Cartoons for children 2 years

The cartoon industry has evolved so much over the past decade that parents, instead of asking: “Where can I get a new cartoon?”, Have a completely different one: “Which one to choose?”. We have selected the best ones that you can watch for free and online right now.

A huge number of drawn characters live their lives and give an example to kids how to act and

Developing cartoons of Robert Sahakyants

Cartoons for children 2 years

The selection of educational cartoons consists of seven series, intended for children from two to seven years. Real heroes and animals that solve a variety of tasks and situations, in an easy and accessible form for the kid, present information for teaching the child. Online viewing:

Thanks to the cartoons, the child learns about dinosaurs and various types of animals, will be among the representatives of the Ancient World: Babylon, Egypt and Greece. In addition, while watching the baby learn the basics of the exact sciences: astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics. Cartoons do not contain violence and aggression in a pronounced form, and carry a certain semantic load, which distinguishes them from other children’s cartoons.

Developing Aunt Owl Lessons

The cartoon is aimed at children aged 2 to 7 years. The presence of a peculiar teacher-mentor of Aunt Owl teaches children to respect and listen to their elders, interesting graphics and easy-to-understand child stories contribute to the rapid development of new material. While watching, the kid will learn the numbers, the alphabet and English, the basics of geography, the rules of behavior and much more.

Super Tom and Literacy

The plot unfolds in the fairy-tale village of Storybuk, where each resident studies a separate science, in each series a new story takes place, where you need to solve puzzles and other tasks together with the audience, English subtitles are a great addition to the cartoon, which will allow the child to learn the basics of the language. Easy to read and colorful cartoon will appeal to both children and parents.

Bulk Tips

The plot of the cartoon is built around the adventures of actor Steve Bens and cartoon characters, the main assistant in the search for truth is the Dog Bulka. In each series, the characters solve new puzzles, while watching the child learns to read and count, develops logic and abstract thinking.

Cartoons for children 2 years

How to watch educational cartoons?

In order to watch the cartoons did not become a waste of time, parents should know the simple rules of viewing in order for the child to gain the knowledge that he learned while watching:

  • If possible, parents should be present while watching cartoons, but not just in the room, but carefully follow the developments on the screen and observe the reaction of the baby.
  • After the end of the review, it is important to discuss with your child what you see. It is useful to ask questions from the category: a hare did the right thing, but what would you do in his place and

A huge selection of stories does not always mean quality, before watching the next cartoon, independently view a few frames or read reviews on the Internet. Do not forget to be present while watching and discuss what you see with the children, thus, you will always be in the know, which will allow you to control the development process of your baby.

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