False pregnancy test

You follow the ovulation calendar, you know exactly when you have dangerous (or, on the contrary, desirable) days, but one day the test will show you not the result you are counting on. Can a pregnancy test be wrong, and what could be the reason? In the material you will find the five most common mistakes that can give the wrong result.

When you take a pregnancy test, the most important thing you expect from him is the correct answer. Every woman worries about this both before and after the test. To avoid stress and frustration, read five factors that can affect the outcome.

Many do the test too early

False pregnancy test

This can be a little puzzling. Previously, it was quite simple: women waited until the day when the menstruation did not occur, and did the test. The end of the story. The catch is that there are currently many other pregnancy tests on the market, which state that they are valid even when you still do not know whether there will be menstruation or not. The problem here is that not everyone will have the same levels of hCG in the urine, and the pregnancy test may not show correctly.

Many don’t wait long enough to get results.

Most home pregnancy tests come with very accurate instructions. (The exception is the cheapest tests in the supermarket). These tests will tell you the time frame that you must pass in order to know the result of the pregnancy test.

As the urine passes through the indicator windows it may appear that both lines are present, or a plus sign. This does not mean that you are pregnant, it simply means that the test is working. You must wait until the end of the time allotted in the instructions in order to understand the test – it usually takes 1-2 minutes. If you are worried about accuracy, bring a watch or a phone with a timer.

False pregnancy test

And some – wait

The complete opposite of the previous paragraph – there are those who are waiting too long to get the results of their test. It often happens when a woman does a test early in the morning, then quickly jumps into the shower, and then goes on to check the result. The instructions usually indicate that the result on the test is visible for no longer than 5 minutes.

After this, the test can continue to work, and the strips will indicate a weak but positive result, when in fact hCG was not detected. Do not be tempted to even read something in your pregnancy test the next day or after you fished it out of the bin many hours later.

Distrust of a positive pregnancy test result

A false positive pregnancy test is extremely rare. The most common causes of errors in a pregnancy test are due to a user error, and not the test itself.

If you have a pregnancy test that says there are two strips, then you must believe and understand that you are pregnant and act according to the situation. It is even more likely that you will later have a chemical pregnancy or miscarriage at a very early stage than the fact that the positive result was erroneous.

If you have an adequate level of hCG, then the test will be positive in any case, but no one is insured from a miscarriage soon after.

Recheck Pregnancy Test Negative

If you get a negative result, especially if it was unexpected, or your period did not start a week later, you need to repeat the test. This rule is written in all test instructions.

The reason is that you need to give the body time to produce such an amount of hCG in the urine that can be identified. Thus, a negative test is not always negative. In truth, he may simply be too “early” to be positive.

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