Citrosept children reviews

Citrosept is a dietary supplement and belongs to the pharmacological group of dietary supplements with a tonic effect. The drug is produced by the Norwegian company Chintamani International. Its international name is “Grapefruit Citrosept”.

Citrosept has a complex effect on the body:

  • prevents the development of viral infections;
  • protects the digestive tract from fungi and parasites;
  • increases the body’s defenses;
  • reduces cholesterol deposits;
  • strengthens the walls of capillaries;
  • prevents blood clots;
  • promotes better absorption of vitamin C.

Citrosept does not cause addiction, addiction and does not destroy the useful microflora of a person even with prolonged use.

Herxheimer’s Reaction

After taking citrosept, negative reviews are written by those who have experienced this particular reaction.

Citrosept is a potent agent, so after the first use, the mass death of pathogenic organisms can occur: the membranes of microbes are destroyed, and many toxins enter the human bloodstream simultaneously.

Therefore, at the beginning of taking the drug can develop headache, fatigue, weakness, and loose stools. You need to start taking the drug with a few drops and gradually increase the dosage to the required, drink more liquid, and in the diet to introduce foods rich in cellulose – bran, coarse bread.

Citrosept: application features

In different diseases, the dosage of the drug is significantly different, so before applying a good study of the insert to the citrosept.

Dose for children – 1 drop of the drug per kilogram for 2 or 3 doses per day.

Pregnant women should not consume more than 20 drops of the drug per day.

Citrosept children reviews

Citrosept is diluted with a large amount of juice or water (100 – 250 ml) and taken between meals.

In case of citrus allergy, the first intake of citrosept is just one drop, if there is no reaction, you can gradually increase the dose.

Patients with diabetes may notice some decrease in blood sugar.

Citrosept should not be taken simultaneously with drugs used in diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is not allowed to get undiluted citrosept on mucous membranes and eyes.

Citrosept: reviews

Citrosept receives different reviews – from enthusiastic to negative. To achieve the desired effect, you need to consult a doctor to find the correct dosage and drink the full course.

When deciding on the use of citrosept, reviews from the Internet is better not to read or treat them critically. As with any drug, citrosept has a different effect on each person.

Citrosept is expensive, I didn’t even buy it. I do not know how he is in action and this price has discouraged all the desire to learn. Well, I don’t understand why I’m giving that kind of money when the same citrolux is half the price cheaper, and it saves you from a cold sickness.

It seems to me that citrosept will be weaker than citrolux. I am using citrulux with two hands, waiting for the minor code to turn seven years old, so that she can be given, it will turn out to reduce the number of drugs by an order of magnitude. She is six. I don’t give me a drink of citrolux and rinse my throat – it helps wonderfully.

Citrosept took last year as a prophylactic. But alas, she was sick as much as usual. When I picked up the virus in December and at the pharmacy, I was offered the citrulux with the antiviral one, I first wanted to refuse. Thanks to the woman from the queue, she confirmed that the remedy is effective, especially in the treatment of colds. Relief really felt fast. It did not work with citrosept to prevent a cold, but at least it is easier to get sick with citrolux. It would seem that the same grapefruit is used by manufacturers, but the effects are completely different.

With naringin, I liked another drug more – citrolux, and it is cheaper at cost, and much more effective than citrosept.

My husband and I also love citrus fruits, especially oranges. especially when they are fed by the beauty of http: //

I love grapefruit, I didn’t even imagine how useful it is, until I learned about naringin, which is extracted from partitions and stones of this wonderful fruit. As it turned out – this is a great so-called natural antibiotic and antioxidant. I take Citrolux from drugs based on it, it always saves me during colds.

And I like Citrolux more, it relieves the symptoms of illness from the disease quickly, and the process of recovery with it is progressing much faster. And the price is reasonable, and the taste is pleasant.

I had skin problems and Citrosept helped a lot. On the website of the company TD Leader Alliance it was written that it helps against acne and blackheads and I decided to try. Before that, I used different creams, gels, and so on. There was almost no effect. Accepted Citrosept course, the skin has become much cleaner, and overall health has improved.

For as long as I can remember, I support immunity all the time, it is treated when I get sick late. I tried Citrosept, I can’t say anything special for him, I don’t get sick of course, but I’ll tell you that I can’t afford it even for prevention. I found an alternative for myself better – Citrolux, it is much cheaper, and there is more active substance naringin in it, they are both based on it.

