Comic predictions for children

Comic predictions: short and funny for guests

Sometimes, spending an anniversary or any other holiday, you begin to notice that some of the guests cease to be active and just sit and relax. And here it is necessary to take measures, otherwise the rest will be pulled after them, and a merry celebration runs the risk of going to the half asleep stage. And what measures will help? Try to conduct a game called – comic predictions! Short and funny predictions in verses, suitable for any holiday. For example, on an anniversary or a new year, on February 23 and even on March 8! And all because the predictions are universal, and even for teenagers and children at school, you can use them by editing a little. Well, we will not torment you, but let’s move on to the game and the poems.

Predictions in verse.

1. In the first decade of January, Your dream will come true. By this event you prepare, Drink a glass, and calm down!

2. If you wake up on Saturday at four in the morning, Then the weekend will be a great success! You will redo everything, After all, you will have plenty of time!

3. In the summer, autumn and spring, Everything will be fine with you. And just wait for the winter, sit in a warm house.

4. Different colors socks you dress, And everything will be with you Okay. And if others laugh, You can just smile back.

Comic predictions for children

5. In the summer you will fly to the sea, And when you return, you will surprise your friends. You will have a little belly, Well, approximately, about two months.

6. And luck will soon smile at you, And your life will turn back in a new way. The main success will not be to oversleep, We must sit and wait for it.

7. Put the money in the bank, And say three times – so! And then just wait, And you should live beautifully on interest.

8. You will have a new car, but something will be lost from you. As soon as you get a car, you will find a hole in the family budget!

Comic predictions for children

9. At the end of the week you have, There will be a lot of things. These batteries are for you, So that you have all this!

10. Always in your house, There will be delicious food. Only go to the store more often you go, Yes, with full bags, go away from there.

11. You are incredibly lucky! Soon you will have all the opposite. Soon all your dreams will come true, The main thing is to believe, and just wait.

12. If you try, Then everything will work out for you. And if you will succeed, Everything and all desires will be fulfilled.

13. For a long time you went to this, And finally you have reached. Friends of a big feast are waiting, Your own apartment will appear!

14. And you need to try a little, And do not be ashamed of this. Literally a little bit of luck, And soon you will have an addition in your family!

Do you know how to play such predictions? Everything is simple – you have all the predictions by numbers on a piece of paper, and guests take out tickets with numbers from the bag. When taken out, then show or call the ticket number, and you read out the prediction under this number.

By the way! We have beautiful templates with numbers for any such game. You can watch them and download for free for your needs.

Option comic predictions with the names of films.

This version of the game is interesting because you can interpret the names of the films in different ways. And so the game is lively, and all the guests take part in the discussion. And the game is conducted according to the following rules: – the guest speaks in the future waiting for me … and takes out one card on which the name of the film is written. And read it. It may turn out like this: in the future I am waiting for … a carnival night! And maybe so: in the future I am waiting for … office romance! In general, this option turns out to be ridiculous when guests or the presenter comments on what is happening.

Comic predictions on songs! This option is also interesting and can be carried out. Moreover, the lines of the songs can be included, and guests will get a lot of pleasure. The game is also held, guests take out a ticket with a number, and show it to the host. And he includes the song under this number, more precisely, an excerpt from the song. Examples of songs for comic predictions:

Now you can invigorate the guests and make the holiday brighter and more interesting!

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