Choosing not to have children

Kindergarten "Scrabble"

Time passes unnoticed. It seems that your baby has just come into the world, and it is already time to decide who will be engaged in his upbringing – mother, nurse or kindergarten.

Doctors, educators, psychologists and sociologists believe that the best place for the full development of children are private kindergartens. Why? Because here the child learns:

• Find compromises. • Defend your interests. • Take into account the opinions of others. • Chat with peers and adults.

Private kindergarten (groups of care and supervision) is a preparation for the future independent life, because kindergarten is a reduced model of society. Here a little man learns to enter into social relationships, to solve problems of communication. In the future, it will help him in his school years, at the institute and at work.

Many parents may argue that in kindergarten, babies are sick more often. However, it is not. It is mistakenly thought that in places where many children gather, it is impossible to avoid an epidemic. In fact, environmental conditions play a decisive role here. If they are built correctly, then in the garden the child will be ill much less often than at home. In all our departments, examination by a doctor or nurse in the morning. We care about the health of your children!

Of course, I want to quietly go to work. To know that the child is not just “under supervision”, but also surrounded by attention and care, while you are not around. Does an alien woman immediately notice that the child has soaked his legs during a walk and will change it? Can he teach him to put syllables into words? Understand the character of the baby, will not equal him with all other children?

Our kindergarten “Erudit” suggests not to worry about it. Write a child to us if you are looking for a combination of a convenient mode of operation of the kindergarten and qualified, attentive teachers. By sending their child to a private kindergarten, parents can be sure that their precious child is in a comfortable environment, receives a full, healthy diet, has everything they need to play, relax, and develop their abilities. The first thing our clients pay attention to when they get to one of the private kindergartens “Erudit” in ST. PETERSBURG, VSEVOZHORSK or SEVERODVINSK is an excellent material and technical equipment. Comfortable, recently renovated rooms, in which there are no interruptions in water supply and heating, are equipped with all the necessary amenities for children. The private kindergarten is always provided with high-quality children’s toys, good teaching aids and materials, equipped with comfortable and environmentally-friendly furniture and all that is necessary for an interesting pastime and the harmonious development of kids. Mode of operation of the Kindergarten: S

In the private kindergarten “Erudit” are open: • groups of full day; • 24 hour stay groups; • weekend groups; • short stay group. Such a group is suitable if you need to leave for business or just relax, and leave the child – no one.

Private kindergarten “Erudit” (groups of care and supervision) work in

Children are always under the supervision of highly qualified doctors or nurses (depending on the branch)

Golden Rule of the Center “Erudite”: “In each age group – no more than 12 children.” In the gardens of premium class up to 6-8 people in

In addition, when you apply to us, you fill out a questionnaire in which you indicate the characteristics of the child’s character, preferences, favorite and least favorite games, food and other features. This helps to quickly find an approach even to the most restless child, since the incentives for learning are different for everyone.

Choosing not to have children

The team of organizers of the children’s center “Erudit” has been working in the field of children’s preschool education and development for 10 years. TEACHERS, only with higher pedagogical education and with experience of at least 2 years. In kindergartens there is an escort by a methodologist and a psychologist, which allows controlling the level of work and development of children. Another advantage of the garden is an experienced, qualified staff. The administration of the institution is very attentive to the selection of personnel, so all the staff (teachers, nannies, cooks) here have specialized education, work experience and a good reputation. After all, only by attracting professionals to work can one become competitive and succeed in this market of services. Each branch (St. Petersburg, VSEVOZHSK, SEVERODVINSK) implements modern, progressive programs for preparing children for school. The best teachers carry out the educational process with the use of advanced foreign techniques. Of course, a good material and technical base: sports equipment, educational toys, a music hall and

The branches of the “Erudit” centers are equipped with a fire alarm system and an alarm button. Video surveillance is in premium kindergartens. all branches are equipped with certified safe equipment and toys in accordance with the age characteristics of children (each branch has an air purifier, a germicidal lamp); all specialists, ranging from administrator to cleaners, have a SANIRED BOOK of the established sample.

Our rules for the safe and comfortable stay of the child in kindergarten. 1. When enrolling in kindergarten, the child should have the following things with him: • removable shoes; • changeable clothes (shorts, skirt); • spare clothing; • pajamas (optional); • comb.

2. The parent is obliged to inform the caregiver or the manager about the impending absence of the child, his illness. Each parent is obliged to inform the kindergarten about the forthcoming departure of the child, no matter how many days he was absent, before 8:00 the previous day to the caregiver or manager.

4. Before taking the child to kindergarten, check whether his clothes match the time of year and air temperature. Make sure that the child’s clothing is not too large and does not hinder his movements. In the right clothes, the child moves freely and is less tired.

5. Parents must bring the child to kindergarten healthy and inform the caregiver or the head of any changes in the child’s health at home.

6. The teacher is not responsible for the toys brought by the child from home.

7. To avoid injuries, parents should check the contents of the pockets in the child’s clothing for dangerous items. It is strictly forbidden to bring sharp, cutting, glass objects, as well as small objects (beads, buttons and

8. Please do not give the child in kindergarten chewing gum, treats.

9. Disputes and conflicts with the teacher and other parents to resolve in the absence of children. 10. You can not take away from kindergarten toys and personal vkschi other children.

11. Persons indicated in the questionnaire may take a child from kindergarten. Taking a child from kindergarten to another person who is not listed in the questionnaire is possible only by prior arrangement with the parents and upon presentation of an identity document.

Kindergarten "Scrabble" information 2009

Time passes and your baby has grown up. You have to go to work, and the child needs to communicate with peers. It’s time to choose a kindergarten. This choice is difficult enough for parents.

When choosing a kindergarten, parents want to be sure that the child is comfortable in it; to hear that a child with a desire goes there. They want confidence that the baby will be full, and the dishes will be of high quality and diverse. I want to know that classes in kindergarten will be conducted taking into account the age of children and according to the modern program that will help the child to develop.

In an ordinary kindergarten there is no opportunity to pay due attention to each individual child. Groups in public kindergartens are overcrowded, and staff are sorely lacking. Private kindergarten "Scrabble" – this is an individual approach to each child, it is developmental activities, exciting games, happy holidays. The child will feel as comfortable and good as at home. We will do our best to make the separation with our beloved parents seem short to the child.

Only people who truly love children who know how to educate and develop them properly came to our private kindergarten. Teachers take into account the child’s personality type, mood and well-being. They will teach your baby to be friends, respect adults and children.

Children in kindergarten will learn independence, responsibility. Every child in our kindergarten feels like a real person who will always be listened to and appreciated.

Kindergarten pays great attention to proper and complete nutrition of children. Therefore, in addition to the main dishes, the compulsory menu always includes various fruits. If necessary, for children in need of a special diet, meals are prepared according to the recommendations of parents and health workers.

We try to build a good relationship with parents. They can always ask any questions to our specialists: a pediatrician, a speech therapist, a psychologist. Be sure you get expert advice. In our kindergarten we accept children from 1.5 years. In a cozy home environment under the sensitive attention of experienced teachers, even the youngest children easily go through the adaptation period.

All our gardens work with

Here you can get acquainted with our kindergartens in different parts of the city:

Kindergarten "Scrabble awaits all the guys in their groups. And fathers and mothers can only rejoice at the achievements of their children and be completely calm for them!

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