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An outright photo session of Kineshma pediatrician Anastasia Orlova outraged network users

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We didn’t have time to calm down the network about the dismissal of Barnaul’s teacher Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, who had to quit her job because of a photo in a bathing suit, when candid photos of Kineshma pediatrician Anastasia Orlova got into the network. This photo session caused a lot of controversy in the network, and the Kineshians were divided into two camps. The first supported Anastasia, speaking in support of her, and the second explained that it went wrong and immoral.

Fraudster from Lithuania Evaldas Rimašauskas deceived Google and Facebook for 121 million dollars

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A Lithuanian citizen by the name of Evaldas Rimašauskas confessed to the investigation of the organization of an illegal scheme, which allowed the Latvian company Rimašauskas to receive almost $ 121 million from Google and Facebook.

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The smartest porn actress

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Finally, you will find out which porn actresses are studying quantum physics between two takes and three blacks.

A sweet and very capable graduate of the University of San Francisco – blonde Lorelei Lee took an additional course in journalism and literature at New York University. He writes a lot on the entertainment industry for adults, which is not surprising with its main source of income. They say that they criticize her on both fronts: intellectuals believe that she has nothing to do in porn, and people close to porn do not understand why she’s fussing with textbooks, dissertations and impotent students from the dean’s office.

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Youth booze and party

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When else to have fun, if not in young years? Here is the youth and comes off to the fullest. Only for some reason, then they post photos of their stormy holidays in social networks.

Volgogradka accused a friend of rape after sex next to her sleeping husband

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The woman decided to take revenge on her husband for his adultery, but then she was frightened by his anger.

Volgograd, March 24th. A 54-year-old resident of Volgograd has fallen into a difficult history that ended in criminal prosecution. The woman accused her 30-year-old lover of rape, and later confessed to a false denunciation.

The story, unpleasant for all participants, began with the fact that the young man looked in on his elder acquaintances to their spouses. After that, the feast began with a copious libation of alcoholic beverages.

At some point, the 50-year-old master broke up and he fell asleep. At this moment, the young guest, excited by the alcohol, was drawn to love affairs, and he suggested to the mature lady to engage in intimate pleasures. After some deliberation, the woman agreed.

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Since the room was only 12 square meters, they chose a bed for love games, in which the husband of the woman fell asleep. In the midst of the actions of lovers, the man woke up and his wife immediately declared that the young guest had raped her.

Later, during the interrogation, Volgogradka admitted that in fact she had entered into sexual intercourse voluntarily, out of revenge, her husband, who constantly cheated on her.

– On this fact, procedural verification is carried out. If the Volgograd fault in a false denunciation is proved, she faces imprisonment for up to three years, the SU IC RF in the Volgograd region reports.

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