Children smiling in their sleep

Holiday scenario in 4th grade to March 8 for moms and


Scenario of the holiday program for the 8th of March 4th grade.

Participants: 4th grade students, class teacher, guests and parents.

Purpose: development of creative interests and abilities of students, satisfaction of their communication needs, the desire to make a pleasant pastime for mothers and guests, to congratulate mothers, grandmothers, girls of the class on March 8.

Equipment: multimedia projector, screen, computer, backing tracks: ditties,

“Fly away, cloud”, “If I were a sultan”, “Dark-skinned woman”, clips: “Spring, the awakening of nature”,

“The Parable of the Mother”, “The Sun”, “3 Wishes”, the film “Dedicated to our loved ones and relatives …”, 3 umbrellas, bananas, scarves, balloons for competitions.

The music sounds quietly, the video “The Parable of the Mother” appears on the screen

Teacher: The day before birth, the child asked God:

– I do not know what should I do in this World?

– I will give you an Angel who will always be with you.

– But I do not understand his language … – said the baby.

The angel will teach you his language. He will protect you from all troubles.

– And what is the name of my angel – the child asked.

– No matter what his name is … you will call him MOM!

– Mom, mommy! So we call our dearest and most beloved person.

– The first word that each baby says is the word “mom”.

– In all the languages ​​of the world it sounds gentle, warm and gentle.

And it’s not for nothing that we celebrate the day of March 8, when nature begins to wake up, it comes to life and makes us happy

– Dear our mothers, grandmothers and girls! Today, on the eve of March 8, we welcome you and want to please with our performances.

Leading 2 boys and 2 girls go out

Leading speak on the background of the music video clip “Spring, the awakening of nature”

1 host: blizzards and snowstorms fell silent,

All awoke from sleep

And in the glitter of the sun

There is a beautiful – Spring.

2 presenter: February is still threatening – prankster,

His threats are not terrible.

The eighth of March is a bright holiday,

He is the very first to spring.

Teacher: Spring is shining outside the windows, look! Beautiful world bloom embraced. Take the clarity of the morning dawn, The freshness of breath let the garden give, And let the eyes shine happily, And let the soul sing with happiness, Let the thunder storm go by, Let the joy give every year!

Host 3: You enter magic dreams, With you roads, every hour is great. Happy New Spring Day, Our lovely women to you! You give life, you teach again that only mothers give, you give birth to love in your heart And create comfort in your soul. In the midst of fierce days, we wish you one endless spring, All beloved, more desirable, more dear to be! And see only happy dreams.

4 host: Dear women, kind, loyal! With the new spring of you, with the drops first! Peaceful sky to you, the sun radiant, Happiness cherished, the most pure! A lot of caress, warmth, kindness in you – Let your dreams come true!

Teacher: Today is a special day! True? Beautiful holiday at spring! Today is March 8th Day – May you be so happy! Spring! How much in this word: Goodness, love and warmth. May her flowers bloom in the waiting nature! May this day, March 8 – Alarms go away and dreams come!

Our dear ones, native to you as a gift this song … Clip “Sun”


Children come out, read poems.

1) As if turquoise – Mom’s eyes, Clear and clean, Good, radiant. As if stars are burning, Ozaryaya everything around, And with me they say: Mom is my good friend!

2) There is nothing nicer Mother’s smile – As if the sun flashes the light, Gloom dispel unsteady! As if the tail will flash Goldfish – Mom’s smile will bring joy to the heart! Mom’s smile Brings happiness to the house. Mom’s smile Need everywhere, in everything!

3) My mummy’s hands – A pair of white swans: So gentle and so beautiful, So much love and power in them! They fly all day, As if they are tired, they don’t know. In the house they will bring comfort, New dress will be sewn.

Caress, warm – Hands of mum are able all.

4) Mother’s voice is young – The kindest and dearest! I always recognize him Among the hundreds of voices. I forget about toys And run on my mother’s call. I will not be capricious,

I gently hug mom

I will not be capricious, I will not grieve my mother. If there is no appetite, we still have lunch.

5) I also frown obstinately,

I have the same nose

And the same hair color.

But still, both the eyes and the nose are similar.

We keep up: I and mom.

So similar – they say.

Only mother looks straight,

I’m left and right

And I look back!

I don’t want to argue with you

Believe me so –

My mother is the best

Best of all!

6) Dear gentle mom,

A lot of caress and goodness in you.

Again and again in you, I open

Sounds warm as silver strings.

Honey, the soul in you is not tea

And I miss it day and night.

I do not fly to you in a dream?

Little loving daughter.

Teacher – How do the guys help their mothers?

Children smiling in their sleep

Pupil 1. Our mothers carry a heavy burden of household chores!

Pupil 2. And our task is to relieve this load!

Pupil 3. For example, I never refuse to go to the store for ice cream.

Pupil 4. And I never bother my mother to wash the dishes!

Pupil 5. And I, during the cleaning, try to go outside so as not to be confused at my mother’s feet.

Pupil 6. And I always help my mother watch TV shows.

Pupil 7. And I always hide my dirty jeans after football so that my mother

there was less washing.

Pupil 8. And I always remind mom when you need to take out the trash.

Pupil 9. And I always wipe the dust on my mother’s mobile phone.

Teacher: All this is of course a joke. Do not believe mom that she does not need your help. All our students, I think, are happy to help their mothers and not only help, but delight them with their talents.

