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Raj is appointed as the new manager of the business center and, with his first order, he dismisses all the guards. But Lev Borisovich will not abandon his falcons, despite the fact that he has a plane in seven hours.

Lev Borisovich is going to Spain and in honor of this he wants to throw the coolest party that the Nightingale business center saw. The problem is that his idea of ​​a cool party and the idea of ​​normal people diverge drastically.

Lev Borisovich does not want to leave his falcons and leave for Spain. He is sure that without him they will not cope. To prove it in practice, he decided to arrange a small emergency and to follow their actions. But the idea of ​​kidnapping a child was not the most successful.

Lev Borisovich decided to give Elena Sergeevna a TV set that the former tenants had forgotten in the business center. But after Lev Borisovich presented the TV, the real owners returned.

Fedya struggles to prove to the guys that he is really strong, and not just puffed up. Andrey, in the meantime, is trying to prove to Snezhana that he is not a pervert. And the opposition of Lev Borisovich and Vadim goes too far, but Lev Borisovich does not give up, despite the fact that he was pressed against the wall by a machine.

Raj invites Snezhana and Andrew to tea. Andrew is going to claim their rights to Snezhana. Lev Borisovich wants to discourage Elena Sergeyevna from Vadim and believes that martial arts lessons will help him in this. Fedya knocked out the criminal authority and is now sent for a showdown.

Andrei knew that Raj was interested in Snezhana and decided to eliminate his rival. Fedya is trying to make Masha and Tolia friends. Lev Borisovich in the fight for the heart of Elena Sergeyevna makes himself an awesome tattoo.

Andrei is once again trying to confess his feelings to Snezhana. Fedya and Tolya, as in the good old days, decided to have dinner together. Lev Borisovich is trying to put money into a bank account, but this idea ends in trouble for him.

Andrew arranges Snezhana to Acne in the hairdresser. Tolya decided to re-bury his dog, and Lev Borisovich decides to prove to Elena Sergeyevna that the market works perfectly and for this purpose invites to the business center the organization “Khryushi vs.”.

Lev Borisovich is going to set a new world record. Andrei has to make Snezhana an indecent proposal. In the building of the business center, meanwhile, rats started up and the guards use all their ingenuity to get rid of annoying rodents.

Raj is not satisfied with the quality of security in the business center. Lev Borisovich is trying to convince him that everything is under control, but on the same day a fur coat disappeared from the market. In order to preserve the honor of the disgraced “Cedar”, the chief of the Chopovtsy tries on the role of an Indian policeman.

Lev Borisovich asks Snezhana to help with the translation from the Indian language. Fedya and Masha can not start dating. Unexpectedly, Tolya became the head of Fedi, Andrei and Glory, and because of fallen responsibility he had nerves.

Snezhana is trying to make friends with IT girl Masha. All employees of PSC “Kedr” enter into an unequal battle for the fate of the beznes-center. Between Elena Sergeevna and Lev Borisovich stood a cunning realtor.

Lev Borisovich instructs his employees to fill in the empty areas of the Nightingale business center. Potential tenants get stuck in the elevator, and Snezhana suffers because of his clothes.

Lev Borisovich decided to pamper himself with delicacies, but he was a fool. Toll wife kicked out of the house and he has to live at work. Snezhana joins the PSC “Cedar”.

Lev Borisovich is trying to find new tenants in the empty business center “Nightingale”. The entire composition of the PSC participates in a paintball match, and Masha, an IT person, will help them.

The song, which Andrew wrote for Snezhana, she really liked. She intends to thank Andrew sex. Lev Borisovich is trying to send Kolya far away, for example, to Cuba. Elena Sergeevna invites Lev Borisovich for a date.

Kohl took a cat hostage, and Lev Borisovich saved her. Snezhana asks Andrey to write a song for her. The guards are starting to sell coffee.

Lev Borisovich is going to do business again. Andrey and Vitalik miss Snezhana. The guards, meanwhile, are trying to drive off a gang of skaters.

Chop baby

Andrew intends to return to work in the PSC “Cedar”. Lev Borisovich almost locked himself in the basement. The guards, meanwhile, are trying to catch the thief, and Elena Sergeevna is going to hang herself.

Andrey decides to quit and place all points over i with Snezhana. Helen Sergeyevna Kohl’s ex-husband returns. But Lev Borisovich only suspects that he has conceived something.

Andrei is looking for a way to meet Snezhana. The guards beat the Chechens with an arrow.

The boys arrange a dedication for Andrew, and he is trying to endure it. Lev Borisovich, together with the guards, are trying to resist the snack device – the robber.

Chop baby

Andrei wants to drive up to Snezhana on a white horse. Lev Borisovich is preparing an original gift for the guards. The guards, too, are not idle and are going to give him a surprise.

Albert managed to knock out big bonuses for the guards, but Lev Borisovich feels some trick in this. Andrew faced a difficult choice – to tell everyone the truth and destroy everything or keep silent and leave everything as it is.

Chop baby

Lev Borisovich is going to steal a statue from the hall to expose Albert. Andrey is sure that Snezhana slept with Albert and is now going to punish him for it.

Andrei invites Snezhana to the In the Dark restaurant. Lev Borisovich is trying to save a suicide, and Albert sets up a new access system in a shopping center.

Elena Sergeevna, the manager of the business center “Nightingale”, introduces everyone to the new chief of the private security organization, Albert. Andrei is trying to protect Snezhana from obsessive attention from the new chief, and Lev Borisovich tempts all the guards to stay away from Albert.

The series tells about the life of the private security company “Kedr”, which protects not only the material values ​​of the business center “Nightingale”, but also the moral and moral standards of its employees. Chief of Private Security Service – Lev Borisovich. He submits four guards – Anatoly, Fedya, Slava and Andrey. Andrei dreams of becoming a rock musician, so he doesn’t hold on to the work of the security guard, but soon he gets acquainted with the Spa worker Snezhana and slowly begins to get involved in the work of the security guard of the business center.

In the series, waiting for you broken “Ferrari”, spermobank robbery and even an explosion of the building. Watch the series “Chop” online on our website for free and without registration.

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