Crying little baby

Does the child need a graphics tablet?

The graphic tablet in our time has become something necessary for daily use, not only adults but also children. This is especially good for schoolchildren, when a huge number of textbooks can be replaced with a lightweight tablet.

Child in nature

A child in nature can do a lot of things, swim in the river, collect pebbles, walk on pebbles, make bouquets, catch grasshoppers. And this is not all that a child can do in nature. At the same time, nature is fresh air, health, and the best development of the baby.

Fracture of the clavicle in newborns

Fracture of the clavicle in newborns may be different, but in any case, it should be treated by a doctor. Self-medication is unacceptable. Because with improperly accrete bones, problems may arise with the development of the child, the development of his skeleton, the bone connection. After all, a fracture in a child is treated more easily than incorrectly accrete bones. What happens if your baby has a broken collarbone causing an incorrect hand growth? This will limit not only its development, but also its possibilities. Therefore, in a timely manner refer to good doctors.

Child development at school and at home

How to develop children at home and at school. How school development differs from home development, and what to do to improve your child’s development and skills.

Emotions of preschoolers

Of course, everyone knows that preschoolers not only have emotions, but also that these emotions are very acute in them. Children can be read like an open book, everything can be seen on their face, facial expressions, on the behavior of children. What emotions do preschoolers experience? And how do preschoolers’ emotions manifest in their behavior?

Hemolytic disease of the newborn

Hemolytic disease of the newborn is a disease that is caused by an immunological conflict that occurs as a result of the incompatibility of the mother and the fetus on erythrocyte antigens of the rhesus system or other rare factors.

Breastfeeding of the newborn

Every woman herself decides whether to breastfeed the baby. Even if the woman’s point of view is different from that of her family and friends. Many medical publications strongly recommend breastfeeding. But you and your child really are a separate and unique world, and the decision is still yours. This breastfeeding material will help you make the right decision.

Emotional development of children

What do we know about the emotional development of children? Why do pediatricians devote so little time to this branch of child development? After all, not only his physical development, but also the mental development of the baby often depend on the emotional state of the baby.

Braxton-Hicks contractions – false contractions?

When a woman expects the appearance of a baby, she begins to listen to all the changes that occur in her body. And, of course, when she has a false contraction before the onset of labor, it is alarming. After all, many future mothers believe that the appearance of such bouts indicates some kind of violation.

How to learn the multiplication table? Games and learning

How to learn the multiplication table in a game form? First, you need to be patient and explain the rules of the game to the child, this is the essence of the multiplication itself. And then pick up the chalk, a drawing board, or a large album with a marker, start the game. You should not use a simple notebook in the box, as the game will lose its charm.

How to prepare for repair?

Everything would be very simple, if now we wrote – give the children to grandparents. At once the mass of problems with preparation for repair would be solved. But not everyone has such an opportunity, so often the whole family is preparing for repairs. Therefore, in this case, we recommend starting preparation for repair three weeks before it starts.

Child development: child 7, 8, 9 months of development

How does a baby develop from 7 to 9 months? After all, this is precisely the period when children begin to get up very unusual things; it becomes interesting and fun with them, especially for mothers. If the development of children up to 6 months is still somehow possible to predict something to predict, then, starting from 7 months, children develop in a completely different way. Someone at 7 months starts doing things that are given to others only by 9 months. But this does not mean that the child is lagging behind in development.

Children’s room for two children

A children’s room for two children should be completely differently planned than a children’s room for one child. Because in the room for two you need to take into account their interests, their personal space, a place for each of their children, regardless of age – all the same children grow up.

Baby’s sleep

Sleep is the main component of the full activity of any person. A full sleep for a baby is of great importance. After all, when a child sleeps, he not only rests, but also grows. The age of the child, his state of health, emotional state – all this influences children’s sleep.

Nightly Awakening – Sleep Disorder in a Child

We will talk about the child’s nightly awakenings, which are not caused by any physical aspects. This is the case when the pussy wakes up in the middle of the night and does not want to go back to sleep in its crib. Why is this happening and what to do? How to calm the awakened crumb, and understand the cause of his nightly awakenings? And are awakenings at night connected with some diseases, or is it an oversupply of watching cartoons, or perhaps the child’s nightly awakenings have an even deeper psychological problem?

Crying little baby

Teen room design

The design of the room for a teenager should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable. Because in this room a teenager, which means already a schoolboy, will spend a lot of his time – learn lessons, read books, invite friends here, practice his hobbies, and just relax. Rooms for teens play an important role in their lives.

Congenital malformations: Williams-Campbell syndrome, agenesis or aplasia, pulmonary sequestration

Congenital malformations occupy leading positions among childhood disability and morbidity. In addition, they are the causes of infant mortality in the perinatal period and at an early age.

Hysterical child – how to avoid?

