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Alla Pugacheva: biography

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva – a living legend of Russian pop music, People’s Artist of the USSR, composer, producer, pop director, actress, TV presenter, who has been the most discussed media person in the world for more than half a century.

Diva Russian pop music

Alla Pugacheva’s songs became almost national hits in many countries, which allowed her to win the status of “pop queen”. The repertoire of Alla Pugacheva includes 500 songs, and the discography has about 100 solo albums, the total circulation of which reaches 250 million copies.

Childhood and youth

Alla Pugacheva was born on April 15, 1949 in the Russian capital in the family of front-line soldiers Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova and Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev. Parents named their daughter in honor of the popular actress of the Moscow Art Theater Alla Tarasova. She became the second child in the family – her older brother, Gennady, died of diphtheria in early childhood. All the childhood of the future Primadonna of Russian pop art took place in Zontochny Lane at the Peasant Gate in Moscow, where she grew up with yard children in the post-war period.

Alla Pugacheva in childhood

Music entered Alla Borisovna’s life even before the girl went to school – in 1954, when Pugacheva was only 5 years old, her mother invited a music teacher to visit, who discovered absolute hearing and musical abilities in the girl. From that day on the everyday life of the future People’s Artist, piano lessons were included, which lasted daily for 3 hours at the music school number 31 in the capital.

Persistent classes on a musical instrument bore fruit in just a few months – five-year-old Alla entered the stage of the Column Hall of the House of Unions and performed at a concert concert of Soviet musicians.

The first performances by Alla Pugacheva

In 1956, Pugacheva went to the first class. Alla differed from her peers in her wayward character and often received comments from teachers for her defiant behavior, but this did not prevent the future actress from being a round-the-counter. Easy and just brisk girl was given and music science. The teachers promised her a bright future for the pianist, but Alla Borisovna was sure that she would become a singer.

Alla Pugacheva in her youth

By the time of the end of eight grades in secondary school number 496, Pugacheva had already finished music school in piano. The young artist could not imagine her future life without music, therefore, without hesitation, she entered the Ippolitova-Ivanova Music School at the conductor-choral department. Already in the second year of Ippolitka, the future Diva went on the first tour as part of the Moestrades national team.

Music and creativity

After the first tour Pugacheva recorded the song “Robot”, which was presented in the program “Good morning.” Alla Borisovna’s debut was accompanied by great success, and she was noticed by musical composers, who began to offer cooperation to the singer. Pugacheva’s interest was aroused by Vladimir Shainsky, a little-known composer. He wrote for her the songs “Do not argue with me” and “How could I not fall in love”, which received the title of “Song of the Month” and brought Alla Borisovna to the first place on the air of the All-Union Radio.

Alla Pugacheva in her youth

The next few years, Pugachev as part of the propaganda brigade “Youth” traveled around the Far North and the Arctic. She spoke to drillers, oilmen and geologists with three songs – “Just love very much”, “King, flower girl and jester” and a composition of her own composition “The Only Waltz”. These lengthy tours negatively affected studies at a music school. Pugachev was removed from the final exams, as a result of which she remained un graduated.

In the form of punishment, the student was sent to work as a music teacher at the Moscow school No. 621. After a six-month internship, Alla Borisovna, whom the students called Alka-shouting for the loud voice, still managed to pass the state examinations at Ippolitka and get the Choir Conductor diploma.

After receiving the diploma, Pugacheva was in no hurry to become the conductor of the choir – she worked as a soloist in the brigade of the pop-circus school, where she toured villages and villages, entertaining local workers with circus and musical numbers. In 1969, the singer left the brigade and tried herself as a soloist of the musical ensemble “New Electron”. After 1.5 years, Pugacheva moved to the group “Muscovites”, and after a while got into “Jolly Fellows”. The singer won the Grand Prix at the festival “Golden Orpheus” for the composition “Harlequin” as part of “Merry Guys”.

Alla Pugacheva – "Harlequin"

On the wave of success, the entire 1976 Alla Pugacheva attended international music festivals. She visited Cannes at the MIDEM music fair; in the GDR, where she participated in German television programs and recorded the first single “Harlekino”; in Czechoslovakia, where she was invited as an honorary guest at the Bratislava Lira festival; in Poland, where she performed at a concert of stars of the international festival “Sopot-76”.

Such a success Pugacheva angered the other participants of the “Merry Fellows”, who in fact became simply Alla Borisovna’s accompanists. The head of the ensemble Pavel Slobodkin, who entered into a conflict with Pugacheva, who caused her to leave the Jolly Fellows, expressed discontent about this.

