Definition of pregnancy at home

Home pregnancy tests are used to determine if pregnancy is present and are easily available at any pharmacy. But often a woman wants to know if she is pregnant, even before the test is able to show two bars.

Determination of pregnancy in its condition

Before the onset of the next menstruation, indirect signs of pregnancy may appear (tenderness and breast augmentation, changes in mood and taste preferences and

And the delay itself will speak about the likely occurrence of pregnancy only under the condition that the woman is completely healthy and before that her body worked without the slightest glitch, and the cycle was always stable.

But let us examine the symptoms that the girls interviewed noted in their position a few days before the expected menstruation. So, with the onset of pregnancy, many observed the following changes:

  • worried about weakness in the body;
  • pulls the lower abdomen, colitis in the area of ​​the ovary;
  • breast swelling and tenderness;
  • urination becomes more frequent (if this symptom is present, the development of cystitis should be excluded).

Some of the respondents did not have any pain at all, although there was a pregnancy. Mostly women complained of weakness, drowsiness, rapid fatigue. This is directly related to the change in hormonal levels. But even with chronic lack of sleep, frequent stresses, lack of rest, such well-being can also be observed outside of pregnancy. Therefore, it is impossible to take this condition as a sure sign of pregnancy.

It is also necessary to say about the body temperature. Many pregnant women thought they had a cold because their temperature was 37 degrees Celsius. In general, this is the normal body temperature during pregnancy. Therefore, if within 2 weeks after the alleged conception there is a constant elevated temperature (37.0-37.4 degrees), then this phenomenon is often considered as the first symptom of a successful conception. Doctors explain this condition by the fact that during pregnancy the level of progesterone in the woman’s body rises, which causes an increase in body temperature.

Methods for determining pregnancy without a test

Home pregnancy tests are very convenient, but they are not always at hand. Consider traditional methods for determining pregnancy several days before the expected menstruation or during the delay period.

Iodine application

Iodine is often used by our grandmothers to detect pregnancy. There are several ways to use this tool:

  1. You need to collect urine in a clean dish and add a drop of iodine.
  2. Pregnancy did not occur in the event that a drop of iodine dissolved.
  3. If iodine lingers on the surface in the form of a floating spot, there is a high probability of having a pregnancy.

In order for this method to be the most accurate, it is necessary to follow several important rules. The test is performed only on the first morning urine. Before collecting the material, hygiene procedures are mandatory, but without the use of soap. Iodine is added using a pipette, which should be brought as close as possible to the surface of the urine.

You can use the second diagnostic method at home:

  1. A small strip of paper is taken and moistened in the first morning urine. The strip must be completely soaked.
  2. A drop of iodine is applied to the paper.
  3. The paper has changed color to blue or purple hue – there is a high probability of pregnancy.

These methods are considered popular, since science disproves their authenticity. Iodine changes color to blue / purple with a high content of starch in paper. But whether iodine is dissolved or not depends on the acidity (pH) of urine. In an alkaline environment, iodine dissolves.

Baking soda

Experts on the Internet recommend using baking soda, which is in almost every home, to determine whether a woman is in an interesting position or not. The basis of this method is the following statement – if fertilization of the egg has occurred, the acid-base value (pH) of urine changes to alkaline. That is why soda does not give a reaction.

So, it is advised to carry out the following procedure:

  1. Morning urine is poured into the container and a spoon of baking soda is added, and now watch the reaction of the soda.
  2. If intense hissing begins, and bubbles form, as during the preparation of the pop, the pregnancy is not confirmed.
  3. In the case when there is no reaction, and the soda powder just settled on the bottom, it means there is a pregnancy.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the “pregnant” phenomenon can manifest itself with the predominance of plant foods and milk in the diet, as well as with kidney diseases. With regular consumption of meat, or vice versa, with fasting and dehydration, the urine becomes acidic (

Basal Temperature Measurement

As experts say, this method allows you to determine the presence of pregnancy with the greatest accuracy and can be used at home. It is necessary to take measurements several days before the menstruation should begin.

After ovulation, there is a slight increase in basal temperature (BT), which is kept around 37 degrees. If this temperature lasts for two or three weeks after ovulation, then most likely that the pregnancy has come.

