Creative birthday ideas

Recently, a number of stereotypes have emerged concerning adult holidays. As a rule, it is considered that there is enough tasty food and good booze to celebrate an adult holiday. Fortunately, attitudes are beginning to change. Increasingly, adults are beginning to think through holiday scenarios in accordance with their interests. Of course, the century of development of modern information technologies to find a good holiday scenario is not so difficult, and one wants to create a super vacation for oneself. It is more difficult to adapt it for the planned event. The article offers information, useful tips, with which you will be able to fascinate to hold the planned event.

Signs and traditions for birthday

It must be remembered that there are some traditions that are recommended to adhere to when celebrating a birthday. In the case when the thirteenth anniversary and the fortieth are celebrated, since the day of birth, men do not invite many guests, ideally it is generally not recommended to celebrate these dates. The same applies to the holiday on the occasion of the 53 anniversary of the birth of a woman. It is believed that in these years, the birthday aura weakens and it is easier to jinx it.

If a disaster happened recently in your house, someone of your relatives died, then it is strictly forbidden to bring your friends into the house and celebrate birthdays. When drawing up the list of guests, be careful, especially if the celebration is scheduled to be held at home, do not invite people with a bad aura, peepers. This way you will save yourself and your loved ones from negative energy, and nothing can darken the fun on your birthday. If you are celebrating an anniversary, then you also need to take into account many details.

Be sure to surprise the birthday

Surprise is the main thing that a birthday man should get on his birthday. It can be organized by both relatives and colleagues. A surprise may lie in the banquet itself, that is, the birthday boy does not plan to celebrate the event, and caring relatives or friends organize a party. If the birthday man long dreamed about something and did not expect to buy it soon, then it will be a perfect surprise and the best gift. You can also order a cake of unusual shape, symbolizing the profession of the hero of the occasion or hobby. It is noticed that even the name of the birthday man on the cake can lead him to delight. You can prepare an interesting dance, which will be just unexpected at a holiday or a comic song, competition, game.

Creative birthday ideas

Fun games and contests

If you are the organizer of your own birthday, anniversary, then pick up games and contests is pretty easy, because no one knows how to celebrate this holiday better than a birthday boy. If you arrange a celebration for a loved one or colleague, then you must take into account the composition of the proposed company and the interests of people who will be on name days. Any company will like a cheerful contest “Knozniki Nozzles”. To do this, you need to empty matchboxes. Those who wish to participate are divided into two teams. Each team must pass the matchbox from nose to nose, as quickly as possible. If the boxes are missed, the team begins to transfer the box from the first member of the team, that is, again. The box that is the very first to go its way will bring the team victory The competition is held under the cheerful music.

Birthday contests

“In the corner, on the nose, on the subject …” or “Shooting” The essence of the game is that, to take an empty chair, but the rules are somewhat different from those that everyone knows. Half of the guests sit in a circle on the chairs, the second half of the participants stands behind them. The facilitator walks around the task and lures the mouse, which sits on the chair, winking at him. The cat behind the chair should watch the lead and grab your mouse in time. If the mouse does not run away, it becomes a cat, and if the cat misses the mouse, then it drives. In this game, you need the ability to shoot eyes. Participants are very addicted to the game.

Creative birthday ideas

The next contest allows everyone to move. The participants sit in a row, they are blindfolded, the leader takes everyone from their seats, spins them. The participant must return to his place, if he makes a mistake, he immediately leaves the game. The competition “Bag of Joy” will appeal not only to the birthday man, but also to the guests. The guests write their name on pieces of paper and what they wish for the birthday man, it must be some thing. The hero of the occasion pulls out the signed papers one by one and makes a fantasy of execution to the one whose wish he pulled out. For example: I will definitely have a new car if Ivan Ivanovich Stantsuyet lezginka. The presenter can help the hero of the day come up with assignments for the guests. You can even prepare in advance forfeits on pieces of paper that the hero of the occasion will pull out. Competition “Spy” is attractive and interesting even by its name. A group of players freezes in certain positions. The birthday party should carefully remember how the participants stand, after which he turns away. Turns on the music guests dance, after it pauses the guests freeze, some remain in the positions in which they were before the dance, only a couple of people who are indicated by the leader change the position. The birthday man must guess who changed the position.

“Special skill” This contest is suitable for men who do not stop in front of obstacles. It is quite difficult. The main task is to grind a newspaper sheet with one hand. This is quite difficult to do, therefore, the one who tears the sheet into the smallest pieces will be the winner. Often on holidays together with adults their children come, who have no one to leave at home, and it’s inconvenient to refuse to visit the banquet. In order for the children to be involved in the celebration, you can hold the next competition – “Our burden is not heavy.”

Creative birthday ideas

The game involves men and two children. Men are divided into teams. The child is thrown on his back, give him a glass of water. It is necessary as soon as possible to pour all the water from one container into a container at the other end of the room. The next competition is “Find me.” The one who leads, blindfolded, has enough guests to the music and guesses who is in front of him. If the guest is guessed, he leads, if not, the game continues. Competition “Bartender” is best carried out in the midst of the holiday. To participate you need to choose five men, it is desirable that they were under a slight degree. Between the legs, every man should hold a bottle of beer. At the bottom is a glass. The goal and main task of each is to pour the beer from the bottle into the glass. When the beer is poured lead makes measurements. That glass in which there will be more beer is recognized as the leader, and its owner is the winner. For charming women, several contests should also be made. For example, such as the “nimble heel”. The essence of the task is to pierce the heel of a ball that is tied to a wrist on a short rope. It is not at all easy, because the audience recognizes as the winner the most graceful lady.

There is another fun contest for the beautiful half of society. Five girls are invited to host this game. They are seated on chairs that are in the middle of the room, but in order that they would be softer – they place an inflated balloon in the chair. Girls must crush the ball to the music as quickly as possible. This competition is the undisputed leader in events of this kind. “Sweet glass” It will be very funny if the presenter invites only men to participate in the competition. Tensioning the rope, reproaching the hall, at a level below average height. To the music, men must reach the table with a glass and back in order for the presenter to pour vodka into it. The task is complicated by the fact that the rope lowers each time, bends forward, helping yourself with your hands is strictly prohibited. You can only bend your knees and bend back. The winner is the one who manages to drink more glasses. The competition is held with a bang, everyone is having fun, both the participants and the birthday boy. If the organizers are not too lazy and prepare the next competition in advance, it will be held at a very high level. You need to print funny phrases and put them in an envelope that is glued in the form of pants. The guests take turns pulling the phrases out of the envelope saying: In my pants … It turns out very funny pun. For example: I have pants … a good crop of cucumbers. Or: I get gold in my pants. Out of the game one who laughs.

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