Can you drink paracetamol pregnant

Intestinal spasm accompanies many gastrointestinal diseases, so myotropic preparations are often used to relieve pain, which have an antispasmodic effect on intestinal smooth muscles. Drug treatment should be combined with a diet – emphasis is recommended on vegetable dishes, fresh fruits and lean meats. Negative reactions of the body, manifested in the form of side effects, can be avoided if you follow the individually selected dosage regimen.

How to act on the body?

When taken orally, the active substance quickly penetrates the bloodstream and spreads through the soft tissues. Both drugs are metabolized by the liver, metabolites are inactive, partially excreted by the kidneys (along with urine) and gall bladder (along with bile). In case of first-pass hydrolysis, the main component is not detected in the blood plasma.

pharmachologic effect

As part of the drug is present mebeverin (a derivative of reserpine) in the form of hydrochloride.

The concentration of the main component of Sparex and Duspatalin – 200 mg.

Mebeverin can affect the muscle tissue of the large intestine by relieving or completely removing the spasm. Myotropic antispasmodic does not slow down the natural intestinal motility and does not possess anticholinergic properties.

What is the difference and which is better – Duspatalin or Spareks?

Definitely answer the question, which is better, Duspatalin or Spareks, is impossible. Sparex can be considered an analogue of Duspatalin from a domestic manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, additional components vary. Duspatalin is available in 2 forms – capsules and tablets with different concentrations of mebeverin. Sparex is available only in tablet form. Both drugs have a similar therapeutic effect.

When is an antispasmodic used?

The instructions for use spelled out the main indications. These include:

  • spasms of the bile ducts (biliary colic) after surgery;
  • organic pathology of the digestive tract;
  • intestinal colic;
  • functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pancreatitis, accompanied by pain in the epigastric region.

Children over 12 years old can take myotropes for pain in the intestines and stomach.

Dosage and administration

All dosage forms of antispasmodics (capsules and tablets) are intended for oral administration. They are taken entirely, without chewing and not deforming, washed down with plenty of boiled water. The approximate dosing regimen of Duspatalin – 1 capsule / tablet twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal. The regimen of Sparex – 2 tablets 2 times a day. The daily rate of both myotropes is no more than 400 mg. In the absence of positive dynamics, the therapeutic rate can be increased to 600 mg with the permission of the attending physician.

special instructions

Drink medicines can only drink non-carbonated water. Milk, carbonated drinks and soft drinks, strong tea and coffee are not suitable for this purpose. Teratogenic and embryotoxic effects are absent.

Treatment of intestinal pathologies should be accompanied by a dietary diet – harmful food and drinks are completely excluded from the diet.

It is recommended to reduce in advance the physical load of the patient before the start of drug therapy.

Can you drink paracetamol pregnant

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnant and lactating women use drugs for therapeutic purposes is not recommended. Medications prescribed in extreme cases.


Children younger than 12 years myotropy not prescribed. Teenagers can drink antispasmodics in the same dosage as adults.

Elderly age

Elderly patients need correction dosing regimen. Treatment is recommended to start with taking half the dose.

Side Effects of Duspatalin and Sparex

With an incorrectly chosen dosing regimen, the risk of side effects increases. Most often they are observed on the part of the digestive tract and the central nervous system. Prescribed side effects:

  • violation of defecation (constipation, diarrhea);
  • pain in the intestines and stomach;
  • excessive gas formation;
  • dizziness;
  • pain in temples.

Patients have allergic reactions that manifest as hyperemia, urticaria, pruritus and swelling of the face. In rare cases, the patient may develop angioedema (angioedema).

Contraindications to the use of Duspatalin and Spareks

Medicines have almost no contraindications. The instructions spelled out the relative restrictions, which include pregnancy, breastfeeding period and hypersensitivity. People with individual intolerance are not recommended to take antispasmodics.

Impact on driving

In spite of the fact that medications do not have a sedative effect, it is not recommended to drive vehicles while taking myotropes. Sparex and Duspatalin can cause dizziness.

Interaction with other drugs

Sparex and Duspatalin combined with most drugs belonging to different pharmacological groups. They are taken in combination with antibiotics, gastroprotectors and antiviral agents.

Compatibility with alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can affect the rate of absorption of the active component in the composition of myotropes. Alcohol is strictly forbidden to use during treatment with antispasmodics.


