Fading pregnancy causes

Fading pregnancy causes

A modern, high-tech clinical diagnostic laboratory operates on the basis of Semashko Hospital.

Fading pregnancy causes

Our laboratory carries out the full range of laboratory tests: hematological, biochemical, coagological studies, real-time PCR diagnostics, ELISA diagnostics, microbiological, medical and genetic studies, spermogram, tumor markers, hormones, as well as cytological and immunological studies.

The laboratory consists of the following units:

  • General Clinical Division
  • Hematology unit
  • Biochemical division
  • Bacteriological unit
  • Cytology unit
  • PCR unit
  • Immunological unit
  • Immunochemical division
  • Cytogenetic division
  • Emergency service

The quality of laboratory research at the highest level.

The laboratory is involved in the federal system of external quality assessment of research (certificate of participation No. 00413-01 / 13), has an international quality certificate for glycosylated hemoglobin.

86% of KDL doctors have certification of the highest qualification category. All top and middle level specialists have state qualification certificates. And the average experience of our specialists is 20-25 years.

In addition, the team of doctors KDL is actively involved in the education and training of laboratory diagnostics specialists from all over the region, as well as engaged in postgraduate training for interns.

In the laboratory, more than 300 methods are performed on modern equipment from leading world manufacturers. All equipment complies with international standards.

Hemostasis (blood coagulation) system studies are performed on the ACL TOP 700 analyzer from the Instrumentation Laboratory (USA). The analyzer allows you to fully automate the process of conducting research, and the results are ready after 3 minutes.

What research does the lupus anticoagulant, D-dimer, coagulogram, fibrinogen, prothrombin index, platelet aggregation, APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time), blood test for clot formation rate, coagulation factor (V, VII, VIII, IX, XII) , Willebrant factor, inhibitors to factor VIII, IX, homocysteine, etc.

The bacteriological department of the laboratory is equipped with an automated analyzer SENSITITRE (USA). With the help of the analyzer, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria are identified, and sensitivity to antimicrobial agents is determined.

SENSITITRE system is a recognized leader in antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

Diagnosis of viral hepatitis B, antibodies to the hepatitis C virus, rapid diagnosis of syphilis and HIV infection is carried out on the immunological analyzer Architect (Abbott Diagnostics) using chemiluminescence method. Chemiluminescent immunoassay is characterized by high accuracy and quality of the study and is one of the leading modern methods in the diagnosis of these infections.

Fading pregnancy causes

In our laboratory, antibodies are determined for the diagnosis of systemic diseases of the connective tissue, vasculitis, celiac disease, antiphospholipid syndrome, and primary biliary cirrhosis. These studies are performed on the Alegria automatic immunological analyzer, the results are given 3 hours after blood donation.

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