Colitis in a child

Parents are always particularly worried about their child’s illness. Often, diseases that adults suffer are also equally dangerous for children. Colon disease or colitis is one such disease. If an adult ever had them, he can imagine what unpleasant and painful feelings his child may experience. If you suspect the slightest suspicion of colitis in your baby, you should immediately consult a doctor, because in the early stages the disease is successfully treated.

During this disease, two stages can be distinguished: it is a chronic and acute form. The intestine can be inflamed both in its entire length and partially,

The acute form of colitis is often the echo of infections that a child has had, and this disease can also manifest itself after poisoning. In a chronic form, the disease does not often go. In order for this to happen, it takes time and as a rule, if the disease is not treated in time, but this happens only in rare cases. Although if this happens, one of the reasons can be called intestinal dysbiosis, perhaps even the consequences of antibiotic treatment. It can also be caused by parasites living in the intestines. With low immunity, the child may be at risk of this disease.

Colitis in a child

The course of the acute form of colitis usually begins very suddenly. Often the cause may be an infection that has settled in the body. The child fever, there is a sharp pain in the abdomen. The child complains of nausea, increased flatulence, loose stools. Stool frequency can be up to 15 times a day.

Treatment should be carried out only as prescribed by a doctor. Most likely, your child will make a gastric lavage. After this, it is necessary to feed the child for several days, adhering to an exclusively prescribed diet: cereals, lean soups, rice decoction. If the child is experiencing severe pain, then appointed funds to relieve pain.

Colitis in a child

The chronic form, as already mentioned above, is the echoes of infection, parasitic diseases, and unhealthy diet. Most often they are sick of children over 7 years old.

How to determine the disease? The child has a broken chair, constipation alternating with diarrhea. Lower abdominal pain, flatulence. To accurately diagnose, it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations, such as a colon x-ray and stool analysis. After all the necessary studies, a diagnosis is made and the necessary treatment is prescribed.

First of all, the child needs a special diet. In his diet must be present: broths, dishes, steamed, cereal, food containing starch, for example, jelly. If the condition improves markedly, fruits and some vegetables are added. If a child’s disease occurs with a tendency to constipation, then it is necessary to introduce beets, carrots, and juices with a laxative effect into the diet. It is useful during the period of treatment to drink 3 glasses of mineral water per day.

If the disease proceeds, on the contrary, with diarrhea, then products and means are added to anchor the child’s stool. It can be grenades, decoction of oak bark and

Drug treatment can be used ONLY after prescribing a doctor!

Any disease, including colitis, is primarily a weakened immune system. As is often said, immunity lives in the intestines. In order to avoid and prevent the recurrence of this disease, try to strengthen the immunity of your child. Remember a healthy baby is a happy baby!

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they set us up

Colitis in a child

Once we picked up a colitis, son 2 years old, on vacation. From food is not home, well, and probably still a public place. Far from home, the country is different, they didn’t give us any treatment right away, he denounced me for two weeks, than I didn’t treat him. So we arrived

Catherine, 2013-03-09 20:22:05:

And how is this disease diagnosed? Need to take tests or swallow the probe? The fact is that the symptoms described are very similar to the usual poisoning!

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