Decorate the room for her husband’s birthday

A birthday is only once a year and every person, no matter how old he is, wants a holiday. Beautiful table, friends, gifts – all these are indispensable attributes of the celebration. You can make a surprise birthday, think in advance about how to decorate the room for a birthday with his own hands. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, especially if you come up with jewelry yourself.

Here are a few decor options, such ideas can be used for a birthday man of any age, because if you decorate a room beautifully, come up with something unusual, everyone will understand how it is valued and loved.

What should be the decorations

  • Decorations should be of large size so that guests and the hero of the occasion immediately notice them.
  • They should not pose a danger to others, garlands and balls should be attached to a sufficient height so that the kids present at the festival did not reach them.
  • It is not worth spending a lot of money on what you can do with your own hands, it’s wiser to give your loved one a more expensive gift.
  • The eye-catching decorations will immediately make it clear that this is the place where birthday is celebrated.
  • All decorations should simply be fixed and removed, because the holiday will end and the question of cleaning will arise.

We decorate with balls

Bright, festive, balloons – the most famous decoration for such a day. How to decorate a room with balloons? They can be fixed in the corners of the room, collected in garlands, make whole bunches of balls.

Balloons filled with helium will stay under the ceiling, creating a festive mood. On the website sharik – products for the holiday and a huge selection of balls.

Decorate with flowers

If, in your opinion, the balls are too traditional, you can give the room a festive look by decorating it with bouquets of flowers, individual flowers attached in the most unexpected places or complex compositions of natural flowers. Flowers can be made from paper, they should be large and bright.

Decorate the room for her husband's birthday

Wish tree

You can make a festive composition, the so-called tree of wishes. All that is needed:

  • big branch
  • beautiful pot
  • sea ​​of ​​fantasy.

A branch, similar to a tree trunk, needs to be fixed in a pot, painted in a bright color and attached to it notes with wishes to the birthday boy, a photo of friends, and small toys and bright sweets are suitable for kids.

Congratulatory posters

Birthday wishes posters can be bought at any store, but it will be much more pleasant for a loved one if such decorations are homemade. On a large piece of paper you need to write the most sincere wishes, the guests who came, can also add their own.

Holiday for children

If the holiday is for children, you need to think about interesting entertainments for the little guests, because the kids can not always sit still, they need to climb somewhere or play hide and seek. You can make a wonderful fairy-tale house out of several sheets of cardboard, the kids will be happy to spend time in it while the table is set and the next surprises are prepared.

Theme feast

How else beautifully decorate the room for a birthday with your own hands? You can spend for children is not a simple, but a thematic holiday. Mass ideas:

  1. room in the style of a pirate ship,
  2. castle of a beautiful princess
  3. pirate Party,
  4. Cinderella at the ball
  5. Mickey and mini mouse,
  6. room like a distant planet.

You need to take care of the costumes for the little guests, then the holiday will definitely succeed.

There are many more ways to decorate the birthday party room, just think a little and not be lazy, because for a loved one you want to make the holiday memorable.

A selection of photos of how to decorate the room for a birthday with their own hands:

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