Christmas tree singer is pregnant

The latest news from the life of the popular Christmas singer, who has become known to fans, is her departure from her husband. As always, these are just observations, rumors and conclusions. Christmas tree remains true to its rule – not to share personal experiences with the press and fans in social networks. But knowing the decisive character of the girl and the ability to share feelings and work, it is possible to assume that the singer’s patience has come to an end. Therefore, the news of the separation from her husband looks logical and believable.

The Christmas tree (also known as Liza Ivantsiv) had to go through a difficult path while she made a name for herself. Born in Uzhgorod, the pop singer put a lot of effort into being, she had to sacrifice a lot to make a career, to win her audience.

The girl developed her talent first in the school choir, in a circle at the Palace of Pioneers, in a music school, which she never finished. The invitation to the KVN team was a great success for Lisa. For seven years she worked in this team. Here were her vocal abilities are in demand. During this period, the singer begins to experiment with her image: she dyes her hair red, then she cuts her hair on her head. She attracted attention, as an extraordinary appearance, and talent. For the audience it was unexpected to hear a strong voice from a low and fragile performer.

Performances in the KVN, cooperation with local musicians, participation in various Christmas festivals for some time combined with the work of the dishwasher in the city cafe. Creativity did not give a decent income, so I had to use every opportunity to earn.

At one of the festivals where Elka performed as backing vocalist, her extraordinary voice was noticed by producer Vlad Valov. He invited the girl to cooperate.

Christmas tree singer is pregnant

The future pop star left without regret not only his native Uzhgorod, parents, but also a loved one. KVN team captain Vasily Kraynyay unlike Yelka, it was hard for her to part after a seven-year affair with a girl.

However, Elka understood that now she should not drag her past into a new life. Vlad Valov not only had to convince the investor that this girl deserves attention, but also to work hard to create her image, selection of costumes, creating a video clip and all that, without which it is impossible to achieve success on a modern stage. Thanks to the producer she became known.

Christmas tree singer is pregnant

But at a certain stage, Elka leaves her producer and finds other people who help her in her career advancement. According to Vlad Valov, personal change the singer was forced to part with an ugly team that not only helped her become popular, but actually opened up the big world of show business.

Pragmatic and reasonable Christmas tree, it turns out, too can get carried away and ignore the obvious. The meeting with the future elect Sergei Astakhov occurred back in the 90s, when she and the KVN group traveled across Ukraine. However, then the singer did not yet have great fame and financial stability. Relations were at the level of correspondence. Sergey, who lived with his parents in Moscow, was in no hurry to invite the girl to his place. And when, at the invitation of the producer, she arrived in Moscow, she was forced to rent an apartment.

In 2010, young people officially got married. The wedding was very modest. Sergey not only had nothing to do with what his wife was doing, but in general to any work. The husband was an old-time idler, who began to live without hesitation at the expense of his wife. Cheerful and convivial guy turned out to be Alfonso.

Christmas tree is now seriously thinking about how make a lot of money. First, in order to save, she refused a rented apartment in Moscow and moved to her husband’s parents in the Moscow region. Then she tried to refuse the investor, so as not to share the fees from the concerts. When the producer did not support her, she changed the producer. She also tried to “make a man” her husband, she arranged for her personal administrator.

Having recorded several new albums, Yolka bought an apartment in Moscow. At the same time, the singer begins building her own mansion in Sergiev Posad. 500 square meters cottage It was built at an accelerated pace under the supervision of Father Sergey. Construction brought a lot of inconvenience to neighbors. Large censure caused the destruction of the roadway, which was carried by huge trucks of land and building materials to the site. But Yolka did not aggravate relations with her neighbors and paid for the laying of a new asphalt surface.

The singer even posted her photo in social networks against the background of the box of a new house. However, the construction stretched out for a longer time, and since the autumn of last year has stopped altogether. According to the information received from the neighbors, neither the landlady nor her husband has appeared here for more than six months. According to rumors in the family is not all right. Allegedly, the Fir-tree left her husband, tired of pulling on her all the worries.

Facts that have become known to the paparazzi speak in favor of this version: Liza hasn’t shared her photos with her husband for a long time, in her spare time they see her only in the company of her friends and, finally, Sergey Astakhov is no longer her administrator, whose duties he has done poorly.

The singer, as usual, does not comment on anything. Familiar girls assume that this is a temporary spat because Christmas tree loves her husband very much.

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