Contests for children 5 years


SUMMING UP – 1 business day.

How to participate in contests:

1. Register or log in to your account.

2. Fill out the application form, download the work and a copy of the receipt.

How to take part in quizzes:

1. Download the task form

2. Hold an event

3. Make an application for diplomas.



  1. – Review – 1300 rubles.
  2. – All-Russian competition – 100 rubles. – 80 rub. (Diploma to the head for FREE);
  3. – International Competition – 150 rubles. – 80 rub. (Diploma to the head for FREE);
  4. – All-Russian quiz – 100 rubles. – 80 rub . (Diploma to the head for FREE);
  5. – GEF – tests for free (optional diploma 150 rub.)
  6. – Online Olympiads for children – participation for free (optional diploma 100 rubles. Head for FREE);
  7. – Teacher-expert – 250 rubles.
  8. – Publication in the media – 250 rubles.
  9. – Exchange of experience – 250 rubles.
  10. – Conference – 250 rubles.

Payment for several participants in contests and quizzes is allowed to be made in one payment.

"THANKS" for active work with children and highly professional preparation for events on behalf of the Center’s administration, the teacher, teacher, organizer who participated in any site activities 5 times or organized 5 or more participants in contests / quizzes is awarded.

ATTENTION! Diplomas are stored in your account 10 days, after which they will be deleted.

Our other contests, olympiads for children and teachers:

Contests for children and teachers. Creative contests for children



In international and all-Russian distance events can take part:

– teachers (all categories);

– heads of educational institutions;

– managers, museum staff;

– specialists, medical workers of social rehabilitation centers;

– preschoolers of any age;

– students and graduates of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges and other educational institutions;

– Anyone (regardless of age, gender, race and social status).


To participate, you must select a nomination (see the list of nominations below), register or log in to the PERSONAL CABINET, fill in the registration form, download the work and a copy of the receipt. Each participant can take part in any number of nominations and provide any number of works in each nomination.

We kindly ask you:

– do not duplicate the sending of the same work;

– do not allow grammatical errors, mispieces, typos when filling out the application. Diplomas are generated automatically based on the data entered by you in the application.


There are no thematic restrictions in the contests.

Contest material must be copyright,

You can submit any materials to the competition: projects, teaching materials, research works, scripts, master classes, presentations, school newspapers, posters, writings, stories, essays, poems, photographs, video materials, drawings, crafts, songs, dances and

Electronic files (text, photo, video, audio materials and

Text works (optional) may be accompanied by photo and video materials, drawings, layouts, drawings, tables, graphs, diagrams, booklets and

All creative works in the form of handicrafts, drawings are photographed (scanned) and sent to the competition in the form of photographs.


If one work has more than three authors or performers, then this is already a collective (group). In this case, the application indicates the name of the team.

For the accuracy of the authorship of the work is the responsibility of the person who submitted the work to the competition.


Works for the competition "CREATE PARTICIPATE! WIN!"" accepted daily up to 20 hours. Publication of results daily from 20 to 22 hours.

Evaluation of the work of the jury and the issuance of a diploma for a single working day. Competition results are published on the website every day after 20 hours in the section "results".

After the evaluation of the works, the Diplomas are generated immediately in electronic form and downloaded by the participant in the personal account.


The Organizing Committee determines the winners of the competition (in each nomination), who won the I, II, III places of the competition.

Winners are awarded Diplomas of the winner of the All-Russian or International status:

– Winner’s diploma I place;

– Winner Diploma II place;

– Winner diploma III place.

The results of the competitions are summarized in the following age categories of preschoolers and schoolchildren: up to 3 years; 4-5 years; 6-7 years, 8-9 years; 10-11 years old; 12-13 years old; 14-15 years old, 16-17 years old, 18-20 years old and older.

Diploma "Head of Competitive Work" if desired, managers can be obtained for their leadership in carrying out work for FREE.


– format of the competition (International or All-Russian)

– surname, name of participant (s);

– surname, name, patronymic of the work manager, position (if any)

– team name (if any);

– abbreviated name of the educational institution, country, region, region, locality;

– the result of participation in the competition: the winner (1, 2, 3 place);

– name of the nomination;

– job title;

– date of the competition;

– information about the media;

– the signature of the Chairman of the organizing committee;

– diploma number;

– print contest site.


Contests are organized for free. Participants pay the registration fee, which includes the cost of producing and delivering award documents.

The registration fee is paid for the number of diplomas.

The amount of the registration fee is:

– 100 rubles – participation in the All-Russian competition (for each diploma; diploma to a manager for free);

– 150 rubles – participation in the International Competition (for each diploma; diploma to a manager for free);

– 100 rubles All-Russian quiz (for each diploma, diploma for a leader for free);

– 150 rubles GEF test;

– 250 rubles obtaining a certificate for publication in the media + publication of the presented material in the media;

– 250 rubles – obtaining a certificate for participation in the conference + publication of the presented material on the site;

– 250 rubles presentation of pedagogical experience"experience exchange" (obtaining a certificate + publication of the material presented on the site);

– 250 rubles participation in the expert committee of the Center + obtaining a certificate of the participant of the expert activity of the Center

– 1300 rubles – writing reviews

The head (curator) of the competitive work receives a diploma for free.

A copy of the receipt of payment of the registration fee must be sent along with the competitive work.


