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13 to 17 years 15 days (14 nights)

13 to 17 years 15 days (14 nights)

The club “Hunters for Good Luck!” Invites you to rest in children’s camps in the Moscow region

Vacations – without lessons and homework – the most long-awaited time for any child. Prudent parents in the spring begin to pick up ways to spend children’s holidays. Of course, everyone wants to give a favorite child the rest in the fresh air, so there are a lot of options for its venues: from the sea coast to the nearest sanatoriums.

One parents an important factor in the ideal holiday for children during the holidays seems to be constant control by the teachers. Such moms and dads often choose day camps at schools. Their main advantage is that the children are constantly supervised by teachers and counselors who hold contests, team games, various competitions. In such camps, trips outside the city are often envisaged, but they still cannot be compared with a full-fledged active children’s outdoor recreation.

Other parents believe that the camp should be located on the beach. Of course, salt water and clean sea air enhance the health of the child. The main disadvantage of this option is a relatively high cost of recreation.

Contact for children

Do not be upset! The club “Hunters for Good Luck!” Offers an excellent compromise – an active children’s holiday in the suburbs.

Advantages of country rest for children on holidays

The offer of the club “Hunters for Good Luck!”

We guarantee the most interesting active children’s recreation programs, a balanced nutrition system and everything you need for a comfortable child’s life!

Contact for children

Moscow has long been included in the list of the most prestigious places for active children’s recreation: here you can enjoy the beauty of central Russia and get a vivid impression. Endless forests and green groves will be a great place for orienteering, historical reconstructions and search games – children’s holidays here are always fun and informative!

To make the holidays pass without incident and leave vivid impressions, competent teachers are needed. They must be tactful, understand child psychology. Professional teachers and qualified educators, athletic leaders and counselors will make active children’s rest informative, entertaining and, most importantly, safe.

We understand how parents are worried about their children. We assure you not to worry! Experienced teachers work with children, who will provide every child with reliable care. Under the control of counselors, the child will quickly join the new team, learn to build relationships with peers, will become more independent.

Try to remember how you yourself wanted to spend your summer vacation? Most likely, in the circle of old and new friends! In the children’s camp, your child will make friends with a huge number of children and in a warm company will go in search of adventure. It is difficult to find the best option for a summer holiday for children in the suburbs.

The most important indicator of the “quality” of recreation for children is vivid impressions and pleasant memories. If you are in doubt where to send your son or daughter, contact us! We will find the rest for your child, based on his interests.

Children’s club “Hunters for Good Luck!” Is a tour operator of domestic tourism and children’s activities in the Moscow region. The organization is entered in the register of Rostourism under number PTO 008600. Civil liability is insured by the companies of PJSC "SK Gaide".

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