Catherine Barnabas Breast

Catherine Barnabas

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Varnava. Born December 9, 1984 in Moscow. Russian actress and TV host, participant and choreographer of the show “Comedy Woman”.

Ekaterina Barnabas was born on December 9, 1984 in Moscow.

Father Vladimir Petrovich – military.

Mother Galina Stepanovna – therapist.

There are two older brothers – Igor and Alexey.

Shortly after the birth of Catherine, his father and his family moved to a new duty station – the location of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. There, in the city of Wünsdorf, Catherine lived up to seven years.

As Katya confessed, during her school years she considered herself an ugly duckling. The boys not only did not want to be friends with her, but also cruelly scoffed. Due to the lack of money, she had to donate things from relatives, which also caused peer aggression. "As a teenager and child, I flew for the fact that I did not look the way most people like. And skinheads beat me, and drove me, and people would sit in the subway from me – it was like that"- recalled Barnabas.

Catherine Barnabas in childhood with her parents

She admitted that as a child she didn’t understand why people react to her in such a way, why boys run after her and try to hit with a huge Grinders. The problem was that Catherine was wearing elder brother’s sports pants – she had been wearing them for several years, as well as the only sneakers. In winter, she wore a voluminous down jacket, which was brought to her by a neighbor, plus a hat stretched over her eyes and a scarf with the symbols of the CSKA football club. "In such a dress, the guys in the area “accepted” me several times. There were those who listen to rap, there were those who do not listen to rap. I was mistaken for a boy because I was hiding my hair under a hat. I was seriously beaten several times"- Catherine said.

From an early age engaged in ballroom dancing. When she was 13 years old, she was very stretched and became much higher than her partner – by as much as 20 cm. When they found a suitable pair for her, she injured her back during training and at the age of 14 she had to abandon her dancer’s career.

Also from childhood she had lush forms: "At twelve years, literally over one summer, my chest swiftly grew, and with it appeared a problem with the selection of swimsuits: if the upper part came up, then the lower part was godlessly great"- she said.

Catherine Barnabas in childhood

She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at MISiS with a degree in Jurisprudence.

In her student years she worked as a waitress, selling books in trains and offices, then mobile phones. Further became a dancer in nightclubs. "We also were girlfriends with go-go dancers in nightclubs. At the end of the first year I gathered a girlish dance group – we were going to go to student festivals and earn money at discos"- said the artist.

Since 2003, she has played for the KVN team “Their Secrets”, since 2005, for the “Team of Small Nations” in permanent composition. However, the first appearance on television took place back in 2004 for the same “National Team of Small Peoples” in the music competition 1/4 finals of the 2004 Premier League season as an invited participant.

Beginning with the 2005 Premier League festival, Ekaterina Varnava plays for the “National Team of Minor Peoples” in the permanent composition. In 2005, the team played five games in the Premier League (including the festival) and reached the final, in which it took fourth place. In the same year, the “Team of Small Nations” took part in the festival “The Winking Quin 2005” with a non-competitive performance. At the same time with performances for the National Team of Small Nations in the Premier League, Catherine plays for Her Own Secrets in the season of the Highest Ukrainian League, where it reaches the semi-finals.

According to the results of the Sochi festival “Woning KiViN-2006”, Ekaterina Varnava together with the “Team of small nations” are invited to the Higher League of KVN. However, in the very first game (1/8 finals) the team will be in failure, and the “Team of Small Nations” will stop participating in the 2006 season. The team also takes part in the “Wolving KiViN 2006” festival in Jurmala with out-of-competition performance, but does not make it into the final television version. However, Ekaterina Varnava and Maria Kravchenko are aired by participating in the recording of the final song of the festival. In the same year, Catherine as part of “Her Secrets” became the champion of the Volga league after a draw in the final with the Samara JUICE.

After the Sochi festival KiViN-2007, the “Team of Small Peoples” actually ceases to exist, and from this moment Ekaterina Varnava plays only for the team “Her Secrets”, which since 2007 represents the Moscow Financial and Law University (previously – MISiS). “Their secrets” fall into the television version of the festival, and are also invited in the 2007 Major League season.

The central actresses of the team are Ekaterina Varnava and Maria Kravchenko, who also take part in the recording of the final song of the festival.

