Children and meditation

What is prayer?

“Prayer is the ascent of the mind and heart to God” Rev. Nil Sinai

“During the prayer we talk with God” St. John Chrysostom

“Prayer is the greatest, priceless gift of the Creator of the creature, to a person who through her can talk with his Creator, as a child with the Father, pour out before Him feelings of wonder, praise and thanksgiving” righteous John of Kronstadt

Why do you need prayer?

To connect man with God.

“It is necessary to pray that the earth may receive the Spirit of God” Reverend Macarius the Great

“Prayer, in its quality, is the stay and the union of man with God.”

“The basis of the prayer is the striving of the image to the First-Mode, as similar to the like” the righteous John of Kronstadt

How is Christian prayer different from prayers of other religions?

The action of divine grace, the Holy Spirit.

“Of course, every virtue performed for the sake of Christ gives the grace of the Holy Spirit, but prayer most of all, because it is in our hands as always as an instrument for acquiring the grace of the Spirit” Rev. Seraphim of Sarov

Because so please God. Testimonies of numerous cases of the help of saints pass through the entire history of the Church. If it was not pleasing to God, then He would not give them such a ministry.

If the living can ask for prayers from each other, then what prevents us from invoking the righteous, whose holiness is witnessed by the Church, as solomitens to God? Do people lose their love and compassion with losing their bodies?

“Our prayers to the Most Holy Mother of God and the saints ultimately all are turned to Christ.”

How to pray?

From a pure and sincere heart, with humility and diligence, without anger and pamyatry, without vanity and without show, in every place (Tim. 2: 8) and at any time (

“God does not require from praying beauty speech and skillful addition of words, but spiritual warmth and diligence” sv. Tikhon Zadonsky

We go to the mountain. The kingdom of God is on a mountain. Stop – roll back. This spiritual law fully applies to prayer. prot.

What commandment does a man perform in prayer?

The first commandment is: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27).

“We see the degree of our love for God with particular clarity in prayer, which serves as an expression of this love and is very correctly named in the paternal writings as a mirror of spiritual prosperity. Prayer is primarily the fulfillment of the first and most important commandment. ” svt. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

What to ask of God in prayers?

That which is necessary for the salvation of the soul in eternity, giving all the rest to the will of God.

“In prayer, ask only truth and the Kingdom, that is, virtues and knowledge, and the rest will add to you (

“The objects of our prayer should be spiritual and eternal, and not temporary and material. The basic and initial prayer should consist of petitions for the forgiveness of sins. Do not be foolish in petitions, so as not to anger God with your cowardice: asking the King of Kings for something insignificant – humiliates Him. We are forbidden carnal verbiage and vitality in prayer; petitions for earthly benefits and advantages, petitions, which are full of the prayers of pagans and those like the pagans of carnal people, are prohibited. ” Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

“With prayer, do not incite indignation, but ask for that which is worthy of God. And asking for a decent, do not back down until you get it. In prayer, he must ask not to do his own will, but to provide everything to God, the house-builder, is helpful. ” St. Basil the Great

“Do not ask God for what He Himself gives us without our asking, according to His providence, that he gives not only to His own and beloved, but also alien to His knowledge.” Rev. Isaac the Syrian

What is true prayer?

In the appeal to God of mind and heart.

“True prayer does not consist in words and uttering them, but true prayer consists“ in spirit and truth ”(

When he finds tribulation, Father Nikon taught to read the prayer: “Glory to you, my God, for the sent tribulation! Worthy in my affairs I accept. Remember me in thy kingdom. Thy holy will be in all! ”Rev. Nikon Optina

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What types of prayer are there?

Prayer books can conditionally be divided into pleading, thankful, penitential and glorification.

How does prayer differ from conspiracy?

Prayer is an appeal to God, and a conspiracy is an appeal to fallen spirits.

The fruits of prayer.

The fulfillment of the Gospel commandments and the acquisition of Christian virtues.

“The fruits of sincere prayer: simplicity, love, humility, patience, kindness and the like. All this, and before the eternal fruits, produces here fruit in the life of a diligent ”St. Gregory of Nyssa

“The fruits of true prayer: the bright world of the soul, combined with quiet, silent joy, alien to reverie, self-conceit and heated gusts and movements; love of neighbor, not separating the good from the evil for the love. but he who petitioneth all before God is as herself. ” Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

What are the causes of distraction and temptation in prayer?

The action of the fallen spirits and the fallen human nature. Opposition to this is called spiritual struggle.

“So, the one who is diligent in prayer must ask her and know that in such an important matter he must withstand a hard struggle with much effort and effort, because with special force he attacks the spirit of malice, trying to overthrow our effort. From here weakening of a body and soul, effeminateness, carelessness, negligence and everything else that destroys the soul, tormented in parts and indulging in its enemy. So, it is necessary for the soul to be controlled by the mind, like a wise pilot, pointing the straight way to the mountain landing stage and betraying the soul intact to the God who entrusted it ”St. Gregory of Nyssa

What are icons for?

Icons are a means for the ascent of the mind to the heavenly and cleansing from vain images.

Can I pray in my own words?

Need to! One does not exclude the other; moreover, the prayers written by the saints can be transformed into their own.

“We learn to pray through prayer books,” by praying through ready-made prayers given to us by the Lord and the holy fathers who succeeded in prayer. But this one should not stop; you must continue to prostrate and, with your mind and heart turned to God with outside help, you have to make experiences of giving yourself to Him – and your own, to reach that the soul itself has entered into prayer conversation with God with its own speech, He, and Himself, revealed and confessed herself what is in her and what is desirable for her.

For as from a vessel — overflowed — water itself pours out; thus, from his heart, through the prayers of the full of holy feelings, his own prayer to God will begin to be sent forth ”by St. Theophan the Recluse

When can prayer not be fulfilled?

When the prayer is not helpful to the soul of the person praying or he needs to acquire humility and patience.

“A mouth can ask for everything, but God only performs what is useful. The Lord is the wise Distributor. He cares about the good of the begging person and, if he sees that the beggar is harmful or, at least, useless to him, he does not fulfill the begged and refuses imaginary blessing. He listens to every prayer, and the one whose prayer is not fulfilled receives the same saving gift from the Lord as the one whose prayer is fulfilled. Therefore, be sure that any petition that is not fulfilled is undoubtedly harmful, and the petition that is heard is useful. He who grants is righteous and good, and will not leave your petitions unfulfilled, because in His goodness there is no malice, and in His truth – envy. If He pauses in fulfillment, it is not because he repents the promise, on the contrary. He wants to see your patience. ” Reverend Ephraim Sirin

“First of all, you need to know that not everything that we want is permissible for us to ask and that not in any case we can ask for useful things. With great discretion must make petitions, conforming them with the will of God. And the unheard need to know that either patience is necessary, or the strengthening of prayer. ” St. Basil the Great

“Sometimes our petition is heard immediately, sometimes, according to the Savior, God is patient with us, that is, he does not soon fulfill what we ask: He sees that for a while our humility needs to be stopped for a while. When your petition is not fulfilled by God, obey reverently the will of the All-Holy God, who for unknown reasons left your petition unfulfilled. ” Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

According to the Gospel, one of the conditions for hearing a prayer is reconciliation with others. The Gospel says: “if you bring your gift to the altar and there you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go first to reconcile with your brother, and then come and give your gift” (

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