And for you as a gift sounds song “Darkie”

Leading children come out:

1) Our mother – all in cares:

From dark to dark –

Mom cooks, mom sews,

And mom coin flies-

Not at home – at the factory!

Teacher: Women should be able to

Do everything in the world

How can they be ripen everywhere?

2) Maybe in the series,

Housekeepers hire us,

So that they wash clothes,

The bed would be made

Clean the house cleaned

And went to the store

They played with the kids all day …

All boys: And for mom?

Let the mother rest.

Everywhere with dad drives around …

  1. Our mothers are not fit

To live, as in these serials.

Life with moms, though not honey

But things go ahead!

  1. Give us warmth and affection,

From their smiles light.

Our mothers – just a fairy tale!

Heats their souls warmly.

All day apart:

School, music, friends –

There is no place for boredom!

For you, cute women gift Clip “For you, relatives, lovely, beloved!”

(Slideshow from photos of moms that the children brought in secret from moms to the music “Mother’s eyes,

The game “My mother is the most …” (Music begins. Children pass the balloon in a circle. As the music ends, the student who currently has the ball ends the sentence “My mother is the most …”. The game is repeated several times).

Then the mothers repeat the game: “My son is the most … my daughter is the most … ..”

Verse reads a boy who performs the next song

Without mom, sad and dark, And with mom fun, light. Ready to say a hundred times love Native all the songs I will give.

We meet artists from the east

the song “If I were a Sultan ….”

(3 girls perform a dance, and a boy sings – a performance)

Competition for moms:

  1. What is the name of the queen of all colors. (The Rose).
  2. What is the name of the Japanese art of bouquet? (Ikebana).
  3. The country is the birthplace of tulips. (Holland).
  4. According to the petals of which flower it is customary to guess “loves – does not love. (Chamomile).
  5. What is the name of the drink of the ancient Greek gods, made from pollen. (Nectar).
  6. In what fairy tale S. Ya. Marshak snowdrops bloom in December. (12 months).
  7. In what ballet of P. I. Tchaikovsky sounds “Waltz of Flowers”. (Nutcracker).
  8. If you touch this flower, it seems that it is about to tingle. (Bell).

The next song “3 Wishes” sounds

(children sing at the same time)

Host 1: I know that all women are beautiful.

And its beauty and mind.

More fun, if it’s a holiday in the house,

And loyalty, if separation in it.

2 Moderator: Not their outfits and profile roman –

We are conquered by the female soul.

And her youth. And motherhood

And gray when she came.

1 Lead Without women, the stars do not light up,

Without women, morning does not begin,

Without women, flowers do not bloom,

Without women, children do not smile.

2 leader Let in business always and everywhere

You are a success!

And today is a bright holiday

Be happy you all!

Moms are the busiest people in the world. With one hand, mother prepares dinner, with the same hand corrects mistakes in her son’s notebook, and her left hand is already reaching for the sink with the dishes. The right eye manages to see what the husband does in the other room, and the left ear and left eye watch and listen to the favorite series.

Let’s check how nimble our mothers are. They should blindfoldedly feed their beloved offspring with a delicious banana.

Contest “Feed Your Baby’s Banana”

And now listen to the ditties.

(Boys sing ditties under the backing track)

No. 1 Oh, ditties are good,

We sing them from the heart.

Children smiling in their sleep

But you, too, do not yawn,

And boldly sing along.

No. 2 last snow from our roof

Like rain pouring.

Under the spring rays

Number 3 to mom to work

Angry alarm did not wake,

I’m him tonight

Three parts unscrewed.

№ 4 I walk with my mother by the hand,

Mom tightly I hold,

So that mom was not afraid

That she was not lost.

Number 5 I have a little sister – a miracle!

Famously washing all the dishes

I help her too

I collect all the fragments.

No. 6 To make mom surprised

We were cooking dinner

For some reason, even a cat

Ran away from the meatballs.

№ 7 On tour we wanted

Go to the bahamas

Only here do not let go

School us, yes mom!

№8 We sang to you how we managed, We are only children. Only know our mothers Best in the world!

1 host (boy): Wait, wait …

You and I have not said warm words to our dear girls and grandmothers …

2 host (boy): Well, for our grandmothers we have poems prepared

(Poems tell 2 boys)

1st reader: If grandma said:

Do not touch, then – do not you dare, We must listen, because Our house keeps on it.

Reader 2: We without a grandmother once Cooked dinner. We washed the dishes ourselves, And since then there are no dishes.

Reader 1: Dedicates his free day to raising Dad. Just in case this day Hats grandmother’s belt.

2nd reader: Goes to school for gathering, Cooks grandmother broth. For her every month the postman carries money

1 presenter (boy): And we also will not leave our girls offended, we will allow

you once again show off their beauty and show what you are capable of, although we are

know that you have the smartest, the most beautiful, the most lovely, the most reliable, the most

bold, the most fun … …

So, the next number for everyone here is a dance with umbrellas to the soundtrack of F. Kirkorov “Fly away, a cloud”

Teacher: I would like in the days of spring, To take away all the adversities from you, Cup of sunny mood To give nice women. So that under the dome of the sky is clear, Where the frost is angry at spring, Your children grew beautiful, Without sadness and no offense. So that the eyes filled with joy, New freshness for many years And so that your life will be brighter than a rainbow Blew into the whole world.

The final song of Vaenga “I wish” is sung by the children and the teacher, after which the children give moms a balloon and a candy bouquet made during the lessons of work.

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