Cashews during pregnancy


Cashews during pregnancy

Is it possible to cashew during pregnancy

Many products are not recommended to use after birth, they can cause an allergic reaction in the baby and his mother. The list of such products includes a rather large list of nuts, but not cashews! His doctors do not only prohibit, but also recommend that they enter, this nut is nutritious and nutritious!

Cashews during pregnancy

Cashew General Information

Cashew has a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins, sugars, trace elements, macronutrients, beneficial acids, and it also tastes good. Slightly oily, very gentle, melting on the tongue, a little cream nut and never leave anyone indifferent.

The composition of cashew includes


  • B vitamins;
  • biotin;
  • vitamins D, E and K.

trace elements:


Cashews during pregnancy

Consider the influence of a useful product on the body of the future mother.

There are a lot of vitamins in this nut, which means that avitaminosis is not terrible for mommies and children. Also in cashews there is a fairly high iron content, which is not observed in all foods, a small amount of this nut in the diet can prevent the development of anemia, because future mothers are at risk! Hemoglobin will always be kept within acceptable limits.

What else is the benefit of a nut during pregnancy?

High magnesium content helps to strengthen bones and immunity. Doctors recommend to use cashews at high pressure, this is the best alternative to expensive and harmful drugs!

Magnesium in general has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and since the pregnant heart is experiencing a stronger load due to carrying the child and the weight gained, consuming magnesium in the composition of the cashew will have a beneficial effect on the body, maintain the elasticity of the vessels, facilitate calf-cramps, remove nervous irritability. Cashews also contain anti-inflammatory substances that will not allow the disease to develop in the body, because we all know that diseases during pregnancy are extremely dangerous!

Walnut nut helps to fight dysbacteriosis, which is so common in pregnant women, it normalizes the digestive system. In the cashew, a high content of polyunsaturated acids, these acids support vision and improve metabolism. Drinking an overseas nut reduces the likelihood of blood clots!

Cases of the harmful effects of cashews have not yet been recorded. However, you should remember about individual intolerance and be careful, because a pregnant woman is not only responsible for her life!

Walnut can be dangerous if you buy a poor-quality product, then there is a chance that the cashew has not been processed or stored in inappropriate conditions. Do not be afraid if you buy goods from a trusted manufacturer in a vacuum package.

If before pregnancy you did not try cashews, then after you try to track your body’s reaction, if you observe discomfort, discomfort, then you should not use this nut anymore!

When avitaminosis, anemia, psoriasis, when there is a lack of weight, if you feel that your eyesight is deteriorating, include a nut in your diet.

It is just to diversify your diet with this delicious nut, since a nut is just a clot of carbohydrates that elevate your spirits and give you good spirits, then use it with frequent anxieties, depressions, because pregnant women should not be worried.


Allergy, idiosyncrasy, discomfort after the first use.

Precautionary measures

A good cashew is a smooth walnut texture, it is not overdried, not wrinkled, there are no foreign objects in the pack and mold, a pleasant smell. Store nuts in a sealed package in a cool place, you can in the refrigerator. In the freezer, you can store this type of nut throughout the year!

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