Cinema for children 8 years

She drank herself, went to the monastery, beggarly, homeless … What just did not write about Matlyuba Alimova, who played Nastya in the films “Gypsy” and “The Return of Budulaya”!

For the development of the relationship of Claudius and Budulaya – Clara Luchko and Mihai Volontir – with aspiration followed the whole country. Well, of course: the Don Cossack fell in love with the gypsy! On a passionate melodramatic background, even the stars of the Soviet screen could be lost. Maya Bulgakova, Nina Ruslanova, Ivan Ryzhov, Vladimir Zamansky. Not to mention novice actors …

However talent director Alexander Blanca (in 25 years, he made only 9 films, among which are the brightest – two mini-series about the fate of Budulaya) gave to the full extent all the participants in the film epic. Bright beauty with expressive gray-green eyes and a sharp figure Matlyuba Alimova – the performer of the role of gypsy Nastya – especially. Natural external data and teacher lessons Alexey Batalov at VGIK, they immediately added so many points to her that the Roma of the whole Soviet Union recognized their actress. From afar, seeing Matlyuba, they immediately approached and spoke in Gypsy. And they were very surprised that she did not understand. And Alimov doesn’t even know Uzbek, although his father is Uzbek, born and raised in Andijan.

“Well, have you ever slept with Vysotsky?”

In fairness, “Gypsy” was not the first work of Matlyuba Alimova. After graduation, the graduate was first invited to the “Little tragedies” Michael Schweitzer – in the three-part film to the great anniversary of Pushkin, the whole color of the national cinema was filmed, the last role was played by Vladimir Vysotsky. And such passions at Laura and don Guan were boiling at the site, that it would be strange not to suspect colleagues in an office romance. Matluba called Vysotsky on “you”, although for the majority he was exclusively “Vladimir Semenovich”. And when the actor invited the debutante to his concert and drove her to the Mercedes, there was simply no doubt left. Matluba herself learned about the rumors later. And it greatly disappointed those who, without hesitation, asked: “Well, you even slept with him. “In the work they were on equal terms, the debutante in the star did not see any snobbery. And for her, he remained a large planet named Vysotsky. Warm. And inaccessible.

The husband was jealous, a despot.

Matluba’s personal life was at first as bright as the beginning of her film career. In VGIK she met Murat Akhmetova from the director’s course. The candy-bouquet period lasted for a year – the guy almost blew away dust particles from his beloved one. He was gentle, caring. A better husband could not be found, Matluba thought. But already on the wedding day, she doubted. And with great difficulty, she withstood three years of family life, in which there was both breaking dishes and opening veins of faithful. The whole hostel of VGIK monitored the relations of the half-knob and the half-shelf. Murat was not just a monstrous jealous man – he could see an opponent in a concrete pillar, but a real despot who tortured his wife with unreasonable suspicions and scandals. “And I am by nature faithful and faithful. To impropriety. Even she didn’t allow her thoughts to be wrong, ”as if later Matluba was justifying herself.

Cinema for children 8 years

The first – student – marriage was for her and the last. No, of course, the spectacular woman still had relationships with men, and even long. But the threshold of the registry office actress no longer crossed. And children from one of the partners did not give birth. Several abortions, strong cooling on the set did their dirty work …

Yes, and with a career after the saga about the Budulae did not work out. Two films of four series, stretching for several years, of course, allowed Alimova to enjoy the fame. She was such that many, as they say, “… and never dreamed of.”

And then came the 1990s. And Matluba just disappeared from the screens. Occasionally there were vague offers, something even appeared. But … And the pictures between “Gypsy” and “The Return of Budulaya”, and the works after – everything faded in the shadow of a gypsy. For a long time, the audience even called actress Nastya. For nothing, that three more times Matlyuba had to play in the cinema … gypsies. Oh, those director’s stereotypes!

Little odnushka and big faith

Not knowing Uzbek, for some time Alimova tried to work at a local film studio in Tashkent. Then she left everything – rushed to Moscow, to her sister (the other with her mother settled in Tver). Hoping to return to the present movie. But the work did not work. Yes, and from my sister had to move out. Matluba lived with her nephew, in the cell at the temple – in a state of terrible depression, the actress was baptized. Orthodox faith and saved from desperate acts.

Cinema for children 8 years

Returning to Tashkent, Matluba accidentally found herself in the restoration of ancient suzane. But the thought of the movie never left. Once she even came to the Russian film festival, she recalled the past with nostalgia. But nothing more encouraging than the tiny role of the Tatar servant in “Taras Bulba” Vladimir Bortko, the actress has not happened in recent years. And he never invited her to his paintings anymore.

Once upon a time, Matlyuba Alimova had passionate love, all-Union glory, and brilliant prospects. Today there is only a little odnushka in Tashkent. And a great faith. She really wants to make a good movie. And … live in Russia.

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