Cinema for children 7 years

Books Timo Parvela about the adventures of Ella serve the sole purpose – to laugh out loud! And not only children, but all family members. Read and see for yourself.

Funny stories about Ella and her friends are written in simple language and are intended for children who have only learned to read. The author is originally from Finland, where his books are very popular and are among the ten most readable. Parvel himself works as an elementary school teacher (as well as his wife, parents, parents of his wife and all friends!) And knows firsthand about the difficult and eventful life of first-graders.

Timo Parvela was first brought to the Russian market by the small publishing house “Northern Book”, now his book is published by “Pink Giraffe”. The story is from the girl Ella, who, together with friends, has fun, fantasizes and gets into funny situations, and the teacher from their antics grabs her heart.

Cinema for children 7 years

“In the pool, the teacher asked us to line up in one row.

– Will there be foam? – Pat asked. He decided that the pool is a big bath.

Master sighed and took the soap and a bag of aromatic salt from Pat.

“Swim, guys, it’s a lot of fun,” said the teacher sadly. – Which of you can swim?

We immediately decided to show how we can swim, and together we jumped into the water. And the teacher jumped behind us and saved Tukku, Pat, Tina and Heidi, who, as it turned out, could not swim. But the strangest thing is that the teacher jumped into the water right in the clothes. We, of course, were in bathing suits and swimming trunks. All but Sampa. His swimming trunks were now on the bottom of the pool, because the gum had burst in them.

Everyone was terribly fun. We splashed and shouted loudly. And the teacher shouted too, only because of the noise could not hear anything.

The first is tired of shouting teacher. Then we all exhausted too, and the teacher ordered to get out of the pool. We climbed out and crowded around him. All except Sampa, who was looking for his swimming trunks at the bottom of the pool. Then the teacher again rushed into the water, and again in clothes.

We thought together and decided that all this was no accident.

“It’s clear,” said Hanna, “he is worried about the suitcase.”

I felt sorry for our teacher. He is generally very good, albeit a teacher. Maybe swimming will help him relax.

Finally, the teacher with Sampa got out of the water. Teacher hung wet clothes to dry. Now he and Sampa were swimming trunks.

The teacher showed us the whistle and explained that you can only enter the water after the whistle.

Cinema for children 7 years

– What is it like? – Pat asked.

The teacher whistled for example, and we immediately rushed into the water. The teacher rushed after us, now in swimming trunks, and again saved Tukku, Pata, Tina and Heidi, who still could not swim.

Cinema for children 7 years

In general, the lesson was wonderful. Only Sampa lost his swimming trunks again.

“That’s it,” said the teacher, when we, splashing heavily, gathered around him. – Looks like I in vain started this trip to the pool.

It was very strange. After all, we liked the pool. True, it was a little sad that when leaving, the teacher slipped on the soap, which he took from Pat at the beginning of the lesson. But we didn’t become discouraged and pretended that we didn’t hear how the teacher, getting out of the water, said aloud all those words that quite recently forbade us to even write on pieces of paper. But we understood that it is not easy to be a victim of blackmailers. ”

Now there are three books in Russian – Ella in the first class, in the second class and a new book of this year about a trip to Lapland.

Ella in first class (2016)

Ella and her classmates grow up with readers: in the first book we meet first graders – and then we have adventures on holidays, detective stories, comic scenes – and so on until the end of elementary school! The book consists of three chapters:

  1. Ella and the blackmailer
  2. Ella in the theater
  3. Ella on excursions

Ella, Pat and second class (2016)

The second book about the adventures of Ella will make you laugh to tears. Ella has already moved to the second class, and with her her friends: Pat, Tukka, Hannah … and, of course, the teacher! This year they have a new classmate – a real newcomer. And Ella and Pat went to a very strange Olympiad. But the most amazing events happened when the teacher organized a night school!

  1. Ella and tormentor
  2. Ella and Pat
  3. Ella and Snark
  4. Ella at night school

Ella in Lapland (2017)

In the third book, Ella and her entire second class go along with the teacher on holidays to the sea. Only now the teacher confused something again, and instead of warm countries, the whole company is in Lapland! And there, if you didn’t know, the Finnish Santa Claus lives – more precisely, the Christmas Goat – and the dwarves who help him make gifts. Ella and her classmates are convinced that now they have to become Christmas gnomes, and the teacher – Kozlomoroz!

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