Chop in children

Dear doctor! Please write something medically grounded on this topic. This phenomenon we have called chop. I am ready to cry when I hear from regular parents laudatory odes to how they went to remove the chop – and all the problems of the child were resolved. Here in Dagestan (and, as I understood, in all the neighboring republics and in some regions of the CIS) this is well, very widespread. Even respectable and advanced parents believe in it, justifying, they say, “we didn’t believe either, until we were confronted.”

A brief description of the phenomenon: the child suddenly starts to hurt, the most important thing is that the fever keeps, sometimes accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. They go to the doctors or go to the hospital – the treatment is ineffective, antibiotics do not help, the child does not eat anything. And here is the moment of truth – they go to the well-known granny in the city, who says that something swallowed is stuck in the larynx in some fold of the child. Some grandmas clean it with a finger, picking their throats, but more often they blow out (somehow they blow a child in the nose or mouth, I don’t know for sure, and this foreign body crawls out). Miraculously, it turns out those particles that parents immediately recall: they say, there was such a home — a seed, a carrot (in an infant, for example, to which it is not yet given), a piece of bag and

I dont know. Maybe I don’t know anatomy very well or something else is still the case … But everyone claims that the next day the child is like a cucumber! I always ask in such cases: why is this not described in textbooks? why they don’t do this in Germany or the United States, and even doctors in Moscow simply say that their hair stands on end.

And you know what is interesting: many mommies, even with medical education, go a little to the child to remove chop. But as soon as they start walking to the granny, the chop has to be removed periodically. Money, of course, for this give granny. But people do not want to listen that they are charlatans, that they are not physicians, that there is no hygiene, that this is unscientific – after all, a child tortured by doctors really recovers immediately. What to answer this.

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Komarovsky E. O. answers

I must confess that, despite my enormous experience, I come across a similar phenomenon for the first time – I had never heard of chop in the larynx in children before. When I try to imagine how its “removal” takes place, my gray hair becomes on end.

Chop in children

Of course, you do not doubt it, and I readily confirm that what you described has nothing to do with scientific evidence-based medicine, generally civilized medicine.

This is an effective way of fraud with the extraction of the “trump card” – a piece of something (carrots, apples.), Allegedly stuck in the child’s throat. Mastering the method of “extracting” this something that is supposedly very harmful is not difficult. Similar methods of earning are common not only in your edges – somewhere they conjure, speak, whisper, splash water, beat on a tambourine. In your case, this is called “extracting chop”.

Chop in children

It is obvious that the technique, when one person can help another, is very popular, when there is a worried and suggested mother with the belief that it will definitely help. The psychotherapeutic effect on the mother and the demonstration of what allegedly led to the illness leads to the fact that the mother calms down and the child becomes better, since the illness had a psychogenic character. It is impossible not to draw attention to another fact: the majority of people who come to extract chop from a child (to speak a hernia, pour out the evil eye, whisper barley and

Summary: if a child doesn’t climb out of diseases, then parents should read this article and see, for example, this video about frequently ill children in order to learn how to help their children themselves. But you can do otherwise: take the money to charlatans and put a fat check on your own conscience, and most importantly – do it all the time, spending money not on sports, travel and fresh air, but on extracting the next chop. And this is another verdict to the intellectual level of our society.

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