Day regimen of 7-8 months old baby

Is your child finally eight months old? As loving and caring parents, you just need to know how the baby’s day routine should become now and how often a baby should be fed at that age. The natural nutrition of a child at 8 months is different from artificial. However, it is different up to a year.

Meat feeding

At 8 months old, the doctors are allowed to give the broth cooked in meat to the baby, and even add some vegetable puree to it. In order for the child to learn to eat bread, it is recommended to chop up a small piece of it in broth. And you can also allow them to eat sweet cookies.

A child of 8 months, whose daily routine is strict and precise, should eat boiled meat, as it contains many vitamins and amino acids, protein, and also minerals. Doctors recommend using poultry meat or beef to feed your baby. These varieties are not so fat, which means it is easier for children to digest. Moreover, in this meat all the useful substances are stored. But before you include cooked meat in the 8-month-old baby’s menu, you need to completely examine him at the pediatrician to avoid various troubles.


A child’s nutrition at the age of 8 months should be varied, not only so that the same food does not bother the baby, but also to get them all the beneficial substances found in the products.

Also, the baby is recommended to feed and giblets, for example, the liver or lungs, because they are not as useful as meat. By this you diversify the diet of your offspring.

You can add cereals to the meat.

2 times a week instead of meat baby you need to feed fish broth. The fillet is best suited to cook it. And you need to carefully check that there is not a single bone in the fluid. And the fish is very useful for a growing body.

Also, the baby must be fed once a day with cottage cheese, but not more than 50 g.

Despite the fact that by the age of 8 months, a child already has 2-3 teeth, all food should be well ground.

Vegetable Soup

After testing the broth for 14–16 days, the 8-month-old baby’s menu should include a vegetable soup soup, which can add 1-2 teaspoons of cream and half a boiled chicken yolk. But the portion should not exceed 200 g.

In puree it is worth adding 2-2.5 small spoons of butter to improve the taste and assimilation of useful substances. Just as in meat broth, it is recommended to put a small rusk or just a small piece of bread in vegetable soup so that the baby gets used to it. In addition, all pediatricians recommend after 6 months to give children a little kefir to improve the work of the stomach and not only.

After the vegetable soup, the crumbs can be pampered with a fruit dessert, making mashed potatoes of it. Or drink natural, better freshly squeezed juice.

If a child at 8 months, whose daily routine was prescribed above, will follow him, then he will certainly grow into a healthy and strong person.

Power Schedule

Rules for the natural feeding of children without allergies:

  1. Give your child a day not more than 250 ml of mother’s milk or a mixture and not more than 60 ml of natural juice.
  2. Feed the baby mashed fruit, but not more than 60 g per day. Giving milk to the mother or milk porridge – no more than 190 g per day, adding 2 small spoons of butter and 50 g of cottage cheese.
  3. Boil your broth broth, adding mashed vegetables (150 g), crumble a small piece of bread. The volume of soup should not exceed 0.23 liters. After you need to drink the child juice (0.05 liters).
  4. Instead of your milk, you can feed the crumbs with kefir, but not more than 0.016 liters, by pampering the baby with sweet baby cookies. Give mashed vegetables and fruits, approximately 50-60 g.
  5. Breastfeeding or mixture – 0,22 l.

Eating a child with cow’s milk allergies:

  1. To feed the baby with mother’s milk, a mixture with a protein substitute or any fermented milk product. All give about 0.22 liters.
  2. Cook porridge on your milk, adding infant formula and kefir or ryazhenka, pour 2 or 2.5 tsp of olive oil. For dessert, give the child a delicious fruit puree.
  3. Make crumbs vegetable puree, but not more than 180 g, and pour it with 2 small spoons of vegetable oil. Puree meat, and then from fruit, about 60 g.
  4. Make any dish of vegetables and cereals and pour 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil on it. Give meat, and then fruit puree – 40 g per serving.
  5. To feed the baby with breast milk, a mixture with a protein substitute or any fermented milk product, soy mixture. All about 220 ml.

Day regimen

By 8 months, the baby becomes more active. It is very important to pay attention to all the nuances of his upbringing, because at this time the child begins to communicate with society.

Sweet dreams

A child at 8 months old, whose daily routine becomes richer, sleeps less and plays more, has fun, is naughty, cries, laughs.

The baby has more strength, and therefore, instead of the previous 2 hours of wakefulness, now he may not want to sleep for 3-4 hours. Parents will also have to gather their strength, because education is work.

Toys for a child of 8 months are becoming more attractive. And often the crumb doesn’t want to sleep at all during the day, which scares the young mother.

Day regimen of 7-8 months old baby

Perfect mode for a baby of eight months

Rise! Baby wants to eat.

The baby needs a morning walk.

Walk completely exhausted. Need to sleep.

Awakening Crumbs. Need to eat.

During this time, the baby needs to do so many useful things to do! Charging, washing, massage. And walk again!

The baby goes to rest, falls asleep whenever possible, giving her mother some work to do.

Baby comes to play with her favorite toys. By the way, toys for a child of 8 months should be different than before, so their range should be reviewed.

The baby wakes up and asks to eat. We need to feed him, and he will fall asleep until the morning.

Of course, all this child rarely observed. But if you roughly follow this schedule, the baby will be properly raised and grow up healthy, strong, strong.

Whims baby

A child of 8 months, whose day regimen must be strictly observed, does not always obey the parental rules. The reason for this may be:

  1. Mother’s milk. Mom too often gives her baby milk. It should be given only after the main meal.
  2. Breaking the daily routine. The development of a child of 7-8 months depends on the diet, so failure to comply with it can harm the child. Even if something has changed in the plans, the baby needs to be fed strictly according to the clock, then everything will be in order.
  3. Teeth. This is the most common cause of whims. The crumb feels pain when teeth erupt, and touching the spoon to the gums causes discomfort, so the baby refuses to eat. In this case, you can not insist. Let him eat as much as he can.
  4. The temperature of the room. If a child cries for no apparent reason, then most likely the room is too hot. Scientists have proven that children endure a higher temperature of air. Therefore, you need to constantly ventilate the house, but do not forget about the health of the crumbs. Do not create drafts where the baby is. Before night airing it is good to cover a child so that he does not catch a cold.

Young parents probably wonder when the child turns 8 months old: "What can he do and what should he be able to do at that age?" It all depends on how often they are engaged with their baby. The more they teach him now, the more hobbies, aspirations and hobbies he will have in the future.

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