only one more plastic fence.
  4. Plastic fences for children do not provide for fixing to the wall or other fixation.
  5. Unlike our fence, plastic counterparts can not quickly and compactly fold without complete disassembly.
  6. Made in China, so some children’s plastic fences may stink of paints that are harmful to health. It is better to buy plastic fences from proven manufacturers.

In what cases is a plastic fence suitable for a child, and when is it better to buy our wooden playpen-fencing?

For children older than 1 year, most plastic fences will not perform the function of protection, but a plastic fence is perfect for playing.

Plastic fence for children is usually suitable for either very small (up to 1 year) or older children. For small children who do not know how to walk properly, a plastic fence can serve as an arena or fence. The running baby, with high probability will be able to climb over such a fence.

Usually the area of ​​the arena made of a plastic fence is rather small, comparable to a small arena. As a rule, maximum

Fencing for children

At the same time, the plastic small fence perfectly will be suitable for children of 4-6 years. Using a plastic fence, you can make a children’s play area so that toys do not roll all over the apartment. A plastic fence can also shield a playground outside.

Fencing for children

Plastic fence will not be able to protect the child on the staircase, or to protect against other objects, such as a fireplace or a TV. Causes: low height of the fence and impossibility of its fixation to the wall. A child aged 1-2 years can move a plastic fence.

If you want to make a fence for part of the room, fence stairs or any other place in the room, for this it is better to use our fence-designer.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. To learn more about our arena-fence, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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