Can pregnant women sleep on their backs

Every woman is looking forward to the moment when a new life is born in her body, while when she learns about this event, her joy has no limits. But at this moment she also learns that she needs to give up many habits, limit the use of certain foods, and even convenient and familiar posture for sleep. Why pregnant women can not sleep on your back? And you can even lie on your back during pregnancy?

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Argued that sleeping on the back of pregnant women is not desirable. Why during pregnancy you can not sleep on your back? At the beginning of the term, the expectant mother does not have any special problems with sleep and sleeps in the position in which she is more comfortable. And already at a later stage, she is forced to select a posture for sleep, in which she will comfortably rest.

During pregnancy, most women complain of drowsiness. If in the first months they are able to lie down in any position and sleep, then on the latter it is difficult to find a comfortable position. But why pregnant women can not sleep on their backs, this issue concerns not one woman.

The best posture for comfortable sleep

In the first half of the term, no one prohibits sleeping on your back during pregnancy and it will not bring harm. But you have to get used to other postures that experts recommend for later periods. If you gradually try to roll over on its side, it will not be difficult to get used to. To keep the pose, you can put a pillow under your back or under the belly, which will interfere with turning over.

When the tummy is rounded, lying on it will not work, and doctors do not advise, is it possible to sleep on your back pregnant? Up to 28 weeks, no one forbids this, and later to sleep on your back during pregnancy is undesirable. The choice is small, so it remains to sleep on one of the sides, but it is recommended to change the position during the night. But what is the reason why during pregnancy you can not sleep on your back?

Big uterus: on which organs it presses

Why pregnant women cannot lie down and sleep on their backs, to what this may lead, every woman who is expecting a child is looking for answers to these questions. During pregnancy, the female body redistributes the body weight and the position that is already comfortable up to this point will be uncomfortable. In the last trimester, sleeping on your back during pregnancy is inconvenient, since an enlarged uterus with a baby puts a strain on your back.

In the end, this can lead to fatigue and pain in the lumbar region. The consequences can be irreparable:

  • • Stagnation of blood will harm the expectant mother, she loses consciousness due to the fact that the pressure drops.
  • • A child may not receive the required portion of oxygen, resulting in hypoxia.

That is why every woman should listen to her feelings and decide for herself whether to sleep on her back during pregnancy or not. Experts can not accurately answer whether pregnant women can sleep on their backs.

But is it still possible for pregnant women to lie on their backs? What could be the consequences if a pregnant woman often sleeps on her back?

Expectant mothers can lie on their backs in the first months of pregnancy, during this period the fetus is still small, so it will not create much pressure on the vena cava. But every day the fetus grows in the womb, the load on the spine increases, there is pressure on the vena cava, which prevents the blood from circulating normally. The enlarged uterus with all its weight presses not only on the vein leading from the legs to the heart, but also on the internal organs. The result may be a condition such as varicose veins. In addition, the lack of blood and stagnation in the vessels greatly slows the growth of the uterus, this is the main reason why pregnant women cannot lie on their backs.

When a pregnant woman lies on her back, the uterus squeezes the vena cava, as a result of which the woman may lose consciousness, because the blood does not flow in the right amount to the heart, the pressure goes down. It can also lead to stagnation of blood in the legs, with the result that hemorrhoids appear. But in the process of sleep, you can not even notice these symptoms, and this is very dangerous.

Can pregnant women sleep on their backs

But that’s not all, sleeping on your back during pregnancy for a long time can not only create pressure on the vein, but also on the internal organs: kidneys, liver and others. And this means that they work with failures and can bring serious harm to the health of the mother and child. That is why doctors do not advise to sleep on your back, it is better to spend the night lying on one of the sides.

If, upon waking, there is pain in the back, in the side or in the legs, then you need to choose a different position for sleeping and consult with your doctor. To make sleep more harmonious, you can purchase special pillows for pregnant women, which reduce the load.

Can pregnant women sleep on their backs

Tips: what to do to sleep well

Every woman should think not only about whether pregnant women can sleep on their backs, but also about a full healthy sleep, which is important in her condition.

At first, the new posture will be uncomfortable for sleeping. But what can be done so that a woman can have a good rest at night and gain strength:

  • • During pregnancy, you can not overeat at night, you need to eat often, but not much. A couple of hours before bedtime, it is better not to eat, do not drink drinks with gas and caffeine.
  • • Milk with honey will calm you down and help you sleep better.
  • • Before going to bed, it is better not to watch TV or read books.
  • • Going to bed, you need to find a comfortable position. It is possible for pregnant women to sleep on their backs at the beginning of the term, and on the second and third trimester it is better to lie on their side. Before you fall asleep, you can lie down a little on your back during pregnancy, putting a pillow under your head and back, lifting your legs to remove puffiness from the limbs.
  • • Pregnant women should not sleep on their backs in recent months, they should find a comfortable posture, and thanks to comfortable pillows, sleep can be strong and long, and this is important for the health of the mother and baby.

To answer the question of concern to every woman, you can sleep on your back during pregnancy, only the attending doctor can. He monitors the development of the fetus, regularly sees the woman’s tests and knows how many babies the woman will have and what weight they have, and these are the main points that will help answer whether you can be pregnant or not lying on your back.

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