Diagnosis of preschool children

Strebeleva Elena Antonovna – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the laboratory of preschool education of children with developmental problems, doctor of pedagogical sciences, project manager "Early correction of developmental disabilities and preschool education of children with special needs". Professor of the Faculty of Special Psychology and Special Pedagogy of the Department of Oligophrenopedagogy of Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Born in Kherson region., Ukrainian SSR. She graduated from the Faculty of defectology MGPI

He has been working in the IKP RAO since 1994. The main directions of scientific research: psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of children of early and preschool age; research in the field of mental development of children with intellectual disabilities; parenting a child with developmental disabilities; education and training of children in special preschool institutions for children with intellectual disabilities; training of defectologists for work in special pre-school institutions.

The author of the approach to psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of disorders in the development of children of early and preschool age, the system of correctional and pedagogical work on the development of cognitive activity of children of early and preschool age with intellectual disabilities.

Has more than 50 publications. The author of textbooks, programs for students, articles, books, theses. He conducts a great work on training for special preschool institutions.

Diagnosis of preschool children

Laureate of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education for 1999. The prize was awarded for the creation of a set of tools for the diagnosis of mental development of young children for preschool educational and educational institutions".

The manual covers a modern integrated approach to the psychological, medical and pedagogical diagnosis of orphans and children left without parental care.

A description of specific methods for examining children from infancy to adolescence is given. Special attention is paid to the criteria for assessing the development of children brought up in residential institutions. The book is written for managers and staff of PMPK (C), neuropathologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, teacher pathologists.

Coauthor: Kataeva

The textbook outlines the issues of theory and practice of preschool oligophrenopedagogy, reveals the peculiarities of mental and physical development of preschool children with intellectual disabilities, as well as methods of correctional and educational work with them.

The book is intended for students of pedagogical institutes, as well as for teachers-pathologists and educators of specialized (correctional) kindergartens for children with intellectual disabilities.

Correctional assistance to young children with organic lesions of the central nervous system in short-term stay groups.

The book describes a systematic approach to correctional and pedagogical work with children of the third year of life with an organic lesion of the central nervous system in conditions of short-term groups in compensatory or combined type in preschool educational institutions.

The book is addressed to teachers (teachers-defectologists, music leaders, teachers-psychologists), working with children who have an organic lesion of the central nervous system.

Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of the development of children of early and preschool age: A methodic manual with the attachment of the album “Visual material for the examination of children.”

The manual is based on a modern approach to the diagnosis of the mental development of children of early and preschool age. It includes a description of methods aimed at identifying the level of cognitive and speech development, examination of the hearing of children of different age categories.

It is intended for specialists of psychological, medical and pedagogical consultations, defectologists, psychologists, speech therapists of preschool educational institutions. It may be useful to students of preschool, psychological and defectological faculties of pedagogical institutes, as well as parents.


The tutorial covers the general issues of the formation of special pedagogy as a science and modern theoretical approaches to the development of a system of correctional and developmental education.

The content, methods and techniques of correctional educational work with children, determined by the specifics of each type of violations, are considered. Given questions and practical tasks for students, as well as a list of additional literature.

Formation of thinking in children with developmental disabilities (visual material).

Illustrations of visual material correspond to chapters and sections of the book.

The manual is recommended to be used in the process of training with children for the formation of certain mental actions. With a competent approach to work, the teacher will be able to teach the child a holistic perception of the situations depicted in the pictures, to summarize the ideas about the properties and qualities of objects, mastering the actions of substitution and modeling.

Diagnosis of preschool children

The picture material will provide significant assistance in shaping the relationship between the word and the image, the ability to perform classification and systematization, establish cause-effect relationships and dependencies, understand the hidden meaning and humor.

The book presents a system of correctional and pedagogical work on the formation of the mental activity of children with mental retardation. A detailed description of more than 200 didactic games, exercises, stories, tasks and riddles that contribute to enhancing the cognitive activity of children of preschool age is given.

Diagnosis of preschool children

At the end of the manual are two applications with material for teachers, in order to understand the creation of the situation for classes with children, and visual handouts for children.

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