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Mikhail Gutseriev is an Ingush, a famous Russian businessman and charity activist; a billionaire who has been at the forefront of Forbes magazine ratings for many years in a row.

Let’s take a closer look at the fate of this extraordinary person. It is always useful and interesting to learn about the life of a person who personally was able to succeed.

Family and childhood

Mikhail Gutseriev was born in a large Ingush family in the city of Astana. He respects the history of his family and is proud of her. Both the grandfather and the father of the future businessman received a law degree, served in important management positions and enjoyed great prestige.

In 1944, misfortune struck the Gutseriev family — they were repressed and deported from Vladikavkaz to Kazakhstan, as were all the Ingush people (February 23, 1944 — the deportation of Ingush and Chechens), where Michael was born on March 9, 1958. When he was three years old, the Gutserievs moved to Grozny.

In childhood, in addition to studying, Michael was fond of reading and was engaged in piano and violin music school.

In 1975, Mikhail Gutseriev graduated from a school in Grozny and worked for a year as a loader at a fruit and vegetable base. Then he went to work in Kazakhstan, in the city of Jabmul, where he settled in a silk-screen printing shop at a factory of folk crafts.

After graduation, Mikhail Gutseriev returned to Grozny and worked as a technologist at a production association. He quickly grew in office, first to the head of the technical, then the production department. In 1985, Mikhail Gutseriev was appointed chief engineer of the enterprise, and soon after that he became its general director. At that time he was the youngest leader of this level in the field of production.

Labor activity and work

Business of Mikhail Gutseriev

In 1988, Mikhail Gutseriev founded two companies in the North Caucasus, which were innovative for their time: a Russian-Italian furniture factory and a cooperative bank Kavkaz. Three years later, his commercial talent received a decent assessment – the local union of entrepreneurs elected Gutseriev as its chairman. However, in 1992 political events in the region forced Mikhail Safarbekovich to move to Moscow.

In 2000-2002 Gutseriev led the company Slavneft. After the decision on his resignation was made at the meeting of shareholders, Mikhail Gutseriev founded and headed his own enterprise in the raw materials sector – OAO RussNeft, with which there is a very difficult period in the life of a businessman.

Mikhail Safarbekovich also plays an important role in the Russian media business. In 2010, he acquired 2 Moscow radio stations: “Simply Radio” and “Kind Songs” (now “Vostok FM” and “Spring FM” are broadcast on these frequencies), then in 2013 – “Finam FM” and “

Social and political activities

Mikhail Gutseriev was elected to the State Duma of the 2nd convocation as a deputy from the LDPR party in 1995 and then held the post of deputy chairman. In the 1996 presidential election, Gutseriev was a trustee for candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky. However, he later left the Liberal Democratic Party and became a member of the 3rd convocation as an independent deputy. In 2000, after being elected chairman of Slavneft on the board of shareholders of the company, Mikhail Gutseriev refused a deputy mandate.

The merits in public activities of Mikhail Gutseriev are marked by both state titles and awards from non-governmental and religious organizations.

Children elton john

Creativity Gutseriev

It is considered that serious businessmen are people down to earth and far from creativity. The personality of Mikhail Gutseriev is a clear exception to this rule. For many years he wrote poetry, which then turned into musical hits. They are performed by recognized Russian stage masters: Iosif Kobzon, Laima Vaikule, Sofia Rotaru and Stas Mikhailov, stars of popular music and Russian chanson.

Children elton john

In 2014, director Mikhail Levitin made a series of short films in which famous actors read Gutseriev’s poems. Poetry of Mikhail Gutseriev published by many publishers and is popular on the Internet.

State Gutseriev

16th place in the list of the richest people in Russia according to Forbes (2016). Assessment of the state at the time of compiling the rating: 5.9 billion dollars.

Children elton john

Personal life

The businessman is married, he has grown-up children: a daughter and a son. The second son, Chingiz, Mikhail Gutseriev lost in 2007 – according to official figures, he died in an accident.

Said Gutseriev, the son of Mikhail, on March 26, 2016, married Khadizhe Uzhakhova. A modest and beautiful girl, Ingush, who is a student of MSMSU (dentist). The girl has a good family, but there is little information about her.

Sting, Jennifer Lopez, Patricia Kaas, Enrique Iglesias and Alla Pugacheva spoke at the wedding. Elton John also arrived at the celebration. The leader of the holiday was the national artist of Ingushetia Tamara Yandieva. In total, about 600 people attended the event.