The characteristic symptoms of an overdose appear when the permitted therapeutic rate is repeatedly exceeded. These include the over-stimulation of the central nervous system (uncooledness, irritability, disorientation, chaotic movement of the eyeballs). The first medical aid is expressed in gastric lavage and intake of enterosorbents – for this it is necessary to give the patient to drink a weakly concentrated solution of manganese and activated charcoal.

The specific antidote is absent.

In the absence of improvement, the patient must be taken to a medical facility where he is prescribed symptomatic treatment.

Pharmacy sales terms

Duspatalin and Spareks are available on prescription.

Storage conditions

The optimum storage temperature is from 0 ° C to 25 ° C. Opened packaging is not recommended to be kept in the refrigerator, storage should be dark (without direct sunlight) and well ventilated.

Shelf life

Shelf life Duspatalin – 3 years, Spareksa – no more than 2 years. After the expiration date of the medication should be disposed of.

Sparex is considered an analogue of Duspatalin, the drugs have a large number of substitutes with a similar therapeutic effect and composition. These include:

  1. Ditsetel. Tablets contain pinavery bromide in various concentrations (50 and 100 mg). Additional components are present (lactose monohydrate, microcellulose, talc, starch). The drug belongs to the group of antispasmodics, it is allowed for use in dyskinesia of the gallbladder. The regimen is 2 tablets twice a day. There are age restrictions (up to 18 years). The cost is 540 rubles.
  2. No shpa. Cheap generic Duspatalin. Available in the form of solution for injection (intramuscularly) and tablets. Drotaverine is present in the composition, (in the form of hydrochloride in solution). Reduces the tone of the intestinal muscle tissue. The drug can be used for toothache. Approximate dosing regimen – no more than 3 tablets per day. Price – from 60 rubles.
  3. Buscopan It has 2 forms of release – tablets and suppositories. The drug contains hyoscine butyl bromide and paracetamol (Buscopan Plus). Reception is allowed for children over 6 years of age, the regimen is no more than 3-6 tablets per day or 3 suppositories. Price antispasmodic – from 350 rubles.
  4. Odeston. Available in tablet form, in the composition of the drug is present hymecromone (200 mg). It has a pronounced choleretic effect, can be used for spasms in the large intestine and other problems associated with the work of the digestive system. Daily intake – no more than 3 tablets. Cost – from 370 rubles.
  5. Niaspam. Long-acting capsules are taken with irritable bowel syndrome. In the composition there is the same substance as in Duspatalin. There are age restrictions, for children under 12 years old the drug is not prescribed. Capsules accept entirely, without deforming. Approximate dosing regimen – 2 capsules per day. Price – from 400 rubles.
  6. Mebeverin. The antispasmodic agent is available in tablet form and is a structural analogue of Duspatalin. Restores normal intestinal motility. Admission is allowed to teens over 12 years old. The scheme of use (depending on the concentration of the active substance) – 4 tablets per day (100 mg) or 2 tablets twice a day (200 mg). Price – from 140 rubles.
  7. Trimedat. The tablet dosage form contains 100 or 200 mg of trimebutine maleate. Regulates intestinal motility. The drug can be taken for dyspepsia and reflux esophagitis. Reception is possible during the period of rehabilitation after surgery. The daily rate is not more than 600 mg, which is equivalent to 3 tablets of 200 mg or 6 tablets of 100 mg. Cost – from 280 rubles.

Can you drink paracetamol pregnant

Each drug has contraindications. Most of them require prescription leave. Independent choice of the drug is not possible, drugs should be prescribed by a doctor. The course of application of Duspatalin and its analogues – no more than 2 weeks.

Drug price

The cost of drugs varies depending on the form of release and place of sale. The price of Sparex is 340-380 rubles, Duspatalin – from 550 rubles.

Christina, 37 years old, Granitogorsk

Myotropic drugs I take periodically with bowel spasms. But the spa stopped helping, so I had to urgently select another medicine, prescribed Duspatalin. Improvement occurs after 15-20 minutes after the first application. The antispasmodic took 2 weeks, during which time remission occurred and the pain did not disturb for 4-5 weeks. Adjustment of the dosing regimen was not needed, took 1 capsule in the morning and evening before meals.

Andrey, 57 years old, Novorossiysk

I take Sparex for pain in the intestines and constipation. The medicine is cheaper than Duspatalin, but it does the same. The treatment began with half the dose, took 1 capsule per day, after 7 days, doubled the dose. Side effects appeared in the first days of the reception, a little dizzy. The malaise passed on its own, after the body got used to the drug. I buy medication by prescription.

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