Children do exercises

Sakulina N.P. and Komarova T.S. "Graphic activities in kindergarten" (Handbook for educators). M., “Enlightenment”, 1973. OCR

Software content. To teach to transmit in the figure the shape and relative size of the parts of the human figure, as well as their change during movements; correctly position the image on the sheet, taking into account several images. Practice in the ability to draw with a pencil and paint with a brush. Teach yourself to pick paint. The method of conducting classes. Remind the children that they have already drawn, how the kids do exercises, and today they will draw how the boys and girls dance at the festival. Hang a picture of children in festive costumes. Call one child, then another, third one and ask one of the dancing figures to take a pose; the rest are watching carefully. Offer to draw a few dancing children; explain that the figures should be large and well placed on the sheet. First of all, advise me to outline the heads, and then draw the figures as a whole. Drawing is done in pencil, and then painted with colors. In this regard, it is necessary to remind that with a pencil they draw only the main, without details, with a light line, without pressing. When children begin to color, say that we must try to dress the dancing girls and boys more beautifully, to think what colors are suitable for clothes. From the most successful drawings, you can make a frieze and hang out in a group room. If someone wants to correct his drawing or execute the second one, he should be given this opportunity in his spare time. Preparing for the lesson. Prior to the class, invite those who wish to show the movements of the dances that they learn for the holiday. To draw the attention of all to the fact that in the dance the position of the arms and legs can be very different. To pick up or prepare a picture of dancing children (movements should be simple – hands on hips, hands up, one hand raised with a scarf, etc.). Prepare a paper in the size of a landscape sheet (it can be colored), a simple pencil, paints: white, red, yellow, black, blue. Note. You can give one empty paint cup to each table, invite the children to take white paint and add a little orange to it . Ask what color they got. To say that with this color (pink) you need to paint faces, hands, legs (you can also use pink in children’s clothes). You can give watercolor and white gouache; Children will make up the color on the palette, mixing white paint with others. A similar, but somewhat more difficult task can be held in the preparatory group: “Children in carnival costumes dance at the New Year holiday”, “Children in costumes of different peoples of the USSR dance at the May holiday” etc.

Children do exercises

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