Charging for kids

With the help of such exercises you can diversify activities with children.

And really, fun! Many children like it very much. And besides a good mood, such exercises are useful for children, as they develop speech, coordination of movements, help to memorize poetry, which in turn trains the memory, introduces different concepts. With the help of such exercises it is good to diversify activities with children. Choose any figurative verse, on the topic that interests you and your child, and fantasize, invent movements. In the beginning, read the child a poem and accompany the words with actions. Make it fun, emotional. After some time, the baby will begin to repeat after you, and then do not forget to praise him. Do not be annoyed with the child if not everything will turn out. Praise him often and practice only when your baby is healthy. Good luck to you!

Charging for kids

1. We clap handles – Clap-clap, We sink feet – Top-top-top, We all raised our hands And lowered together. And they all sat in the magic plane. (arms bent in the elbows, in front of the chest) Wound up the engine – W W W W W W W W W W W W (slowly turn your hands with your hands in front of your chest, increasing the pace) The plane flies and the motor hums – At -y, yyy (arms to the side, alternate tilts left and right), flew. (usually making a couple of laps around the room, we fly to eat or wash, and sometimes to the map hanging on the wall, we “fly up” to play geography)

2. Clap! One more time, We will pat now. And then, rather, rather, Slam the slam! A finger about a finger tuk yes tuk, Slap, clap, clap! Thumb about finger tuk yes tuk, Stamp, stamp, stamp!

3. Along the path we walk Top-top, legs, top! And we hit our hands. Clap-clap, pens, clap! Ah yes kids! Ah yes, the stalwart!

4. Hands to the sides, cam, Unclench and flank. Left up! Right up! In the sides, crosswise, In the sides, down. Knock-knock, knock-knock-knock! (banging his fist on the fist) Let’s make a big circle. (“Drew” circle with hands)

5. We stamp our feet, Top-top-top! We clap hands, Clap clap! We shake a head, And we twist a head. We raise our hands, We lower our hands, We give our hands And run around.

6. Hey! Jumped on the spot. (Jumps) Eh! We wave our hands together. (Movement “scissors” hands) Ehe-he! Arched back (leaning forward, hands on the belt, back arched) We looked at the pictures. (bending down, raise the head as high as possible) Ege-ge! Crouched lower. (deep forward tilt, hands on the belt) Leaned closer to the floor. (touch your hands to the floor) Uh-uh! What are you lazy! (Straighten up, threaten each other with a finger) Stretch, but do not yawn! (reach up with his hands, rising on his toes) Turn on the spot deftly. (circling) In this we need a knack. What did you like, friend? (Stopped, arms to the sides, raised shoulders) Tomorrow there will be a lesson again!

7. And now all the children stand up, Raise their hands slowly, Fingers squeeze, then release, Arms down and stand like that. All rested a little bit (lean forward and shake hands) and went to the track. (steps in place or in a circle)

8. Show all your palms (hands up above your head, rotate with your hands, “flashlights”) And clap a little Clap-clap-clap, Clap-clap-clap. Look at me now (make any movement) Exactly what you repeat. One-two-three, one-two-three. And now we will show legs And we will sink a little. Top Top Top, Top Top Top. Show me the pens, legs, Play them a little (random movements with your arms and legs) One-two-three, one-two-three.

Charging for kids

9. There is a lock on the door. (hands locked in the lock) Who could open it? (trying to separate hands) Twisted, twisted, Knocked and opened.

10. We have a nice posture, We have reduced the shoulder blades. We are on the toes, and then on the heels. Let’s go gently, as foxes, Well, if you get tired. Then let’s go all kosolapo, Like bears go into the forest.

12. The aircraft buzzed, (rotation in front of the chest with arms bent at the elbows) The airplanes flew. (arms to the side, alternate tilts to the left and to the right) They sat down quietly in the clearing, (sit down, hands to my knees) And they flew again. (hands to the sides, “fly” in a circle) Wooh wooh.

13. Tiki-so, tiki-so, (knock with outstretched arms on the sides) So the clock is knocking. Tuki-tuk, tuk-so, (hands in front of him, fists clenched, “bicycle”) So the wheels knock. CURRENT CURRENT, CURRENT CURRENT, (hands clenched into fists, knocking one against the other) So hammering the hammer. Tuki-current, tuki-current, (we stamp on the floor) So heels knock.

14. Rhythm gradually accelerates. The mill, the mill is grinding flour. (we twist “mill” with our hands) Blowing – the wind is blowing stronger. (wave your hands gently over your head from side to side) The mill is grinding flour faster. Blowing – blowing wind is stronger. An even faster mill is grinding flour. Blowing – blowing wind is stronger. We have ground flour (knock our fist on the fist) Huge bags. (we depict “big bags”) From flour, from flour (we clap our palms with a flip, depicting cakes) We baked cakes, Ladushki-palms, (we slam) Baked pancakes.

15. Knocking cams on the floor, depicting drops, or walk and stomp in time with the drops. Quiet-quiet rain Cap-cap-cap-cap. Stronger, stronger rain Cap-cap-cap, Strong, heavy rain Cap-cap-cap! Thunder! Thunder! (slam) In the sky, lightning glitters! (hands up)

16. Here is a clearing, and around (with a wide gesture, spread your arms to the sides) Limes lined up in a circle. (rounded hands interlock over head) Linden crowns rustle (hands up, shake them from side to side) Winds in their foliage buzz (lean forward) Bend to the top, (leaning forward, shake your body from side to side) And shake them, swing. After a rain and thunderstorms (straighten up, arms to raise) Limes pour streams of tears. (smoothly lower hands, turning over with fingers) Each leaf on a tear (hands down, vigorously shake hands) Should throw down on the paths. Cap and drip, drip and drip – (clap your hands) Drops, drips, drops, – drip! What a leaf is so weak! (“Drop” the hands) He will wash away the rain, (stroke first one, then the other hand) Will be stronger every day. (clench your fists)

17. A white cloud (rounded hands in front of him, fingers in the lock) He rose above the roof. (without disengaging the arms, raise them above the head) There was a cloud (straighten arms) Higher, higher, higher. (pull your hands up) Wind is a cloud (smooth swaying with your hands above your head from side to side) Hooked on a twist. (clasping hands with fingertips above the head) The cloud has turned (hands describe a large circle through the sides) To a rain cloud. (sit down)

18. Spun, spinning (spinning around) White snowflakes. Up white flock soared (raise hands) Light fluff. (circling on toes) The evil blizzard subsided a bit – (give up, stand up straight) They lay down everywhere. (sit down, hands to the floor) Shone like pearls, (stand up, hands forward) Everyone marvels at the miracle. (spread arms apart) Sparkled, sparkled (hands to execute the movement “scissors”) White girlfriends. Hurried for a walk (steps on the spot) Children and old women.

Charging for kids

19. Hand-draw the size of the cabbage, then we show how we cut, salt, and three cabbage. We have cabbage, Big cabbage. We cut cabbage, we cut, We salt cabbage, we salt, We cabbage three, three, We cabbage mnem, mnem.

20. Chok-chok, heel! (stomp their feet) A cricket is spinning in the dance. (circling) A grasshopper without an error (movements with his hands, like when playing the violin) Performs a waltz on the violin. Butterfly wings flicker. (waving her arms like wings) With a ant she flutters. (circling on the jumps) Squats in a curtsy (curtsy) and spinning again in the dance. (circling) Under the cheerful little gop (dance movements, as in the gopack) Famously the spider dances. Voiced clap palms! (clap your hands) That’s it! Tired of our legs! (sit down or lean forward, arms hang down)

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