Alla Pugacheva – soloist "Moskontsert"

At the end of 1976, the Diva finally decided to start a solo career and settled down as a soloist at the Mosconcert. In the same year, for the first time, she became the laureate of “Song of the Year-76” and a participant in the New Year’s concert “Blue Light” with the song “Very Good”.

A year later, Alla Pugacheva gave a solo concert in Luzhniki and received an honorable “red line” from Moskontsert, giving the right to tour with solo concerts in the USSR and beyond. In the same period, the singer brightly entered the Soviet cinema – at first she was invited to shoot the New Year film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” as a singer, and then offered the main role in the movie “The Woman Who Sings”, all background music to which was written by Alla Borisovna herself. The film was popular and in the year of the premiere became the leader of the rental.

Pugacheva – "Woman who sings"

For the role of Anna Streltsova in “The Woman Who Sings”, Pugacheva received the title of “Best Actress of the Year”, and the free dress-hoodie in which the singer appeared on television screens became a kind of visiting card of the legendary actress. For the film, the dress model was created by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The idea to use such a cut outfit attracted Alla. Before speaking at an international competition in Poland in 1978, Pugacheva asked a familiar dressmaker Lyubov Aksenova to create such a dress. Hoodie helped the actress to beat her hair, burned on the eve of perm.

In 1978, Alla Pugacheva recorded the first solo album titled “The Mirror of the Soul”, on which the composers Alexander Zatsepin, Boris Rachkov and Prima Donna worked under the pseudonym Boris Gorbonos. Alla Borisovna’s debut album became the best-selling in the Union, so it was decided to release several export versions of the disc in different languages, which brought worldwide success to the artist.

Alla Pugacheva, Raymond Pauls and Ilya Reznik

In the early 80s, Alla Pugacheva released two more albums: “Rise over the bustle” and “There’ll be more.” At the same time she met Raymond Pauls and Ilya Reznik, who wrote immortal hits for Alla Borisovna “Maestro”, “Matter of Time” and “Million Scarlet Roses”. These songs by Pugacheva brought incredible success – they sold out a mini-album in circulation of 6 million copies worldwide and presented the actress with the honorary status of a Soviet superstar.

In the program “New Year’s Attraction” in 1983, the number with the performance of the song “Million Scarlet Roses” was presented by Alla Pugacheva on the trapeze. The artist herself admitted later that the only thing that she most fears in life is heights.

Alla Pugacheva – "Million Scarlet roses"

However, before filming in secret from the director of the number, she agreed with the assistant that at the climax he would lift the singer to a height of 5 meters. At the same time, according to the idea, the trapeze during the singing should also unwind along with the singer. The trick of Alla Pugacheva performed without insurance, which greatly frightened colleagues.

The next decade in the career of Pugacheva was associated with music and success. Endless international tours, the release of the iceberg, “Without me”, “Two Stars”, “Hey, you up there” hits were accompanied by the change of the image of Alla Borisovna. Pugacheva began to position herself in the style of a rock singer, who allowed her to shine even in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Alla Pugacheva – "Iceberg"

In 1988, the legend of Soviet pop music founded her own “Theater of Songs”, to which she invited talented novice singers. After that, she created an annual song festival called “Christmas Songs”, on the stage of which all Diva wards regularly demonstrated their creative achievements.

In December 1991, the day before the collapse of the USSR, Alla Pugacheva was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the USSR and became the last creative figure of the Union, who received this honorary title. After the country’s entry into the new era, cardinal changes followed in Pugacheva’s career. She decided to try herself in business – the most successful “products” of Diva were the release of a brand of shoes under the brand “Alla Pugachova”, eponymous perfumes and the magazine “Alla” edited by the singer.

Alla Pugacheva changed the image

In 1995, Alla Pugacheva announced that she was going on a sabbatical and offered everyone to take her place on the music pedestal. She recorded the final solo album of a singing career called “Do not hurt me, gentlemen,” which includes the hits “Love, like a dream”, “The real colonel” and “Mary”. The disc sold a huge circulation, and the singer’s income from revenue amounted to $ 100 thousand, which in those times was considered a record.

Two years later, the Prima Donna decided to return to the stage in the framework of the international Eurovision-97 song contest.

