Carmen Electra children

Carmen Electra, or Tara Lee Patrick, as the real name of the dancer and actress, was born on April 20, 1972 in the town of Sharonville in the eastern United States. In the veins of the glamorous model, the media personality and the singer, there is blood of several nationalities at once: Germans, Irish, Dutch, British and Cherokee Indians. Despite his mature age, the star of gloss and the screen still looks great, regularly getting into the top 100 of the sexiest women in the world.

Creativity Carmen inherited from her parents. The father of the future artist, Harry Patrick, was an entertainer and guitarist. Tara’s mother, Patricia, worked as a singer. In the family, in addition to Electra, there were four children. From early childhood, Tara was distinguished by her artistry and loved to perform. In 1977, the baby won the local dance competition. General education girl received in Cincinnati elementary school. At the age of 9, Tara became a professional dancer in the studio Gloria Jay Simpson. Later, she continued her studies at the school of arts, then transferred to Princeton High School. In parallel, Tara attended the Barbizon model school.

In 1990, she settled down to dance in the Kings Island entertainment center of Mason. A year later, in search of great opportunities, she moved to the west – closer to Hollywood. There, in California, the beautiful met with Prince – the legendary rhythm-and-blues performer and owner of a record company. Soon the girl signed a contract with his studio and became Carmen Electra. It was such a creative pseudonym for Tara who came up with Prince. For several years she tried to build a vocal career. In 1993, her only album was released, which turned out to be a failure.

Carmen Electra children

Having suffered a fiasco in the musical arena, the 23-year-old beauty decided to try her hand at television. From the mid-1990s, she actively participated in various TV shows, but Tara became truly famous after her collaboration with Playboy. The first series of candid photos of the model appeared in the men’s magazine in 1996. In the future, there were four more such photo sessions for the famous publication. Three times the face of the model fell on the cover of “Playboy.” She has been filming for various publications (Maxim, Stuff, FHM) in her zero years.

In 1997, Carmen made her film debut. At first she starred in the comedy “American Vampire”, then in “Excellent Hamburger.” The most famous works of the actress were roles in parodies: Drew Decker in Scary Movie, Queen Margot in Meet the Spartans, Mystic in Epic Movie. In 2004, Electra received the MTV prize for Starsky & Hutch, and two years later she was awarded the anti-award “Razzie” for the Date Movie and the fourth part of the Scary Movie.

From 1997 to 1998, the actress starred in the role of Lani Mackenzie in the popular TV series Baywatch. In the same period, she led the game show Singled Out on MTV. In 2005, Tara became a member of the wrestling show “League of Nude Ladies.” In 2009, she was invited to dance as a star in the famous Wild Horse cabaret in Paris. As a celebrity she performed in the 8th season of the show So You Think You Can Can Dance.

In the movie, the actress is most often removed in comedy films. From time to time, Carmen Electra appears in music videos, commercials, episodes of popular TV shows, writes songs, voices cartoons. In 2007, she released her own book, How to Become Sexual. The celebrity shares his knowledge in the field of dance in video striptease aerobics.

Personal life

The most difficult in the life of the artist was, perhaps, the 98th year. In the summer, Carmen Electra planned to marry basketball player Dennis Rodman for the first time, but the wedding had to be postponed due to the illness of her mother. In August, Patricia Patrick died of cancer, and just a couple of weeks Debbie died – Tara’s older sister: her heart could not stand. The wedding took place in November in a small church in Las Vegas, and after nine days the couple parted. Officially, Carmen and Dennis dissolved the marriage in April 1999.

Carmen Electra children

Some time later, rumors about the romance of the actress with drummer Tommy Lee appeared in the press, but in 2003 Tara married another musician, guitarist Dave Navarro. The development of the love story of this pair of American television viewers could watch live in the framework of the reality show “Until death do us part.” The second marriage of the actress lasted four years.

In April 2008, Carmen Electra reported that she was engaged to guitarist Rob Patterson. The musician made a proposal on the birthday of the artist. Relationships of the couple lasted for several years, but never led to the altar. In 2012, it became known that the actress is dating a British millionaire and showman Simon Cowell. The actress does not have native children, but there is a godson, Lyrik, the son of Jeremy London and Melissa Cunningham.

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