Why is your child hysterical? And is it possible to somehow avoid them? In fact, avoiding a tantrum is very simple – you need to know how. But many parents turn a blind eye to the tantrums of children, indulge them in every way, or, on the contrary, strictly prohibit the organization of any tantrums, threatening with reprisals. Neither the first nor the second is unacceptable when raising children. This can only aggravate the problem, or develop complexes in the child.

What is charity?

Charity in our world is becoming more and more common. But for some reason people write about different events after they are held, people most often simply do not know about them. On the front pages of newspapers dirty politics, attractive blondes, gossip. And already somewhere there, then, the line – “A charitable auction passed in the city”. But he has already passed. Is over. News from scratch, empty news from someone else’s grief. So what is charity?

What do you know about apnea? Of course, surely mothers have heard this terrible term more than once, but few people really know what apnea is. After all, it occurs not only in newborns, but also in adults. Its causes are often hidden on the surface, but we do not recommend to self-medicate in any way.

Complementary foods: Overview table of the introduction of solid food up to 2 years

What do you know about lure? When can I give solid food to my child? At what age do babies need more than just breast milk? Useful table. Grandparents especially worry about the health of their grandchildren and grandchildren. Most often, they in every way try to persuade the parents to give the child complementary foods. Because they were brought up at a time when, from the second or even the first month, children were given milk to the diet. But now with lure everything is a little different.

How to teach a child to walk?

How to teach a child to walk from the simplest? Each parent will sooner or later see the first steps of their baby, therefore, it is important to know what should be done and what should not be done so as not to harm the health of the crumbs.

Newborn’s daily routine

What should be the daily routine of the newborn? And should it be the same, absolutely for all children around the world, regardless of their condition? Is it true that even if the child is sick, he must be awakened early in the morning to maintain the regime, even if he had not slept until three nights in a row?

Lactation – you need to know

What is lactation and how to increase lactation – very important issues for the woman who gave birth. There are lactation crises, and we will help you cope with them! The main thing is to have a desire to preserve lactation, so important for newborns, and even for one year old babies. While the child drinks mother’s milk, he does not get sick, or he does not get sick so much and often. And as soon as the mother wean the child, health problems begin, so it is important to know what lactation is and what it serves.

Defective Huggies Diapers

How to increase lactation, if the baby lacks milk, or does it gain weight poorly? It turns out that there are many ways to increase lactation, and not all of them know young mommies. We wish you to breastfeed your babies as long as possible, if you really want to!

Regime day newborn

Regime day newborn need to abide by. But what is this regime, and how to comply with it in the present breastfeeding on demand? It turns out that it is not so difficult to distribute the day of the child, the main thing is to know the little secrets and nuances.

Postpartum depression

Many women suffer from postpartum depression, but not many people know that it can come even a year (or more) after childbirth. How to deal with it? So, in order not to lose the family and yourself – it must be recognized! But it’s not enough to recognize postpartum depression, it’s only half the way to go. It is also necessary to cope with it, not to turn away from your loved ones, accept their help and believe in your own strength!

How to increase lactation?

How to increase lactation, if the baby lacks milk, or does it gain weight poorly? It turns out that there are many ways to increase lactation, and not all of them know young mommies. We wish you to breastfeed your babies as long as possible, if you really want to!

The rarest blood group

What do you know about the rarest blood group? It is found in only 5% of the world’s population, while more often with a positive Rh factor. It is important to know the blood type of your child, because it can save his life. Is your blood’s rare blood type, and if the rarest, is it bad or good?

Children’s friendship

What do adults know about child friendship? It exists – but this knowledge is too little. Children’s friendships exist from kindergarten, and even earlier age. It is important to know what role she plays in the development of children. After all, each of us has friends, and how important it is to be able to carry friendship through the years. On the other hand, it is friendship that helps in the formation of the child’s personality, for it is not for nothing that they say, “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.”

Care for a newborn baby

How to care for a newborn? What to do, and whether to trust only books and advice from other moms? It turns out that there are a number of cases when it is better to turn to a pediatrician for advice. Caring for a newborn baby is very important, because it is from this that the quality of life of the baby now depends.

School “Malyuk” Youth Bukovina, Chernivtsi

Many people know about the school “Malyuk”, or the “Kid” of Bukovyna located in Youth, and that everyone who does not love or does not go to kindergarten tries to get there. Especially there they are trying to give their children to determine their preferences and talents. My child also went to Bukovina’s Youth, to the “Malyuk” school, but so far only the first year of study, this year the review has been written.

Teething in children

Signs of teething, and ways to reduce pain in a baby. What happens to a child when his teeth erupt? After all, they appear not only at a certain age and once, the teeth are cut for a long time. Fortunately, the older the child, the less discomfort he feels when teething. Or at least, already can tolerate …

Hirschsprung disease

Hirschsprung’s disease is blockage of the colon due to abnormal muscle movement in the intestines. Hirschsprung disease is congenital, which means, if it exists, it is already in newborn babies.