Alla Pugacheva – "Diva" (Eurovision, 1997)

The very story of getting into the competition is not so simple. Initially, the ORT channel chose among all applicants the sweet-voiced Valery Meladze, for whom Alla Borisovna wrote the song “Prima Donna”. But before the competition, Meladze fell ill, and the channel’s management sent to Eurovision Alla Pugacheva, where the singer eventually took 15th place.

The participation in Eurovision prompted the artist to return to the big stage – she prepared two solo concerts “Favorite” and “Yes!”, With which she went on a big tour around the world. For three years, Pugacheva gave 150 concerts in Russia, the CIS countries, as well as in Germany, Israel, Greece, the United States and Britain. In addition to the concert activities, she also revived the “Christmas Meetings” project. At the turn of the century, the most famous clips of Alla Pugacheva, created for the songs “Bad Weather”, “Call me with you”, “Insomnia”, appeared.

Alla Pugacheva – "call me with you"

Having passed not the easiest way of life, Alla Borisovna achieved her goal. She is respected, valued, imitated. In 2005, she became the organizer of the most popular at that time music festival “Song of the Year”, along with Igor Krutoy and the muse of the equally significant music show in Jurmala – “New Wave”.

During her creative career, Alla Pugacheva showed herself not only as a brilliant performer, but also as a talented author. She wrote music of different years. At the beginning of her musical activities, the artist created the song “The Only Waltz”. The hit “Come”, which entered the film “The Woman Who Sings”, became a famous lyrical composition. Then came the songs “Autumn” of 1984 and the creation of the album “Do not hurt me, gentlemen”.

Alla Pugacheva with Igor Krutoy and Nikita Mikhalkov

Alla Pugacheva successfully combined her singing career with an actor’s. Her filmography was regularly replenished not only with musical films, but also with full-length tapes. In 1979, with the participation of the artist came the satirical comedy “Pena”, where they played the stars of the Soviet screen – Anatoly Papanov, Lydia Smirnova, Leonid Kuravlev. Together with Sophia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva appeared in the wide-format drama “Recital”, where she performed the cameo role of the singer Alena Volnova.

Repeat the success of the film “The Woman Who Sings” Alla Pugacheva tried in the 1985 film “Came and Speak,” based on documentary video sources from the creative life of the singer. According to critics, the experience failed. But this assessment did not prevent the audience interest. This was followed by works in three parts of “Old Songs about the Essential”, in the musical “Two Hares”, which Alla Pugacheva created together with Maxim Galkin and Andrey Danilko.

Children Pugacheva and Galkina photo now

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin in a comedy "For two hares"

Alla Pugacheva since the times of the Soviet Union was considered a popular media persona. Her presence on the air of any program immediately influenced the release ratings. With the participation of the singer there were musical programs (“Good morning,” “Alarm clock”, “Music ring”), intellectual and analytical programs (“What? Where? When?”, “Kinopanorama”, “Look”, “50×50”, “ Bomond ”,“ Theme ”,“ Rush Hour ”,“ Saturday Evening ”,“ Till 16 and Older ”), entertainment shows (“ Field of Miracles ”,“ Two Stars ”,“ Factor A ”,“ Property of the Republic ”). Repeatedly the actress became the heroine of the programs of Vladimir Pozner.

In 1997, Alla Pugacheva spoke on the talk show “We”, and 15 years later in the author’s program gave a television journalist a detailed interview.

Alla Pugachev with Vladimir Pozner

In 2007, Pugacheva became artistic director of Alla radio station. Alla Borisovna responsibly approached the choice of the repertoire, she led the program on the air. In a short time more than a million people began to listen to the radio “Alla”. But after the death of Alexander Varin, the ideological inspirer of the project, Pugachev did not find a common language with the new leadership of the radio station, and in 2011 Radio Alla stopped broadcasting.

In addition, the Prima Donna established her own Golden Star Alla music award, to which she allocates $ 50,000 each from her personal funds for the development of the artist, released three new albums and took participants of the 5th season of Star Factory under her wing.

In 2009, Alla Pugacheva announced her retirement

The achievements of Alla Pugacheva in the musical field were marked by a number of prestigious awards, among them – the Cambridge Center Medal “2000 Outstanding Musicians of the 20th Century” and the Ovation Award in the Singer of the Decade nomination.

On March 5, 2009, Alla Pugacheva announced the termination of her touring activities and went to the farewell tour “Dreams of Love”, during which she gave 37 concerts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Israel, the USA and in 8 other countries of the world.

