Children dressed in the sun

Scenarios of the March 8 holiday in kindergarten

Scripts of festive morning performances for preschoolers

The script for the senior and preparatory to the school group of kindergarten.

Scenario March 8 for preschoolers. Scenario “Today is the holiday of our mothers”. Scenario of the show – programs for March 8, “The mouth of a baby” for a kindergarten group preparing for school

An interesting script for a festive concert on March 8 in kindergarten. Scenario musical cafe “Holiday Moms and Grandmothers”

Scenario show program for the senior and preparatory group of kindergarten

The script of the holiday on March 8. Senior and preparatory group of kindergarten

Holiday on March 8 “Visiting Mucha-Tsokotukhi”

Holiday for senior children and preparatory groups

There are tables in the hall, parents are sitting behind them.

Under the “Waltz of the Flowers” ​​by PI Tchaikovsky, children with snowdrops enter the hall, walk around, waltzing, the festive hall. Having made a circle, squat in the center of the hall. It turns out, dancing, leading with a basket in his hands.


I flit, I run,

I breathe fresh air,

Winter is tired of worries

And cheers! Spring has come!

The snow melted under the sun,

Children dressed in the sun

In the streams he turned

The sun warms the earth,

And the snowdrop grows!

Children perform an exercise with snowdrops to the soundtrack of Enio Marikone music.


I love snowdrops

I will gather them soon!

Collects in the basket.

1st child.

Sun and plants:

Good in the world

On this spring day!

2nd child.

Spring is knocking at the door again,

Spring is everywhere: here and there,

Today we celebrate a holiday.

All children. And this is a celebration of our moms!

Children perform the song “March 8”, muses. Y. Mikhaylenko.

3rd child.

Congratulations on the holiday –

Gentle, kind, glorious!

Children sit on the seats.


You will find many interesting things:

Many dances, songs, jokes

And fun jokes.

Fun we are not lazy –

Everything. Women’s Day!

Children dressed in the sun

4th child.

Everywhere happy faces.

Let’s have fun together!

1st child.

One, two, three, four, five –

Come out soon play,

Sing songs and dance

Mom and grandmothers to congratulate!


All spring sounds and colors

Help us get into a good fairy tale.

2nd child.

Everyone knows the tale of the Fly –

We give from children-preschoolers

This tale in a new way!

3rd child.

Mucha is not a birthday,

A new reason for fun:

Women’s holiday comes to us,

Fly in the house is waiting for guests.

A fly is spinning at the mirror, suggesting beauty under the soundtrack “Hey, you are up there,” A. Pugacheva. (The role of the Fly is performed by an adult.)


After all, I am waiting for guests!

Will come running from all around

All my friends, girlfriends!

Butterflies and midges,

And solid bugs.

On feminine day we will make a feast

We are all over the world today!

After all, the eighth is

March is not easy!

For the guests of the pies, I baked,

Yes, 92 pancakes,

And in the morning I nailed

Two troughs jelly.

I went to the bazaar –

For tea bought a samovar!


Here are the guests at the door,

I will go, I will open soon!

The soundtrack of A. Pugacheva’s song “Song of Friends” sounds. Cockroaches, beetles, midges, fleas, bugs enter – children dressed in named costumes.

1st cockroach.

Hello, dear Fly,

With a female holiday you, Tsokotuha!

2nd cockroach.

We are funny cockroaches,

Brought as a gift drums.

The drums beat loudly –

Have fun everyone’s name!

Beat the drums.

Little bug

We love to play,

Sing and dance.


Invite us soon

You will play more fun.

The fly invites everyone, seated on the benches.


Well, funny kozyavochki,

Sit on the bench.

The flea.

On women’s day we give Mucha boots.

The children (Bugs, Midges) play in the orchestra, and Mucha dances to the Russian folk tune “Oh, you canopy.” Beetle comes out – a child dressed in a tailcoat.

Beetle. Will you invite me?

Fly. Come in, come in!


I give you, fly-svetik,

Spring flowers bunch.

Well, like you,

My legs are torn to dance.


Get ready, wider circle.

A merry beetle is dancing!

Everybody performs the song “The Good Beetle”, music. A. Spadavekkia, sl. E. Schwartz.


And now, kids,

Then the drum will drum –

Who will hit his first wand!

A game of the type “Burn, Burn Clear” is being played.

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