Chronic runny nose in a child

The skin around the eyes itself is very thin, and with some of the processes occurring in the body, it becomes thinner even more, so that vessels under it appear through, which is the cause of bruising.

Causes of

  1. banal overwork, lack of sleep, insomnia, chronic fatigue, diseases of the nervous system, as a result of which the elimination of toxins from the skin is slowed down;
  2. violation of the diet, stress and sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  3. thin, transparent and sensitive skin, age-related changes, sometimes small blood vessels burst and hematomas are very noticeable;
  4. hormonal disorders, lack of vitamins and excessive skin pigmentation;
  5. mechanical compression of the bridge of the nose, usually by the bow of the eyeglasses, which complicates the outflow of lymph;
  6. a nose bridge injury resulting in a hematoma;
  7. the effects of alcohol and drug abuse;
  8. oxygen deprivation caused by diseases of the respiratory system, especially the nose;
  9. diseases of the internal organs;
  10. heredity (especially the properties of the skin and the structure of the face).

Photo 1: One of the causes of bruises in the corners of the eyes may be an excess of UV radiation, due to which the skin becomes thinner, becoming similar to parchment, which happens to those who frequently visit a tanning bed. Source: flickr (Hotel-Aurum-CZ).

The symptoms of which diseases can be bruises in the corners of the eyes

  1. Blue circles under the eyes may indicate kidney problems. Perhaps they are overloaded, and you need to eat less heavy, spicy and salty foods. It may also be a symptom of renal failure or pyelonephritis.
  2. Bruises around the corners of the eyes signal pancreas problems. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets, to eat in small portions.
  3. Sometimes bruises under the eyes or on the nose can be manifestation of hypertension.
  4. Chronic runny nose or sinusitis reduces the flow of oxygen into the blood, causing the skin as a whole takes on an unhealthy appearance and there may be bluish spots around the eyes of the nose.
  5. The cause may be heart disease, as well as the general depletion of the body, including drastic weight loss, with the formation of bags under the eyes.
  6. Allergic reaction to animal hair, Fluff and pollen can also cause bruises in the corners of the eyes. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the cause, taking antihistamines.
  7. In children, bruises under the eyes are signs of anemia or a consequence of frequent colds, it also happens if the skin is thin and the child often cries. It is necessary to temper and strengthen the child, vitamins and sports are useful, proper nutrition, it is important to monitor the health of his nervous system.

Chronic runny nose in a child

First aid for bruises around the eyes

In most cases, the problem of bruises in the corners of the eyes does not fight or eliminate cosmetic way, with the help of foundation or concealers.

Chronic runny nose in a child

Can try improve skin blood circulation with the help of specially selected creams or masks, as well as folk remedies, like compresses of decoctions of sage and chamomile, applying grated raw potatoes or slices of fresh cucumber.

Photo 2: The effect of herbal decoctions will be better if you freeze them in the form of ice cubes. Source: flickr (bestacnemedicine02).

A special lymphatic drainage facial massage also helps.

With regular bruises, it is necessary to change the diet and sleep patterns and be examined by a doctor to rule out abnormalities in the internal organs.

Chronic runny nose in a child

Homeopathic remedies can also be effective.

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