1. Online on the site in any convenient way (see. "payment")

2. Cash on receipt to the current account in the bank (see section "payment")

Bank details:

TIN of the recipient 510204352900

R / s of the recipient: 40802810141050000495

Recipient bank: Murmansk branch No. 8627 PAO Sberbank

To / from the beneficiary’s bank: 30101810300000000615

BIC of the beneficiary’s bank: 044705615

Payment through the bank: To the bank account by downloading and filling out the receipt. Download receipt

ATTENTION (!) A separate application is submitted for each entry.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by sending an email to:


  • We accept for payment:
  • 1. – Bank cards: WORLD, VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO
  • Contests for children 5 years

    • TIN of the recipient 510204352900
    • R / s of the recipient: 40802810141050000495
    • Recipient bank: Murmansk branch No. 8627 PAO Sberbank
    • To / from the beneficiary’s bank: 30101810300000000615
    • BIC of the beneficiary’s bank: 044705615
    • From July 1, 2017, making payments on our website, you receive a check by e-mail (according to 54-FZ).
    • After payment on the site, a document confirming payment will be sent to your email address.
    • If it is more convenient for you to pay for the bank details, then the receipt is here: Download the receipt
          • ATTENTION(!)
          • You can pay contributions for several works in one payment.
          • There is a separate application for each entry.
          • If you have any questions, you can ask them by sending an email to:
          • TIN of the recipient 510204352900
          • R / s of the recipient: 40802810141050000495
          • Recipient bank: Murmansk branch No. 8627 PAO Sberbank
          • To / from the beneficiary’s bank: 30101810300000000615
          • BIC of the beneficiary’s bank: 044705615
          • How to pay to a bank account through Sberbank Online

          We accept for payment: – Bank cards: WORLD, VISA, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO

          All-Russian competition: 100 rubles.

          International Competition: 150 rub.

          All-Russian quiz: 100 rubles.

          Publication, conference, exchange of experience: 250 rubles.

          GEF tests: 150 rubles.

          Olympiads for children: 100 rubles.

          Teacher-expert: 300 rubles

          Contests for the Day of Cosmonautics

          Contests for Easter

          Contests for Shrovetide

          Contests for March 8

          Contests by February 23

          Contests: 2019 – the year of the Theater in Russia

          Victory Day Contests

          Contests: Volunteers of Russia 2019

          Contests: Financial Literacy 2018-2019

          Contests for students

          Contests for the Day of the Russian language

          Contests: different and interesting

          Mother’s Day Contests

          Contests: Winter 2019

          Contests: New Year and Christmas

          Contests for educators

          Contests for teachers

          For younger students:

          For middle school students:

          Exhibition of Competitive Works

          Rostov region, Rodionovo-Nesvetaisky district, Rodionovo-Nesvetayskaya settlement

          MBU Rodionovo-Nesvetai District Culture House

          On a visit to distant planets

          MBDOU "Kindergarten "Little brook"

          Contests for children 5 years

          Smolensk region Vyazma

          SABBO "Vyazma school – boarding school №1 for students with disabilities"

          Pupils of group 8

          MBDOU CRR DS 10 "Forget-me-not"

          Contests for teachers and students will become more accessible with us!

          As they say: “Desire is a thousand possibilities, and unwillingness is a thousand reasons.” Reliable companion of your self-development, the center “Create! Participate! Win! ”Invites everyone to cooperation from any corner of our vast country. We offer you open contests for teachers and students. In the list of our competitions you will find many different categories and directions (from a hobby to a description of personal experience and innovation). This is a great opportunity to test your strength, competing with the same active colleagues from all over Russia. At the same time, the conditions for participation are as comfortable as possible: you do not need to go anywhere or change your work schedule – all competitions for teachers are held remotely at any time convenient for you.

          Another nice nuance is that all our online contests for teachers are official, and their results can be used as an indicator of personal and pedagogical growth. Thus, cooperating with us, you just share your findings as they become available, and get their objective assessment. Such a systematic participation in competitions for teachers can be an excellent tool for fine debugging your skills, pointing out the most valuable ideas and sifting out what has already been used by your colleagues. Why go on the path of other people’s discoveries, when around such a space for their own? Grind the edges of your talent with us!

          Contests for teachers and children – compete with the strongest, trust the best

          Everyone knows that the complexity of any competition depends not only on its conditions, but also on the composition of the participants. Researchers say that satisfaction from victory is largely due to this factor. To compete with purposeful and active rivals is much more useful than to swim in the mass of formal competitors. This makes us stronger, more agile and resourceful, as a result of which a person grows above himself, improving and developing. Any contests aim not only to assess any quantitative and qualitative indicator, but to increase the level of practical skill and potential. The ability to find new approaches and forms of implementation of long-familiar and familiar tasks to everyone is a real talent among teachers.

          We agree with the statement that only what you strive for yourself can give the desired result. Therefore, our children’s school as well as pedagogical competitions are open to all comers, but are not mandatory. Thus, we create an environment of active people who want to develop.

          In addition, the center “Create! Participate! Win! ”Offers only official competitions for children and teachers, approved and recommended to be held. They have a single meaning throughout the country and their results can be taken as indicative or rating.

          By participating in our contests for teachers and teachers, you not only join the most active and compete with the strongest, but also get reliable confirmation of your results in the shortest possible time.

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