Alla Pugacheva led "Morning mail"

Since that moment, the Prima Donna has been keeping her word and not engaging in creative activity, although she has recorded several new songs. In addition, the singer is a frequent guest on Russian TV – she is engaged in searching for talents for “New Wave” and “Factor A”, participates in many television projects and leads the program “Morning Mail” along with Maxim Galkin.

In 2014, Alla Pugacheva became a participant of the “To-Exact” show as an arbitrator, and in early 2015 she opened a children’s center “Family club”, which includes a trilingual kindergarten, a group of child development, a school for expectant mothers and a vocational school creative development for children. The prima donna is not only the organizer and artistic director of the center, but also his teacher.

Alla Pugacheva opened a children’s center "Family club"

During her successful career, Alla Pugacheva was awarded many state and musical awards, among which are the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, the Russian State Prize in the field of pop art, the highest award of Armenia “Order of St. Mesrop Mashtots”, the Belarusian President’s Prize “Through Art – to Peace and Mutual Understanding.

In addition to prizes and awards, the Prima Donna is called “the great woman of the 20th century” and one of the 100 most influential women of Russia. Also, the singer takes the 4th place in the ranking of the most intelligent women of the Russian Federation.

In Finland, in 1985, a ferry was named after Alla Pugacheva, and several inscribed plates and stars were laid in Yalta, Vitebsk and Atacrs. In the Russian capital on the Arbat near the store “Econika”, where the shoe brand of Primadonna is sold, there is a bronze plate with a footprint of the singer on it.

Another bright page of the biography of the singer was her participation in the political life of the country. After leaving the big stage, Alla Pugacheva became interested in politics. In 2005, she became a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation as a representative of all-Russian associations. The prima donna also received membership in the commission on social development, but in two years she attended only a few meetings.

Alla Pugacheva at the party congress "Just cause"

In 2011, the “Queen of pop” began to impress the party “Right Cause” under the leadership of businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. She saw in him a man who is really ready and can do a lot of useful things for the country. But after the removal of Prokhorov from the post of head of the party, Pugachev also withdrew from its composition.

In 2012, Alla Pugacheva was approved as a member of the civil committee of the Civic Platform Party, which also included Mikhail Prokhorov. Three years later, the legend of the Russian show business left the “Civic Platform” due to the exit of its businessman.

Personal life

Alla Pugacheva’s personal life is no less saturated than her solo career. She has always aroused the interest of others, who, even after the star left the stage, follow practically every movement she makes.

Alla Pugacheva and Mykolas Orbakas with her daughter

The first time Pugacheva married in 1969 for a circus artist from Lithuania Mykolas Orbakas. After the marriage was registered, Pugacheva took the surname Orbakene, but performed on tour under the maiden name. The daughter of Christina Orbakaite, who was born in 1971, became the fruit of the Diva’s first love.

Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite

Parents were expecting the appearance of a boy who had already come up with the name Stanislav. But for the born girl, the name was chosen spontaneously, in honor of the heroine of the children’s book, which accidentally fell into the hands of a young mother. Two years after the birth of her daughter, the family of Pugacheva and Orbakas fell apart, which did not break the rising pop star, in whose arms a small daughter was left.

Alla Pugacheva and Alexander Stefanovich

In 1977, Alla Pugacheva for the second time married the film director Alexander Stefanovich, the marriage with which also lasted 4 years. The reason for the divorce of the spouses was the complete return of the Diva musical career, in which there was no place for personal life.

In 1985, Alla Borisovna opened the heart to a new chosen one – it was the director of programs of Rosconcert Yevgeny Boldin, who became the producer of the singer for the next 8 years. Pugacheva’s divorce from Boldin was due to the affair with Vladimir Kuzmin, who at that time was her stage partner.

Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin

After that, Alla Borisovna was credited with novels with Raymond Pauls, Alexander Rosenbaum, Igor Talkov and Sergey Chelobanov, who remain the “mysterious” head of Pugacheva’s personal life.

The period of Pugacheva’s marriage with Yevgeny Boldin is still a “heavy stone” in the singer’s soul. It is known that in the third marriage the Prima Donna got a chance to become a mother a second time, but decided to end the pregnancy in favor of a booming career. This decision was fateful for the artist – she lost the opportunity to have children, in which she reproaches herself.

Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov

In 1994, the “Queen of pop” released the hit “Love, like a dream” and dedicates it to Philip Kirkorov, who at that time was considered the main favorite of the artist. The new love chapter of Pugacheva’s personal life begins on March 15, 1994 — then between the 28-year-old Russian pop pop king and the 45-year-old Diva was married, which was registered by the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak.

