Cracks in the corners of the lips of a child

Probably, many to the question of what kind of fruit is their favorite answer that it is an orange. However, nothing surprising. It is really beautiful, sunny, tasty, and also very useful fruit. The orange peel is endowed with numerous medicinal properties, so the rind of this fruit is widely used in traditional medicine.

Cracks in the corners of the lips of a child

We were taught in the botany class at school that citrus fruits, to which orange belongs, contain vitamin C, which is so necessary for our body. But this is still not all. Oranges are also rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, flavonoids and other elements. Regular consumption of this fruit reduces the likelihood of developing oncological diseases, in particular those that affect the stomach and throat. Also, scientists have proven that oranges and their beneficial properties prevent heart diseases, including even a heart attack.

List of useful properties of orange peel

What is so useful fruit peel, which in our time, fortunately, can be found on the shelf of any store? What is so healing in this top layer of orange peel? Let’s talk about this below.

To begin with, orange peels are bitter in taste, sugary and have a rough surface. The latter property arose due to the content of essential oils. They, by the way, are excellent fighters with diseases of the oral cavity.

To properly prepare the orange peel, we need a sharp special knife, vegetable peeler or grater. The removed layer should be as thin as possible. The white shell under it does not have any particular benefit, there is no sense in its use as such. But in the zest and contains the main stock of ascorbic acid and solid fibers, which improve our digestion.

Cracks in the corners of the lips of a child

The juicier the orange peel, the better. In this state, it is particularly useful for the human body, because it contains phosphorus and calcium.

  1. Orange peels are rich in citric and pectinic acids, as well as phytoncides, which are essentially the same antibiotics, but of a completely natural origin. Phytoncides kill pathogens, so they were used by our ancestors to heal wounds, ulcers, and other injuries.
  2. Some researchers argue that orange peels are also a means of treating atherosclerosis. They are able to remove excess cholesterol from the body and clean the blood vessels. In addition, this fruit even improves mood and improves vitality, so it is advised to add to all kinds of dishes, including salads, all sorts of sauces, teas, pastries and even soups.
  3. All metabolic processes in the human body will proceed better due to the use of orange peel. If you suffer from heartburn, then it will relieve you and this so unpleasant disease, as well as nausea.
  4. Orange peel powder is widely used to treat asthma and the common cold cough. It helps dissolve mucus that has formed in the airways. Patients with ARVI will be helpful to simply inhale the aroma of orange peel. To do this, it is just scattered around the room in which the patient is. Crust will not only have a positive effect on human health, but also eliminate unpleasant odors in the room.
  5. It has long been known about the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of essential oils, which is so rich in orange peel. Also, this component of the fruit can optimize the processes in the intestine and lead to a normal acidity of the gastric juice.
  6. Use orange peel if your liver needs to be unloaded.
  7. In addition, the essential oils in the orange peel will strengthen your immune system, relieve nervous and relieve from insomnia, stress and panic attacks.
  8. Avid lovers of oranges do not suffer from violations of water-salt balance and edema. This fruit and its peel in particular cleanse the body from toxins and toxins.
  9. Beauticians are actively using orange peel for the preparation of masks and scrubs. The resulting products give the skin of the face, neck a fresh look and struggle with fine wrinkles. You can easily make a mask of orange peel and at home. To do this, it just needs to be combined with rich cream. Apply the resulting substance can be not only on the face, but also on the decollete. Also, orange peel will be useful for women during menstrual cramps. Take them in the form of infusions.

Cracks in the corners of the lips of a child

As you can see, the list is very impressive. So think carefully before throwing another orange peel in the trash.

Can orange peel be harmful?

Orange peel in diets

Orange peel, due to its chemical composition, is an excellent activator of metabolic substances in the body, and, accordingly, and contributes to weight loss. To this end, the zest is simply brewed in a glass of boiling water and infused for ten to fifteen minutes, and then drunk. The recommended dosage is two glasses per day (one on an empty stomach, the other in the second half of the day). If you do not like the taste of this tincture, you can add a teaspoon of honey to it.

This product, by the way, also activates the splitting of fat, especially at the waist and hips. The resulting drink will not only save you from extra pounds and eventually make the figure perfect, but also charge you with energy and vigor for the whole day.

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