Education against examples of nature

Recently, all parents are trying to somehow stand out: someone gives her baby an unspeakable name, someone buys unimaginable outfits, and someone decides to bring up a baby, according to the latest fashion trends. For example, bookshelves, Google pages, forum lines are overwhelmed with questions / answers / tips on the topic of education without prohibition. Young mummies and daddies are advised not to limit the freedom of their children, because it hampers their development and may adversely affect life in the future.

It is possible, sometimes even necessary, to give your karapuz the opportunity to do whatever he wants, but you should not forget at least a few important rules of this method of education.

1. Remember: a child is a child! By virtue of his nature, he cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes. He needs to jump, shout, throw things on the floor and explore the world. Accept it and let the baby be yourself.

2. Try to give the toddler the will to scatter toys around the house, fold as he wants, take out certain adult objects and play with them. There are things that he can do himself. Independence from an early age – is it bad?

3. It is necessary to give a crumb the right to choose in everyday things: what to wear, what to eat for breakfast (of course, from 3-5 proposed options). Choosing what you want, the child will then happily do what you want.

Education against examples of nature

4. Almost everything can be done, but in certain conditions. Do not kick with your feet in front of the seat in the bus, but you can construct it at home from the chairs.

In the civilized world, the prohibitions were, will and should be. The word “no” protects the child from danger

Education against examples of nature

At the same time, there are certain “no” that are valid for everyone, and everybody also bears the punishment for their violation. Karo can only serve the acceptance of the consequences of his action: scattered food – leave the table, because who plays, he is not hungry. In 95% of cases, it is enough to explain such only once.

But do not run after the newfangled trends, only slightly acquainted with their basics. It is necessary to thoroughly study the material on this issue.

Education against examples of nature

In this method of education there are at least two “BUT”. First, it is difficult to implement in our education system. If you are going to give your child to a regular kindergarten and a regular school, then you definitely won’t finish it. Secondly, such upbringing requires constant pressure and actions from parents, which not everyone is ready for.

Remember the anecdote on this topic? “Mom is sitting on the bus with a small child in her arms. Next to her is a girl in a white coat. The kid jerks every now and then and soils this fur coat. In the end, the girl does not stand up: “Woman, explain to your child that you can not do this!”. To which Mommy replies: “We bring him up according to a new method – everything is resolved.” Here punk approaches her, takes a cud out of her mouth – and sculpts mommy on her forehead with the words: “I was also allowed everything in my childhood”. ”

So, dear parents, everything must be approached wisely. In the civilized world, the prohibitions were, will and should be. The main thing is that there should not be many of them, and they should be on business. Still, the word “can not” warns the child, protects him from danger. It really drives a person into some frames, but the personality is developing, and as soon as the baby begins to understand why it is impossible, these frames are erased, disappear, remain in the past, the personality goes to another level. The more developed a person is, the more free it is.

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