At stage 1/8 of the final, the team “Their secrets” takes the fourth place, stops participating in the season of the Higher League and goes into the Premier League. In the quarterfinals of the Premier League “Their secrets” occupy the third place and do not pass to the semifinals. In the same year, Catherine as part of “Her secrets” with a non-competitive performance gets into the television version of the Jurmala festival “Golling KiViN 2007”.

His last season in KVN, Ekaterina Varnava also plays for “Her secrets”. As in the previous year, the team takes fourth place in its 1/8 finals and ceases to participate in the 2008 Higher League season. At the Joling KiViN 2008 festival “Singing secrets”, they repeat the fate of the “Team of Small Nations” in 2006: the final the TV version of the team’s performance does not get on, and Maria and Catherine reappear on the air during the opening and final songs of the festival.

His last game in KVN Ekaterina Varnava played in the Moscow team on the Special Project KVN 2008.

She took part in the KVN “Out of the game.” Once as a member of the “Small People’s National Team” (issue No. 14) and several times as a member of the “My Secrets” team (issues No. 11, 16-19, 21, 24, 26-27). Was leading issue number 15 (along with Alexander Maslyakov Jr. and Maria Kravchenko).

From the first release in 2008, she participates in the television program “Made in Woman”, later renamed “Comedy Woman” in the image of the “sex symbol of the show”, as well as in the production of choreographic numbers.

It was filmed for men’s magazines, in particular, for the April 2010 issue of the Russian version of the men’s magazine MAXIM. In November 2012, Ekaterina Varnava appeared on the cover of XXL magazine.

From August 27 to September 10, 2012 she led the NTV in the Morning (NTV) program. She was also one of the leaders of the program “Battle of Choirs” on the channel “Russia-1”.

In 2014, she became the leading Ukrainian television project “Who is on Top”, replacing Olga Freimut.

In 2015, she became the leading television project of the First Channel “Dance!”

Catherine Barnabas

In July 2015, together with Natalia Andreevna, she appeared in the original version of the “Record Orchestra” clip – “Lada Sedan”. In August 2016, she took part in the filming of advertising for the Gloria Jeans store chain three times.

In May 2017 it became known that the artist was banned from entering Ukraine for a period of 5 years. Previously, she performed in the Crimea with her Comedy Woman show and sang a song about Putin.

Catherine Barnabas’s height: 175 centimeters.

Catherine Barnabas personal life:

She was in a relationship with a colleague in Comedy Woman Dmitry Khrustalev.

"We rejoice for each other. Were friends, were in a relationship, came out of this relationship very calmly, remained friends"- Catherine said after their separation.

Catherine Barnabas and Dmitry Khrustalev

Since 2014, she has been in a relationship with dancer Konstantin Myakinkov, who is 2 years younger than her. Their novel became known during the show “Dance!” On Channel One (Konstantin took part and reached the final, and Katya was leading). Although they met much earlier: Myakinkov, as a choreographer, collaborated with Comedy Woman.

Catherine Barnabas and Konstantin Myakinkov

"I do not like misers. I make good money, easy to treat money. And there are scams that save all the time, they sit in a restaurant with a calculator. It annoys me. Maybe because such a person is flawed, it saves on feelings. Of course, I would be uncomfortable with a man without a sense of humor. What else? I used to control everything, but I don’t need to talk about it. There must be a person who just takes the initiative in his own hands, he will decide everything, and I will be happy to shut up and relax."- says Barnabas about the ideal of his man.

Catherine Barnabas Breast

"I’m afraid of water. I love the sea, yachts, boats – but I’m afraid to swim in panic"- Catherine admits.

Catherine Barnabas Filmography:

2005 – From 180 and higher 2008 – Univer (154 series) – cameo 2012 – Happy together – cameo 2012 – 8 first dates – Ilona 2012 – Deffchonki (season 4 series 10) – cameo 2013 – Studio 17 – Mila 2015 – Sashatanya (season 2 episodes 2, 5) – Cameo 2015 – Double Trouble – Alexandra 2016 – Provocateur – Masha 2016 – The Role of Denis Kovalev Alekseevich – Baby, Sweetie 2016 – Luntik And His Friends – Clever Girl 2016 – Denis Kovalev and Ekaterina Varnava – Katya Deniska

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