Delayed psychomotor development

For each mother, the most important thing in life is to maintain the good health of her child. In the first year of a baby’s life, his new abilities begin to develop rapidly. Therefore, if a young mother began to notice that something in the development of her child is going wrong, then you need not to let this out of your attention. In our time, cases of birth of newborns with a delay in psychomotor development have become frequent. Having noticed the first symptoms, you should soon begin to heal before it is too late.

This diagnosis informs parents of a lag in the formation of the child’s neuropsychic development, his skills and abilities. During the first year of the baby, mom and dad should monitor the main signs of proper development, so that, as a last resort, the alarm will be sounded in time.

Delay in the psychomotor development of a child can be completely natural, both genetic and individual. Such delays, which do not require the intervention of medicine, are later compensated. In addition, there are delays of painful origin.

If you notice that the child in the first month of birth did not start to keep the head upright, then it makes sense to think about contacting a specialist. Also, it is considered abnormal when:

– at 2 months, the child does not smile to his mother;

– in 3 months does not “agukat”;

– in 5 months does not make attempts to turn over;

– at 6 months does not begin to crawl, sit down independently;

– at 8 months does not play with toys;

– at 11, the baby does not start walking and babbling.

After making sure that your child begins to noticeably lag behind his peers, contact your pediatrician or neurologist. Usually, the reference point of the disease, according to experts, is the intrauterine development of the fetus and childbirth. Without the intervention of medicine, the revealed violations, unfortunately, will only progress.

Delayed psychomotor development

However, remember that the development of the child is individual and unique. The slightest delay in development is not a definitive diagnosis.

Types of psychomotor development delays

– Violations in the development of the child of his mental, motor and speech functions is a nonspecific benign delay. Such violations are not associated with damage to the brain, and can be easily corrected with the help of medicine. Also, under favorable conditions, development is in itself compensated without treatment.

– The second type is a specific delay. At this time, such a violation in the psychomotor development of the baby is associated with damage to the brain and central nervous system. Without the intervention of doctors, the development of such a violation is not compensated.

In addition, specific delays occur in varying degrees of severity. The first degree is the predominance of disorders in motor functions, as well as a slight delay in speech development. The second degree – all abilities of the baby begin to form with a slight delay. With the received treatment, the child’s condition stabilizes, but development can remain slow compared to peers. In the third degree, the child is delayed in development by more than two age intervals, and developmental disorders are progressing.

Causes of psychomotor development delays

Causes of delays in psychomotor development can be very different, so young mothers should be especially careful.

The first thing that is worth protecting the child is from various infections affecting the body. From very serious diseases, the body of the child is able to restructure and begin to act incorrectly.

The second reason may be social causes, such as a lack of care and education.

Respiratory and cardiovascular disorders can be the third cause of delays in the psychomotor development of the baby. It should immediately consult with a pediatrician and begin treatment.

The fourth reason is hereditary diseases or chromosomal diseases, for example, Down’s Syndrome, Patau, Edwards.

The fifth reason is birth trauma, asphyxia. When a baby is born, the umbilical cord can wrap around its neck, strangling it.

These are only five reasons from many existing. Delays in psychomotor development can occur not only before the first goal of life, but also in older children.

Every parent needs to remember that the sooner you start taking prophylaxis, the better. Delayed psychomotor development requires timely treatment.

Most often, positive results are achieved through developing activities with the child, as well as with the help of massage and long courses of physiotherapy. In addition, osteopathy has shown excellent results. Osteopathic procedures are a method of treating a child when the child’s body is studied as a whole. Particular attention in this procedure is paid to the circulation of fluid in the body. The attending physician, or osteopath, uses the technique of massage movements, point pressure, which can more accurately tell him about deviations from the norm, than specially prepared equipment. With proper circulation, the body receives good nutrition, and metabolism improves.

In addition to these types of treatment, there is also magnetic therapy, which allows selectively restoring the work of some brain centers that are responsible for vocabulary and intellectual abilities.

In addition to these methods of treatment, there is also drug therapy. Some of the drugs used to treat psychomotor retardation present themselves in the form of “active nutrition” for the brain.

However, we must remember that self-medication is strictly contraindicated, as this can harm your baby. Begin to engage in the treatment of the child in a timely manner, in order to avoid the development of the disease.

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