Bad memory in children

What if your child has a bad memory? How to improve the memory of the child, without prejudice to his self-esteem, and maintaining interest in the classes? Many parents are fighting over this issue, wanting to make their baby not only wiser and smarter, but also more popular. It’s so desirable to brag to someone’s phenomenal memory of a child! You should not push, reproach and punish, if it is your son who has a bad memory. It is quite possible to fix it!

How to wean a baby from breastfeeding?

Did you think how to wean a baby from breastfeeding? Sooner or later it’s worth thinking about. And then, you need to know how to do it correctly. After all, if it is wrong to wean a child from the breast, you can affect his nervous system. But it is worth remembering that there is no one ideal way to wean a child from the breast, all children are individual, and each needs its own approach.

Reborn doll – what is it, why is it and where to buy it?

Reborn dolls are popular in the whole world. But why? What are these dolls, so much like children, so real that sometimes they are confused with real boys and girls. Reborn dolls are very beautiful, but they can be both useful and harmful to society.

Transformer Bed Models

Transformer bed models can be very different. How do they differ from each other and why is the transforming bed better than a regular baby cot? After all, everyone knows perfectly well that the child’s posture depends on the bed. Choosing a good bed you need to pay attention to the mattress. When buying transforming beds, make sure that the mattress is full, and there is no provision for rolling foam into a tube. A good transforming bed helps to make the children’s area not only more pleasant, but also more comfortable.

Child and nature – mountains

This article is not for those who are accustomed on vacation to lie on the beach and run in breaks for endless shopping. It is for those for whom the New Year is new hikes, new mountains, new rivers, lakes, forests and caves. And suddenly”.

Teething a newborn – how to relieve pain?

The appearance of the first teeth – as a rule, is not only a significant event, but also a test of the strength of parents. Many pass through crying and sleepless nights, and some cost the baby’s whims. In other cases, teething is painless. If you do not fall into the latter category, then the question often arises – how can you help your child during teething?

Cytomegaly what is it and how to treat?

What do you know about cytomegaly? In fact, cytomegaly is a very dangerous disease that occurs during pregnancy. It is important to know what it is and how it threatens. Because during pregnancy lays the health of your child for small, but very important bricks. At this time, it is important not to miss the complications, as well as to take care of the health of your baby and your health. After all, now the development of the child depends on your health.

The child does not want to go to kindergarten

The child does not want to go to kindergarten, as parents often face this unsolvable at first glance problem. In fact, a solution can be found from any situation; you just need to understand its cause. After all, the unwillingness of the child not to go to kindergarten can be very reasonable. Who knows what kind of peripeties the destiny prepared for him in the new team, whether he likes the teacher, and whether his new friends do not offend the child.

How to raise a child?

Many parents ask the same question – how to raise a child? But after all, one exact answer to the recipe does not exist, it is worthwhile to understand this and not to trust the universal advice of all-knowing teachers, or even the famous Komarovsky. Look for answers not only in psychology, but also in your own childhood and your behavior.

Omphalitis in children – the navel of a newborn

What do you know about omphalitis in children? Symptoms and treatment of illness in newborns. We sometimes miss such simple illnesses, hoping for a “chance”, and forgetting that young children need more thorough care than adults, or even teenagers. Omphalitis in children is such a simple disease, but at the same time it should be treated exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, you can get a lot of unnecessary dangerous complications, from which the development of the child will only suffer.

Adaptation to kindergarten

Adaptation to kindergarten – a difficult period in the life of a little man. Let’s understand what parents need to know in order to help a child overcome this difficult time.

Sizes of children’s clothes from different countries

The size of children’s clothes is not so difficult to find, if you know which country supports which size standard. Therefore, the size table of children’s clothes here is not one, but several options at once. All tables of children’s clothing sizes can be saved to yourself, and later used, for example, if the online children’s clothing store does not provide its size data.

Intracranial hemorrhage in newborns

What do you know about intracranial hemorrhages in newborns? What causes intracranial hemorrhages in children and how to treat them? Remember that when intracranial hemorrhage can not be self-medicated. Often the consequences and complications of diseases adversely affect the health of children, and, of course, their development. Therefore, do not let the treatment take its course, follow the dynamics and undergo repeated examinations.

One-time childbirth allowance

A lump-sum allowance at the birth of a child is a good financial assistance to young parents provided by the state. And let the amount is small, for the purchase of a stroller, crib or playpen, it is quite enough.

Crying little baby

Preschool behavior culture

What is called preschooler culture? And can preschoolers have any kind of behavior culture in our time, when it is customary not to put much pressure on children just before school? It turns out that the culture of behavior of preschoolers is not just maybe, it must be present in every family. Of course, if the family wants to engage in the development of their child, and his upbringing.

Cefalohematoma in newborns

What is cefalohematoma in newborns? It is necessary to know not only doctors, but also expectant mothers, so as not to be frightened in the hospital. If a pregnant woman does not know much, it may scare not only her, but also worsen the condition of her child. Therefore, dear mommies, be calm, read more soothing and educational literature on the development of children, and everything will be fine. In fact, cefalohematoma in newborns is …

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