The wedding and the wedding of Pugacheva and Kirkorov were modest, but the development of their relationship did not allow fans to be bored, as the musicians were always surrounded by conflicts of a non-creative nature. Their marriage was called the production project of Prima Donna, which was famous for its patronage over the young artists of Russian show business.

Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov get married in church

In spite of everything, the happy union of Pugacheva and Kirkorov “lived” for more than 10 years, after which rumors began to appear about the divorce of a star couple. In 2005, the artists officially divorced without advertising the true reasons for the separation. Friends of the actress are sure that Alla Borisovna and Kirkorov divorced because of Philip’s debts in the failed musical Chicago, in which he invested $ 5 million.

On December 23, 2011 Alla Pugacheva married the popular comedian Maxim Galkin, whom she met in 2000. Pugacheva admitted that Galkin’s romance began in 2001, and since 2005 they lived in a civil marriage, which they decided to legalize only 10 years after the meeting.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

The love story of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin is currently being discussed among fans of artists, many of whom are convinced that the humorist has become the next “project” of the Russian pop queen. However, this does not prevent the spouses from loving each other. By the assurance of the friends of the Diva, with Maxim, Alla Borisovna first felt like a real woman, not just a pop star.

Despite the 27-year difference in age, stellar spouses became close friends who have much in common. Maxim Galkin became the first spouse of Alla Borisovna, who invited her to live in her own house. The couple made a cozy family “nest” in a country castle in the village of Gryaz on the Istra reservoir, which rebuilt a humorist.

Castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

On September 18, 2013, a loud event occurred in the family of Galkin and Pugacheva – the star couple had two twins, Harry and Elizabeth. In recognition of Alla Borisovna, the surrogate mother carried out the babies, but Alla and Maxim’s blood flowed in their veins. The singer, even 12 years before the momentous event, took care of the future offspring and underwent the procedure for freezing eggs, in case she did not manage to bear the child herself.

The children of Alla Pugacheva were born in the village of Lapino, in the branch of the obstetric clinic Mark Kutser “Mother and Child”, and became a real copy of the “biological” parents.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with a child

Harry and Lisa are brought up in a family fairy tale and are surrounded by the love of their parents – each of the children Pugacheva and Galkina have their own floors in the house, equipped according to all the canons of modernity, and personal babysitters who are with children around the clock.

Alla Pugacheva without a wig and makeup

The Prima Donna herself, who willingly deals with the little ones, pays close attention to the upbringing of children. Pugacheva skillfully develops creative talents in Lisa and Harry, thanks to which star children are already dancing and singing. Alla Pugacheva considers herself a crazy mother and admits that she has a pulse on the education of twins. She calls Harry and Lisa the main happiness of her life, to which she is ready to give all of herself without reserve.

Alla Pugacheva with Harry, Liza and husband

During the holiday, dedicated to the three-year anniversary of children, Harry and Liza showed the guests talents and achievements, which included studying French in an elite kindergarten. For her musical successes, young Lisa has already begun to be called little Pugachevochka, who, according to Alla Borisovna, will become a thunderstorm for all Russian singers.

Alla Pugacheva now

The prima donna rarely appears on the scene, but for the sake of a colleague and fellow ally of the songwriter Ilya Reznik, Alla Pugacheva made an exception and in April 2018 performed at a concert dedicated to his jubilee. The actress demonstrated impeccable vocal form and stunning appearance. A white trouser suit, emphasizing her toned figure, complemented the elongated jacket with floral patterns. The audience met the exit of Alla Borisovna with delight.

Alla Pugachev – "Simply"

Fans are surprised, as a singer, who has been struggling for years with too much wisdom, managed to achieve such a result. If earlier, with a height of 162 cm, Alla Borisovna’s weight fluctuated around 64 kg and more, in recent years the singer looks much more slender, as evidenced by photos and videos from personal Instagram.

Alla Pugacheva is pleased with her subscribers and fans with regular microblog updates. Once the actress posted on the page a picture with a picture that she wrote herself. This is a self-portrait that adorns one of the walls of Alla Pugacheva’s mansion.

Self-portrait of Alla Pugacheva

The singer did not advertise her hobby – painting, which has been paying attention for more than one year. The art workshop of Pugachev was equipped on the fifth floor of her house. The work of the artist noted the famous artist Nikas Safronov. The artist responds evasively to questions about the organization of the exhibition.

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