Day regimen of one year old child

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The daily routine of a one-year-old child is not much, but still differs from the schedule, which must be followed at the age of 10-11 months. The main changes in this period are associated with the organization of day and night sleep, changes in the diet, walk regime. If you plan on early arrival of a child in a preschool educational institution, the regime should be designed in such a way that he was as close as possible to the schedule approved in the kindergarten. If the child gets used to do everything on schedule, adaptation in the nursery will be much easier and faster, so you should start training as soon as the crumbs become 1 year old. Most children go to the nursery at 1.5-2 years old, so parents have enough time to change the existing regime if it doesn’t meet the required schedule for some parameters.

How to accustom to a particular mode or change an existing one

The most common mistake that many parents make when trying to adjust the daily routine of a one-year-old child is to try to introduce new rules quickly. The child cannot immediately adapt to the new schedule, especially if before that the parents did not adhere to a specific schedule or often made mistakes in the mode. Sometimes the period of getting used to the new conditions can take several months, so the mother needs to be patient and not rush the crumb if she wants the transition to a new routine to go off painlessly.

Day regimen of one year old child

Important! Do not try to teach your child to the new mode of the day quickly, have patience.

The main changes that occur in the timetable for one-year-old children are related to the organization of daytime sleep. Pediatricians believe that most healthy children in 1 year do not need a two-day nap, so if they show signs of readiness to go to a one-time nap during the day, they need to adjust the regimen so that the baby sleeps 1 time per day. It is very important to assess the readiness of the child for such a translation, since sleep is an important condition for healthy growth, proper development and emotional state of the baby.

The child is ready to transfer to a one-time sleep lasting 3-4 hours, if:

  • at the usual time of laying up (usually it is 10-11 am) he does not show signs of fatigue, does not rub his eyes, is in a good mood;
  • when trying to lay him in the morning sleep, he actively resists, cries;
  • in the crib does not fall asleep, plays with rattles, examines drawings on bed-clothes and soft sides.

Important! If the child, after transferring to a one-time daytime sleep, has become moody, weeping, his appetite has deteriorated, you should consult with your doctor: perhaps the crumb is not yet ready for such changes.

If the child is objectively ready for the transition to a one-time rest in the afternoon, it is necessary to shift the laying time by 30 minutes each week: in the first week put to sleep in

Recommended mode of the day and food

It depends on how many times a child a child sleeps, how it is to draw up a daily routine, so that time is allocated in it for walks, educational games, activities, feeding and rest. Below are two options for child’s schedule, depending on the organization of day rest.

The child sleeps 2 times a day.

If the baby needs to be fed before bedtime, it is also organized approximately 20–30 minutes before bedding.

Baby sleeps 1 time per day

The rise in children who sleep 1 time per day, usually occurs later than in babies who continue to sleep 2 times in the daytime. This must be considered when drawing up the regime.

What to feed year old child

In a year, a child can already eat from a common table, provided that the family adheres to the principles of healthy and dietetic food and does not consume foods that may adversely affect the health of the child: sausages, spices, marinades, and smoked meats. An important change during this period should be the abandonment of baby food sold in stores (ready-made mashed potatoes, dry cereals and

Day regimen of one year old child


  1. Milk porridge, in which you can add pieces of fresh or dried fruit, honey, berries.
  2. Soups You can give in the usual form, without mashing to the state of mashed potatoes, but it is important that the meat in the soup be crushed, otherwise the child may choke. One option is to make soups in vegetable broth, followed by adding mashed meat or meatballs from meat.
  3. Meat a one-year-old child can be given in the form of steam cutlets, mousses, souffles, soft casseroles. It is allowed to add fried, chopped minced meat to boiled vegetables.
  4. Fruits It is necessary to give pieces, gradually replacing them mashed potatoes familiar to the child.

Important! Feed one-year-old child should be 5 times a day, gradually abandoning the morning feeds with formula or breast milk. The interval between meals should be no more than 4 hours.

How to wean a baby from breastfeeding

Many children by the age of one year refuse to suckle, but there are those who are ready to eat breast milk for up to 2-3 years. After a year, the composition of breast milk does not meet the needs of the child’s body, so the baby should be weaned from breastfeeding. To do this, you can use the following tips.

  • If the child sucks the breast before bedtime, you can try to offer him instead of milk some kind of drink from a cup or drinking bowl. It can be milk formula for children over 1 year old, compote, kefir or liquid milk porridge. In the first weeks, the drink should be sweet, since the mother’s milk has a sweetish taste, and the child can refuse fresh drinks.
  • Children who use the breast instead of the nipple can be distracted by a fairy tale, motion sickness, a song. Even if the baby cries and requires breast, it is important to withstand at least 10-15 minutes. If the crying does not stop after that, you should feed the child, but not more than 2-3 minutes, and try again the next day.
  • Wean from the morning breastfeeding is easiest. When the child wakes up, it is necessary to immediately offer him tea or give a piece of biscuit (toast), and then entice him with the game. It is important not to overdo the feeding, otherwise the child may refuse to breakfast.

If the child is not yet ready for weaning, do not rush. It is better to postpone it for several weeks, and then try again.

Important! Weaning can only be children who know how to drink from a cup or a cup and confidently hold them in their hands without help.

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