Mikhail Gutseriev had to spend an impressive amount to make his son’s wedding unforgettable. As LifeNews found out, inviting Jennifer Lopez to a private party costs 5 million euros, and Elton John costs 7 million euros.

Note that the bride comes from Ingushetia and, as the newlyweds friends wrote on social networks, the Gutseriev family has been looking for a heart for Said for four years. The bride’s dress weighs 25 kilograms: it was ordered in France.

According to the source of REN TV, the wedding dress of the bride of the son of billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev from Elie Saab costs 25 million rubles, the crown is 5 million euros. That is, about 400 million rubles.

Forbes called the Gutseriev family the leaders of the 2015 ranking of the richest families in Russia. Gutseriev is the main shareholder of Russneft, co-owner of the Bin group together with his brother Sait-Salam Gutseriev and nephew Mikail Shishkhanov.

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Difficult fate, the difficult 2007th year. and many stories about which we will not find out, but which made Mikhail Gutseriev successful. Definitely, this is a strong man who has achieved success by his own efforts. Can you repeat his success? It depends only on you! Reach for knowledge, develop and make money.

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Good luck and happiness to him! Ingush are proud of him!

Well done! I respect him very much and all their people.

Mikhail Savarbekovich, make the Republic of Ingushetia padarok! Mini helicopter to evacuate people who got into an accident!

The helicopter will help the victims, but to solve the first need to issue the occurrence of an accident. To do this at the level of both the police and ourselves. Follow the rules, do not drive on the road, stand on the red and

Logically, you think correctly!

Got a meritorious team “Welding” donated a studio! At the beginning of their career.

May God grant health and long life to this talented, deeply thinking, with a great outlook, who has reached the heights of the success of a businessman with his work!

More such to help workaholic. I enjoyed reading the biography. And proud that we have such people. Happiness and love to the young!

Everyone is proud! Honor and praise to the great businessman!

Mikhail Savarbekovich! I read that you do

Please forward this message to Mikhail Savarbekovich.

Dear Mikhail Safarbekovich!

Every nation has its bright personalities, people of interesting, exciting destinies. Their life path is a harmonious fusion of deep decency, dedication, ability to take responsibility in the most difficult situations arising in life.

You, Mikhail Safarbekovich – from this beautiful and happy cohort! You took place in life, in your profession, in your vocation, and this is probably not the limit of your talents and abilities. Your whole life is in full view of people, and from many years of observation it is clear that the main thing for you is that you can do many more useful things for others – good, memorable. One of them is a good participation in the fate of the young dancers of our choreographic ensemble “Dawns of Ingushetia”. It was, in fact, a wave of a magic wand in your hands, which was the impetus for a large creative platform of boys and girls who dreamed of mastering the “language” of dance and plastics. Thanks to you, we went to Ankara to the International Festival “Children yesterday, today, tomorrow” in the spring of 2000. In January 2001, we took part in the 4th Sochi International Festival – the contest “The Hope of Europe” for children and young people: success again! The guys dedicated their success to you! You believed in their talents and capabilities, in their strength! The team also took part in celebrations to the day of the city of our capital – Moscow, and to the Day of the Oilman. And you, Mikhail Safarbekovich, for young dancers once again turned the journey into a fairy tale: gifts to choose from in the best children’s stores of the capital, sweets, fruit, trips to interesting places in Moscow, attractions – these impressions remained in our hearts for life. Such impressions are the foundation of the future spiritual life, these are the seeds of good! I still keep all the gifts as a talisman.

I, Katiev Said, a former dancer of this ensemble, have been looking for a meeting with you for a long time. I was even at the cemetery in Chermen, where your parents and son are buried (Dala’s Gesht dal), after I’d been waiting for you, Mal Kheikkh Bai went home for dinner. And the dancers of our ensemble, to whom you have given happy tickets, have already entered higher education institutions and, after graduation, continue on their chosen path. After the death of Zurab Valikoevich, we lost a lot of strength, for us it was a very strong blow. I chose the path of my leader and today I give my love to the children and teach them everything that Zurab Valikoevich taught me.

I often tell my pupils about you, how you gave children happiness. My young dancers often ask questions that I cannot answer, because every child can only dream about such days. I will never forget these happy days. I really want to meet with you and, just hugging you, as your father, to express your gratitude. Perhaps, looking into my eyes, you will understand how sincere I am.

Let your every day be woven from good, good luck, beautiful smiles of people around you! Live a long, long time for all of us to enjoy!

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