To get the most accurate information, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Measurement of the basal temperature is necessary in the morning, immediately after sleep, at about the same time, and always before you get out of bed (keep the thermometer under the pillow);
  • For measurements, the simplest mercury thermometer is used, which is inserted into the vagina and held for at least 3 minutes;
  • it is impossible to make sharp and impetuous movements, otherwise the result will be distorted;
  • during testing it is important to exclude the possible influence of pathological factors such as influenza or ARVI;
  • It is necessary to carry out such measurements over several cycles and keep a special schedule.

Indeed, during pregnancy, the basal temperature is about 37 degrees from the moment of conception and the entire first trimester. In this case, menstruation is absent. But in the obstetric practice there were a lot of examples of how pregnancy occurred with menstrual irregularities (but with the presence of ovulation and open sex life). And in such patients the basal temperature was unstable or did not reach 37 degrees at all. So, if a girl has a monthly delay and BT lasts about 37 degrees, then there is a possibility that there is a pregnancy. But if BT does not reach 37 degrees, then pregnancy cannot be excluded.

By discharge

In the early stages of pregnancy, vaginal discharge may change – they may become more abundant due to an increase in the level of progesterone in the blood or be stained brown or pink because the egg cell attaches to the small blood vessels of the endometrium, then in the discharge and there is an admixture of blood (this is called “implant bleeding”). Usually, the blood during implantation is scanty (a couple of drops are observed or smears slightly) and this phenomenon lasts for a couple of hours (maximum several days), besides there is no pain.

In case of heavy bleeding, you should consult with the doctor as soon as possible (if necessary, he will appoint a hemostat and send for blood donation for hCG, which will give an opportunity to find out if the woman is actually pregnant or not). If there is a pregnancy, then it is a threat of miscarriage, and if there is no pregnancy, then it just went monthly or bleeding opened (if such heavy menstruation is not peculiar to you).

“Grandma’s” methods

To date, a large number of different old methods are being retold, which used to help our ancestors to establish whether a woman is pregnant or not.

In the early stage of pregnancy, if there is a suspicion, you need to take urine, heat it up and pour it into a glass jar. If the woman is in an interesting position, flakes and a cloudy precipitate should appear in the urine. Of course, during the test there will be an unpleasant and sharp smell, but this method is one of the most popular among our grandmothers.

The measurement of pulse in the abdomen is also among the popular methods:

Definition of pregnancy at home

  • you need to lie on your back and relax completely;
  • just below the navel (5-6 cm) feel the pulse;
  • if the pulsation is felt, then there is a pregnancy;
  • provided there is no pulse in the area – the woman is not pregnant.

Metal taste

According to national signs, the future mother has a persistent metallic taste in the mouth. This phenomenon is typical for the first weeks after fertilization, so you can determine the fact of conception.

All these methods are very entertaining, but they will in no way help confirm a pregnancy or refute it.

Determination of pregnancy with the test

In order for the rapid pregnancy test to give the most accurate result, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • inspect the packaging for damage;
  • use only the test, the expiration date of which has not expired;
  • prepare a clean and sterile container;
  • It is best to examine the first morning urine;
  • before carrying out the study, be sure to wash your hands and wipe dry;
  • the test strip is lowered into the urine to the specified level;
  • then the test is laid out on a flat, dry surface (preferably on the bag in which the test lay);
  • after a few minutes the result will be visible.

It is necessary to evaluate the result in 3-5 minutes. On some tests it is indicated that after 5 minutes it is impossible to reliably evaluate the result. And on the other hand, on the contrary, it is said that the result is viewed 10 minutes later, but no later than 30 minutes after the test. So read the instructions before taking the test.

Definition of pregnancy at home

In any case, if the second strip is poorly visible, then repeat the test in 2-3 days. If the second bar does not become brighter, then there is no pregnancy, and this is just a reagent. During pregnancy, the second bar becomes brighter each time, until it becomes equal in intensity in the control.

Learn more about how to use the pregnancy test – read here.

How to know that you are pregnant? (video)

The above methods are almost all unreliable, so they will not help you at home to determine whether there was a conception or not. And for more accurate information will have to additionally pass the tests.

The most reliable way to determine pregnancy before a delay is blood donation for hCG. Read more about this in the following video:

Modern private laboratories can determine pregnancy a few days before the expected menstruation. It is only necessary to donate venous blood and pay for the analysis.

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