Cones on the breasts

Having wriggled my own shkiruyu infinity in the wiggle bags, people started to worry – puhlina! Chi so tse naspravd? І if naspravdі є sen turbuvatsya?

Rіznі uvorennya pіd Škіroyu – cones, paper bags, narrowing, puhlini – the problem is broadened, it joins the dull bagato. At the Bolshoy Vipadkіv tsi izvorennya neshkіdlivі. Deyakі them require lіkuvannya. For tsyogo neobhіdna consultation lіkarya-dermatologist.

Lipoma (Wen)

Cones on the breasts

Tse dobroyakіsnі puhlini w fat clitin. Lіpoma feel the pkd shkroyu yak m’yake uvorennya with clean interami, іnoі hunchy surface. Shkіra over lіpomi zvaychnogo collor і sch_lnostі, it is easy to get into the fold.

The most frequent part of the disease is on the hairy parts, heads, shoulders, breasts, backs and stegnae. When dosyagnnі great rozmіrіv mozhe zapodіyuvati bіl. When bazhannі hіrurg mozhe vidaliti lіpomu after the first narcosis.


They often wander around, also called wen. On the right side of the wall, the tobto has a sebaceous charge, and the vividny duct is blocked. Vmist atheromi – shkirne fat, yak act accumulate і rotyaguє capsule zalozi.

On the dotsy center there is a rounded off, which is established between the interyami. Shkiru over atheromas can not be pitted into a crease, on the surface above it can be bluish and you can see a point on the obstruction – obstruction of the duct. Atheroma can flicker and fester. Її takozh neobhіdnostі vylayayut hirurgіchnym way.


Tse schіlna maloorukhom bag under the skii, yak most often z’yavnitsya on the hands of the viglyadі cones. The Gigrama does not hurt, and it does not belong to the schoolchildren, with rostashuvannі in the best places, for example, on dolonі, you can dare to say goodbye to the robot. In case of a violent shock, they can be identified, so that is the purchase of a tendon by means of fibers, and in case of mechanical sticking to burst. I’m won you a turboє, a hero of the pkdkazhe, just a little bit of all the robit in a particular plot.


Understand yak myak vipinnya pid shkroyu, yak mozhe zyavlyatsya at navantazhennya і povіnistyu znikati in a prone positioned abo in stannoy calm. The grizza is established in the navel region, in the operative scar on the belly, in the groin, on the inner surface of the stegna. When promising, it can be painful. Іnodi fingers go right back.

Grizhu vyvlyuyut vnutrіshnі abdomen. The stench is wounded through the weakness of the massacre in the cross section of the hour for the internal tension in the cough, the pneumonia of the next navantazhennya. Nebezpeka in fact, in the moment of a grizzly, you can be infringed and become ill with the sickness. Necessarily vіdraz zvernutesya hіrurga.

Zbіlshenі lіmfovuzli

Naychast_che stinks suprovodzhuyut colds. Lymphatic institutes are small districts, but you can sell them at a viglet of elastic bags with a rose of peas to a slip.

The stinks of rosettes in groups in the regions of the I, under the lower fissure, above and under the clavicles, under the pachvo, in the crotches of the colds, in the groins of the common parts of the groins. The component of the system, immuno, yakі yak filter passes through itself an intertissue redin, cleansing it out infectious, and poskkodzheniny klіtin.

Zbіlshennya rozmіrіv lіmfovuzlіv і їх blyuch_st at promatsuvannі zachvichay suprovodzhuyu t іnfektsіynі zahvoryuvannya – angіna, otitis, flux, and also that opіk. Likuvannya the main enticement, as a rule, to reduce to the site.

Shkira is above the lymphatic vuzl Chervoniy, while the first stage is very painful, and myrrh scans against lymphadenitis are of the uzhennya itself. Mobility, if the operation is small, ala in the case of an early bearish inod, go vintozhin іinfektsієyu for additional antibiotics.

It is possible to touch the backbone of the humpback player, and the shield over it does not fit into the fold, does not enter into the fold of the bulky chubby. In tsiomu vipadku pobіbno yak it is possible to turn into a oncologist.

Cones on the breasts

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