Child’s weight at 6

The main indicators that reflect the correct physical development, are the weight and height of the child. At 6 years old, a little man is going through another transitional period, which is accompanied by an active jump in mental and physical development.

Loving parents always keep a close watch on how their child grows and develops, fearing to miss something important or not to notice deviations. Often, all alarms remain unfounded, but this does not make them disappear.

In order to dispel the doubts of mom and dad, and especially grandmothers, about the fact that something is wrong with the physical development of the baby, this article is written in which you can find the main parameters of 6-year-old children.

Factors that affect the physical development of the child

Adults are so different: high and low, plump and thin. To say that a tall and handsome man is crazy, because he seems just huge against the background of the low and the thin, is wrong. The same applies to children.

The growth of a child at the age of 6 years can be within the broad range, which is made up of specialists from the World Health Organization (abbreviated as WHO). It is slightly different from the domestic Russian table, which narrows children’s parameters a little.

Nevertheless, the weight and height of a child at the age of 6 are affected by several factors that look like this:

  • Genetic predisposition. Very often, tall parents have tall children and, conversely, short ones have low descendants. Of course, there are no exceptions, but in this case, a tall man is necessarily present in the family tree.
  • Physical activity of the child. For the full growth of the young body, you must begin to engage in some kind of sport, or at least run, jump and jump enough in the playground.
  • Proper balanced nutrition. It is especially important to supply the children’s body with proteins and calcium for proper growth of bones and muscles.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Diseases that occur when a child starts attending school. Also often, illnesses occur due to a polluted environment. They can weaken and slow down the development of a young body.


Considering the question about the growth of a child at 6 years old, it is impossible not to mention such a phenomenon of modernity as acceleration. This process affects mainly the population of developed countries since the twenties of the twentieth century, and is characterized by the fact that children and adolescents in their physiological development are ahead of their peers from the previous generation.

This concerns not only growth. As well as weight, change of milk teeth and puberty of children and adolescents. Now, for example, the growth of a child at the age of 6 corresponds to those indicators that were the norm for thirty years ago thirty years ago. There is a difference between children and gender. Consider this in more detail.

Weight and height of a child at 6 years old: girl

The rate of the physiological parameters of the development of boys from girls differ, boys are usually higher and heavier than their peers.

Before the year children grow and develop very quickly. In the period from one to six years, the growth rate is slowing down. But in the period from six to eight children awaits another leap in physiological development. The growth of the extremities prevails, although this also applies to the body. Let it be slower, but its length is doubled compared with infants’ parameters.

For a short period of time, children can add a couple of centimeters. There are cases when they grow up a whole decimeter per year. The physiological parameters for girls and boys during this period are different. Boys are usually bigger than their female peers.

The growth rates for six year old girls are as follows (in centimeters):

  • 99.8-100.5 is the lower limit of a girl of short stature for six years, and 125.4-130.5 is the upper limit of height at which the baby is considered very high. But these figures are within the normal range.
  • At six years and six months, the indicators are as follows: from 102.1-107.4 to 128.6-133.9 – these are the lower and upper bounds.

Consider what should be the weight of a child in 6 years. A girl (the norm should be perceived as an approximate guideline) can have such a body weight:

  • up to 6.5 years, the lower and upper thresholds are the following indicators: from 13.5-15.3 kg to 27.8-33.4 kg for very large babies;
  • between the ages of 6.5 and 7, girls are considered thin with a body weight of 14.1 to 16.0 kg. Babies weighing from 29.6 to 35.8 kg – large, but in the normal range.

The height of a boy of 6 years

In boys, the indicators are somewhat different:

Child's weight at 6

  • With growth in the range of 101.2–106.1 cm, a six-year-old child is considered to be very short, and at 125.8-130.7 cm, it is considered very tall.
  • As for children aged 6.5 years, their growth parameters are as follows: 103.6-108.7 cm are very low boys, and growth in the range 129.1-134.2 cm corresponds to tall children.

Child’s weight at 6 years: boy

The WHO norm for male babies has the same wide range as girls:

  • weight in the range of 14.1-15.9 kg is considered to be below the norm, and with a body weight of 27.1-31.5 kg, it is higher than the average indicators for boys up to 6.5 years;
  • at the age of 6.5 years and up to 7 years the weight range of boys is from 14.1-16.0 kg and up to 29.6-35.8 kg.

All indicators that take place in these ranges are considered normal, well, and if the physiological parameters of your child are lower or higher than those presented here, then contact your pediatrician to find out the causes of deviations from the norm.

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