Child in week 24

On 23 week of pregnancy future mother is important to avoid excessive weight gain and edema. About what happens in the future mother’s body and how the baby develops on 24 weeks gestation, we will tell in our article.

The course of pregnancy in the 24th week

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to closely monitor her health, both from a medical and psychological point of view. Experts say that adrenaline attacks can cause serious harm to the child, so during pregnancy the expectant mother should understand that it is really important for her and try not to waste her nerve cells on trifles.

As well as regular medical examinations and tests are not invented by doctors from harm. All these measures are necessary not to miss a possible health problem, because even an elementary thrush can be dangerous, so the sooner a pregnant woman starts treating any ailment, the better.

Due to the increased belly of the expectant mother may occur sleeping problems at 24 weeks gestation. Heartburn or leg cramps in the second half of pregnancy, discomfort can be more and more frequent. Improving the state can be airing the bedroom at night, and a pillow between the legs and under the belly will help to get comfortable. With convulsions, you can massage the ankles with wheat germ or grape seed oil, and lemon tea with chamomile or mint will relieve heartburn.

The movements at the 24th week of pregnancy become more palpable, the expectant mother fully enjoys movements. your baby in the stomach. These amazing sensations will help wake up the maternal instinct of a woman, become the best mother for her crumbs.

What happens in the twenty fourth week of pregnancy

The amount of amniotic fluid depends on the individual characteristics of the pregnant woman. At the 24th week of pregnancy amount of amniotic fluid is about 600-700 ml. The amount of amniotic fluid grows throughout pregnancy and only shortly before giving birth, their number decreases. Typically, this figure ranges from 1-1.5 liters, and by 37-38 weeks of pregnancy drops to about 800 ml.

The composition of the amniotic fluid is surprisingly consistent regardless of the change in its quantity, and the waters are regularly updated. Scientists have determined that this happens once every 2 hours and 54 minutes. During this time, the “old” water is derived, and the “new” are formed.

In the 24th week of pregnancy, the abdomen continues to grow, and the bottom of the uterus rises 4 cm above the navel. Increasing the abdominal circumference causes the skin to begin to stretch, the navel first smoothes, and then begins to bulge out, the pigmentation along the midline of the abdomen may increase, to form stretch marks.

Stretch marks are formed as a result of divergence of the fibers of the subcutaneous tissue and occur most often on the skin of the mammary glands, thighs, in the lower and lateral parts of the abdomen. Of course, most often the presence of stretch marks is due to a genetic factor, but also to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, the expectant mother should watch her diet, avoid rapid weight gain and carefully care for the skin, applying special creams and oils from stretch marks.

Future baby on the 24th week of pregnancy

24 weeks of pregnancy – the future baby continues to grow rapidly and gain weight. Now its length is about 30 cm., And its weight is approximately equal to 500-550 g. The thickness of the placenta by this time reaches 25.37 mm.

The face and torso of the baby are becoming more rounded due to the fact that the body continues to accumulate subcutaneous fat.

The child has already formed almost all the senses. He sees, hears, feels touch, distinguishes taste. Together with the development of the brain, this leads to a noticeable enrichment of the reaction to external stimuli: the kid squints from the light, frowns, turns his head, makes pushing movements with his hand, starts at loud noises.

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the fetus is already beginning to prepare for its birth: in its pituitary gland, active substances are formed that are responsible for the development of the birth activity of the mother – oxytocin and vasopressin.

24th week of pregnancy: how mom’s life changes

In the 24th week of pregnancy, the life of the future mother full of different emotions: she can be deeply focused on her child’s well-being and well-being, or, if a woman feels good enough, she can feel a surge of energy, actively dive into the work process, travel, learn something new, look at things differently, unleash your potential. Regardless of whether the expectant mother is interested in pulling pains in the lower abdomen and movement of the baby or the state of affairs at work and political issues, the main rule of a pregnant woman is to do what you like and bring pleasure, in this way the baby feels most comfortable.

In the 24th week of pregnancy, the risk of developing anemia in pregnant women. The reason for this – an increase in blood volume leads to its “dilution”, lack of red blood cells. The situation is also aggravated by the fact that iron is actively consumed in the body of the future mother, which creates a deficiency of it, which is why the formation of red blood cells is disturbed. Low hemoglobin content leads to a decrease in the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, and therefore, it causes oxygen starvation of the fetus, its lag in growth and development. In order to prevent the development of anemia, as well as to fight it successfully, it is necessary to take special medications, which the doctor must prescribe, and also adjust your diet by including spinach, liver, beef, beets, apples and cherries in the menu.

Child in week 24

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother may feel pulling or cramping pains. Pulling pains can be explained by a sprain of the growing uterus, and cramping – by training Braxton-Higgs. Training or false contractions are much weaker than true labor contractions and are felt in some pregnant women during the second and third trimetres. The reason for the preparatory contractions is the preparation of the body for childbirth, working out proper breathing, the opportunity for the expectant mother to learn to relax, choose the right posture and tune in to the birth.

