Children’s birthday 5 years

Five years old – like a little. At the same time – an anniversary. A new life is only the beginning. Congratulations! Be healthy!

May morning be wonderful this holiday day. Children’s laughter is a miracle. Joyful delight is heard.

We wish only good, Peaceful and wonderful days. And friends, of course, too! Be cheerful, do not be shy!

Blow out the candles on the cake And make a wish. But do not forget your cherished words.

Have fun, play and laugh – Childhood is the best time. In the future, just achieve it Only with the help of good.

Children's birthday 5 years

Fun, balls, crackers, There are five candles on the cake, Friends, gifts and toys, And today you are a little older.

Dream Let all your dreams come true. Be a good girl and do not be ill. Let the world around you be filled with happiness! Five years is your first anniversary.

Congratulations to the charming child with the 5th birthday! We wish that there were a lot of funny friends, new toys and reasons for laughter. Let every day bring you amazing discoveries, new impressions and a great love of knowledge. Health, joy and great gifts!

Five years to you, wow! In the family today you are a star! So happy birthday, little hare, Our dear, affectionate child.

We love you with all our soul. The baby is already big, After all, this is the first anniversary. Let’s celebrate soon!

On the cake the candle you will blow And mom and dad will kiss. We wish happiness to the baby And the sun rays in the window.

The first anniversary, the first “five” —An important event is in a child. And we are happy birthday. Congratulations. Happiness and joy. We want to grow up. Life will give you good friends, Smile everybody suddenly and meet and pass by. And you grow, sweetheart, please us health, every day, let it be filled with happiness and love.

Happy birthday congratulations! What does the child want? Let Mommy not scold, Let go for a walk. Give a baby a ballet AND kiss on the cheek loudly, Give a mountain of chocolate, Even more – fruit jelly And, of course, toys: Books and balls, little animals!

Children's birthday 5 years

We send you a hundred wishes and kind, sincere greetings. You are celebrating your wonderful five years today.

May this day give many gifts to you, of course. So that you have good health, So that in your life there will be no worries.

And let the wizard be very kind to tell you your secret. So that life was happy, long, Without grief, sadness, various misfortunes.

Look at the palm, How many fingers are there? Five! On the fifth anniversary we, baby, will congratulate you.

And not just a birthday – the very first anniversary, This is what the instant is called, What is now in your life.

Congratulations on your anniversary! Have fun, play, joke, But learn everything soon — you need a good girl to grow.

A cute kitten is 5 years old. I wish the angel to live without bed.Let you all love, adore, Let them indulge, buy gifts.

Let life be wonderful, like a fairy tale, To always have love and caress in it. I wish you strong health, I kiss, I embrace very gently!

Children's birthday 5 years

In your first mini-anniversary, We wish many friends, To have fun and frolic, So that only joy to learn.

You be obedient to parents and knowledge to those who are not indifferent. And even if it is always, and let it be everywhere — only happiness, laughter, dear people!

Five years! Wow! But recently, this world has recently been opened to the crumbs. Hare, childhood is glorious. Let us arrange a feast! We will congratulate the child together, And today we need to wish All the fulfillment of desires, Discoveries, interests, knowledge, sweets, toys and gifts. to live happily and brightly! Grow, frolic, be shalunishkoy. Learn to be friends you only with the book.

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