I did not like Citrosept. Very expensive and very ineffective medicine. And side effects even more. I probably had everything: a headache, weakness, general malaise, and when I also had intestinal disorders …. so I quit experimenting with myself. In the internet I came across a safer composition of Citrolux (it costs almost two times cheaper!). Here he approached me: the immunity strengthened, the body cheered. For the first time in all the time, I do not suffer from colds, and this is the direct merit of Cytrolux.

About miracle properties of grapefruit I learned recently. I wanted to buy Citrosept. But we now have a lot of fakes. Yes, and the therapist advised to pay attention to the Citrolux. It is better in quality and safer.

How many people. we are not competent. talking about dietary supplements

Citrosept thing is very good! A book about his research was written by Google for a long time on our market. Now you can’t buy a real one. Previously, it was produced by the Norwegian company. And now in Poland they are not doing the same, and God forbid our production to buy there about anything at all. I order from America with

“CitroSept” is an extract of grapefruit, it is made from seed, the inner part of the peel, and the white connective tissue of the partitions between the lobules. Due to the bitter taste of the ECG, CitroSep is not used at 100% concentration, but is diluted with glycerin to 33% concentration. This grapefruit extract was called an ECG “CitroSept”. It is possible to cite a list of microorganisms on which the ECG “TsitroSept” acts destructively: staphylococcus, the most frequent causative agent of bacterial infections; streptococcus, salmonella, hemophilus bacillus, the causative agent of severe atypical pneumonia, especially often in the elderly, in smokers, in people suffering from other lung diseases; Isherichia causing stool disorders, Helicobacter, ulcer pathogen; chlamydia that live inside the cell and therefore difficult to treat with antibiotics. It turned out the same way that the ECG “TsitroSept” acts on the flu viruses, herpes, I take 15 drops "Citrosept" , in the period of massive colds, daily. As a result, I am not sick and forgot when the last time herpes appeared (for me it is a plague (in the sense of herpes), it appeared very often, almost every month).

That’s interesting)))) How much do you need to eat carrots, lemon, orange, grapefruit and etc., to get the necessary dose? Amazing comments moms, to be honest. Where is the logic? It should be treated when you get sick))))) And why bring to the point that you get sick? If the dietary supplement is assigned correctly, if it is not "pairing" product, then why not drink? Where do you see healthy food and good ecology in Russia? Well, if you have a million and you are ready to buy meat from a farm without antibiotics, test each package of milk, do not feed the child a mixture. then talk has a place to be. Otherwise, what are we talking about? I myself was very skeptical of any kind of herbalife and other garbage. But during pregnancy, she saw the viain complex, which is also considered to be a dietary supplement, Norwegian salmon liver oil, which is also ay-ay-ay dietary supplement, in childhood saw the St. John’s wort broth and aslo pumpkin seeds. And alive)))) The test results at the maternity hospital were very good. Hemoglobin howled 152. Last month. Maybe you should not talk indiscriminately? I have a terrible food allergy cured as a result of only heoopathy. Although. He has always been only for conservative treatment. And now just that, I rush to the antibiotic, unfortunately. A citrosept bought on the advice of a colleague. She had long since taken him for a daughter from Italy, but he was somehow called a little differently. Believe it or not. The son, like most of his peers, was sick often. A week and a half in the garden, the rest of the time at the hospital. And so on all winter. I decided to try, crossing. I did not want to give ameksin, Kagotsel and their ilk. Well, if only because. that the composition there is much worse and more toxic to the liver. So, the last time we were sick on January 5th. Today is March 26th. I do not know the coincidence or the effect of the drug. I am not a doctor. But today she began to receive herself. Imunit want to support. And nonsense, I’m sorry, that’s all. What do you get vitamins from food. Long time you do not get them. And most often modern food is still immunit and plant. A normal doctor’s forehead will say that a woman needs at least a course of vitamins A and E, polysaturated omega3,6,9 fatty acids are very necessary. If you can eat so much Norwegian salmon a day, that’s great! We are all together rejoice for the increase in the financial well-being of the Russians.

Very good drug. She began to take on the advice of her friend, her state of health improved, all the unpleasant processes in the intestines passed (wild rumbling, etc.). And many of our problems are directly related to the intestines. And in the fight against appetite a good helper. I recommend to try. And about vegetables and fruits. Well, what are the vitamins in them today. Without dietary supplements in our lives is impossible. The main thing is to select them wisely and what is checked, has a certificate in our market and is tested in the Academy of Nutrition

and you yourself went and bought the drug or did the doctor give you a prescription? How are bads assigned?

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