Mom’s nutrition during the 24th week of pregnancy

Most often during pregnancy, the future mother is treated like a child: it is she who gets the most delicious piece, the freshest salad, the most delicious and juicy fruit. However, in the pursuit of vitamins and trace elements do not forget about the safety rules.

One of them – stick to seasonality in nutrition, as well as eat foods that grow or are produced in those latitudes where the expectant mother lives. It is the food that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers used for centuries, is more likely to be digested with maximum benefit, because its growth was facilitated by the familiar and familiar air, water, climate, and

Also during pregnancy you should not eat the first, early fruits and vegetables, it is better to introduce them into the diet of a pregnant woman a little late. So in the body, and mom and baby get less nitrates and other chemicals.

Another important point: the future mother is worth monitor the amount of food eaten, because now it is not very active and dynamic, and, therefore, it sometimes eats just by habit, for example, seizing boredom, grief or nervous feelings.

What should be on the table at the future mother? The best solution if nutrition during pregnancy will resemble the nutrition of the child. Less fatty, fried, spicy, salty and sweet, careful about food innovations, now is not the time to experiment. Mandatory items on the menu – porridge, boiled lean meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products. The main thing is that the products are natural and safe.

One of the most important components of the diet of a pregnant woman is vitamin E, it’s not for nothing that he bears the honorary title “pregnancy vitamin” and is able to prevent many troubles. It is good that this vitamin is always at hand, because it is contained in greens, eggs, buckwheat, pomegranates, persimmons, nuts and vegetable oil. It is important to remember that vitamin E is afraid of light, so helpers should be protected from sunlight.

Doctor’s recommendation in the 24th week of pregnancy

Gritsko Marta Igorevna,

Until now, the lungs of the unborn child have not yet functioned, but now, at the 24th week of pregnancy, at the ends of the capillaries that bring blood, terminal sacs are formed, separated by a thin film from the alveoli filled with air (after birth).

Before that, oxygen from the lungs did not enter the circulatory system. Now, surfactant (surfactant) has been developed, while in small quantities. Its production is increasing rapidly in recent weeks.

The surfactant forms a thin film on the walls of the capillary sacs, which is why they do not close under the influence of respiration. Child’s weight 625-650 g, height 28 cm.

Possible problems

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the future mother can be diagnosed by ultrasound polyhydramnios or low water. If polyhydramnios is diagnosed, then this may be a sign that some kind of infection has intensified in the expectant mother, so you should pay more attention to your health and undergo an additional examination.

Child in week 24

Sometimes amniotic waters are leaking, If the expectant mother suspects such a symptom in herself, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Most often, you can determine the leakage, if you take a smear from the vagina for the presence of amniotic fluid. If the leakage is diagnosed before the 34th week, the doctors will do everything possible to prolong the pregnancy.

Required tests

If the expectant mother did not Ultrasound on the 22-23rd week of pregnancy, it can be done now, on the 24th week. At this stage of pregnancy is held fetometry – measurement of fetal size. The circumference of the head, the abdomen, the length of the limbs are measured, which makes it possible to determine the compliance of the size of the fetus with the expected duration of pregnancy. Also, the future baby has reached sufficient size to determine by means of ultrasound that he has developmental defects. For this, the structure of the child’s organs is studied – the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands.

Also in the sixth month of pregnancy on the ultrasound, it is necessary to evaluate the amniotic fluid. An increase or decrease in their number or the presence of impurities in them may indicate abnormalities during pregnancy.

The study of the placenta is also important, because with its help the blood supply and nutrition of the fetus takes place. Ultrasound can determine the anomalies of the position and development of the placenta. So, the placenta can be too low in relation to the cervix, blocking the exit from the uterus during delivery. Disruption of the development of the placenta may be manifested by an increase or decrease in its thickness.

A routine examination by a gynecologist who is observing your pregnancy suggests this week:

  • regular measurements of body sizes of the future mother (weight, height, size of the pelvis increasing and diverging in the bones);
  • A careful examination of your blood pressure will tell the doctor whether there will be unforeseen situations during the birth due to his jumps;
  • habitual urine and blood tests.

Useful tips

The future mother is very important and useful to keep active during pregnancy, to perform regularly physical exercise. Therefore, instead of sitting at home near the TV or lying on the bed with a book in your hands, if you feel well, it is better to go for a walk in the park, go for a swim in the pool, sign up for pregnant yoga or fitball. Systematic exercise and fitness normalize all body systems, ensure the safe development of the baby, and also adapt and mobilize all the resources of the mother to the loads during labor.

For example, fitball during pregnancy – a form of aerobics, in which large gymnastic balls are used – an indispensable aid in preparing a pregnant woman for childbirth. The ball will help relieve the spine, joints and the sacrum, which carry a double load due to weight gain during pregnancy, and with the help of a fitball you can improve the circulation of blood in the placenta and intestinal motility.

Swimming and yoga during pregnancy make the future mother’s body more durable and strong, while not overloading the heart and blood vessels. Also during class a pregnant woman learns to breathe properly. But this skill – one of the main ones that are necessary during childbirth.

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