Diathesis in baby photo

Trying to protect their child from any trouble, many parents panic, discovering diathesis in infants. Where did he come from and what are his prerequisites? What was the main reason? How dangerous is it and how is diathesis cured? There are a lot of questions overwhelming the heads of young parents. And they need to be resolved as soon as they arise, since the consequences, to which a banal diathesis can lead, the statute are practically insoluble, over time.

What does diathesis look like in babies?

First of all, it is necessary to figure out what the diathesis of babies looks like? In principle, there is no need to guess. Pink spots of localized small pimples cover the cheeks, forehead, mouth area, sometimes all the face and even the body. There are occasional rashes, which pass quite quickly and there would seem to be no reason to panic. But, when the “pink cheeks” is not the cause of the blush and true health of the toddler, you should think well. In addition, the precursor of diathesis in infants becomes frequent prickly heat, as well as yellow crusts, exfoliating on the lower part of the head. Diathesis in infants photo clearly demonstrates how uncomfortable the child and how strong the redness on the skin.

First of all, it is worth contacting a pediatrician who will help to eliminate the main problem, correct the nutrition and follow the removal of skin rashes. The diathesis in infants should be eliminated in any case and everything possible should be done for this.

Diathesis in infants treatment

Diathesis in infants can appear in any age. It doesn’t matter whether you are breastfeeding or feeding on an adapted mixture. In the first case, the main fault lies with the nursing mother. Although, trying to give her baby only the best, she does not suspect that the danger can be hidden in everyday products. To say that to eat tomatoes, strawberries, peanuts, smoked products, grapes, carbonated drinks and much more, is not worth most moms. As it turns out, in most cases, diathesis in infants appeared due to an allergy to lactulose contained in milk or to chicken protein. The dangers that await a young mother are many and she should be fully aware of them.

It is much easier to eliminate diathesis in breastfed infants. One has only to change the mixture and wait for the result. In most cases, the first time you can guess. In this case, you need to remember that changing the mixture is a great stress for the child. And the choice of the most optimal option should be treated very carefully.

Many mothers believe that diathesis in infants treatment is quite simple. To do this, it is only necessary to eliminate the external manifestations, slightly adjust the nutrition and the result on the face. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Drying the rash and crusting is only the cosmetic side of the problem. But the internal organs of the child were also affected. Treatment should be carried out exclusively after testing, identifying allergens and determining the best methods to combat them. But, if the baby has not identified allergic dermatosis, then you can get by with “minor victims” and simply reconsider the diet of both the baby and the mother.

Diathesis in baby photo

For the correct removal of crusts should not be in a hurry. Over rashes it is worth putting vaseline oil on which to put a gauze bandage and to cover with a paper layer. For fasteners of this design, you should put a cap on top so that liquid petrolatum absorbs faster and peels off very quickly. After the child carried such a bandage for about 3-4 hours, it can be removed. But it is worth remembering that if, after all the precautions, the rash resumed with a new force, it is necessary to resort to more serious methods of treatment.

In extremely rare cases, diathesis in infants is treated with antihistamines. They are appointed with extreme caution and only after passing all tests. Often, such treatment is given to children with a predisposition to atopic dermatitis.

For children prone to frequent diaper rash, regular washing in water from the infusion sequence, chamomile, is necessary. Thus, both prophylaxis and treatment can be carried out. Solution “Furatsilina” helps to cope with skin rashes baby. But, this is only the elimination of cosmetic problems.

Diathesis in infants on the cheeks

Each parent knows that diathesis in babies on their cheeks is the first sign that the situation may worsen in the near future. It can occur when exclusively breastfed, and at the first lures. If after removing the cosmetic side of the problem, you need to wait a few days, as the diathesis may reappear. In this case, not only the cheeks will be affected, the legs will rise, and rashes may also appear on the legs.

With great predilection it is necessary to treat when diathesis in infants on the cheeks is accompanied by a violation of the chair and a small belch. This is a significant reason to call the doctor to the house, as soon the temperature may rise.

Enterosgel in diathesis in infants

Some pediatricians advise Enterosgel for diathesis in infants. The main property of this gel is the absorption of allergens in the blood of the child and bringing them out. In this case, his reception should be treated with extreme caution. First, do not increase the dosage. How many are written for a specific age category, and so much must be used. Secondly, drinking mode. It should be increased several times, for the proper elimination of toxins and allergens from the body.

“Enterosgel” in diathesis in infants is effective, but it is necessary to identify the main allergen in order to prevent the occurrence of rashes again.

Diathesis in infants folk remedies

Do not assume that the diathesis in infants folk remedies removed permanently. Like many methods of treatment, they do not cope with the main irritant, and only alleviate the condition of the baby.

The most popular folk remedies for diathesis in babies include:

  • Baths from a bay leaf. Bay 25 grams of bay leaf 10 liters of boiled water must be boiled water for 10 minutes, let cool and bathe the child in the bathroom. Similar procedures should be repeated for 5-7 days, until the symptoms of rash are completely eliminated.
  • Baths from the infusions of the series, chamomile and oak bark. Take 10 grams of each component and pour boiled water over everything. Let it brew for 5 hours. Dilute with boiled water and bathe the baby in the bathroom. The effect of cleansing the skin occurs after 2 bathing.
  • Potato baths. 700 grams of potatoes, peel and grate, pour with 2-3 liters of cold water, bring to a boil and boil for 15-20 minutes. At 200 grams of the resulting slurry, add to the tub of the child with each bath.

Diathesis in infants is a passing phenomenon and can be eliminated both independently and under the supervision of a pediatrician. You should not leave the process unattended and wait for the rash to disappear, the baby needs help to cope with the problem and he will please his healthy skin and radiant smile of his parents.

Diathesis in babies (photo)

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Diathesis in babies (video)

The video below consists of three equal parts.

The first, the largest part, is devoted to the whole range of problems with diathesis in infants. Pediatrician practitioners tell and explain.

The second part – tips for the treatment of diathesis in infants.

The third one is the specialist’s answers to the questions of parents facing diathesis in their child.

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