Can pains be painless

The period of pregnancy for each woman is exciting and difficult. In the head of the future mom a thousand questions. Therefore, this article will address one of the most important questions: “Can the contractions be painless? “.

Can pains be painless

Of course, to answer this question is definitely quite difficult. After all, every woman’s body is individual, but, as doctors say, most of the future moms just wind themselves up and, after listening to the “horror stories” from more experienced women, they tune in to terrible pain.

If we talk about the nature of contractions, then at the first stage they arise due to the opening of the cervix, and there are a lot of pain receptors in it. Although many women feel well without opening the uterus by 8 centimeters without pain, this is the exception rather than the rule. In addition to the opening of the uterus, its ligaments stretch, the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases. This is quite a dull pain and sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly where it hurts. Many young women note that the soreness begins from the stomach, slowly descending down to the pubic bone. Many women during fights have urges to the toilet.

When the uterus is almost open, another pain begins, which is associated with stretching the tissue and the passage of the fetus through the birth canal. Further attempts will begin. Such pain is already acute, it can be easily identified. The main pain will be in the vagina, perineum and rectum.

Very often, future mummies “wind up” themselves so much before childbirth that they perceive even very mild pain as just terrible agony. Many even ask the doctor to make a cesarean section. This, of course, is sad, because childbirth is a physiological process that every woman can do.

It is also worth noting that, most often, women who have a painful menstruation before pregnancy are experiencing severe pain during childbirth. At birth, a large fetus, as well as during the first birth, the pain is much greater than with repeated birth. Premature and very long childbirth also greatly increase pain.

But are there any painless contractions? Probably not all the same, but there are a number of techniques that can help reduce pain.

First, women in labor are recommended to read special literature in order to learn in detail about each stage of the birth of a child and to know what will happen. If possible, it is worth going to school for expectant mothers, they learn to breathe properly during labor, which also significantly reduces pain. So at the moment of very strong pain you need to breathe often, and in the intervals slowly and calmly.

Also, a pregnant woman needs to learn how to relax. This will help in the process of childbirth to calm down and tune in to positive emotions.

There is an opinion that pain during contractions can be removed with the help of a shower or bath. So, if the woman’s contractions started at home, then she may well lie down a bit in the bathroom, but only until that moment the water has departed. In some maternity homes, pregnant women are allowed to stand in the shower during contractions, which also reduces pain.

During labor, it is recommended to take a comfortable posture to relieve pain. For example, many ladies tolerate pain better, squatting or standing on all fours. But, unfortunately, such free behavior during contractions is not welcomed in all maternity hospitals.

It is very important to rest between contractions. Some women even fall asleep in the gaps, which allows them to save power for the very process of childbirth.

Not bad helps relieve pain massage the sacrum and neck. These manipulations not only relieve the pain, but also allow a little distraction.

Some women in labor claim that participation in the process of childbirth of a husband or other close relative (the main thing is that these people should be prepared and take special courses) helps a lot. A native person can soothe, distract, make a massage or just feel sorry. But this moment is extremely individual, since most of the women’s relatives, on the contrary, distract them and women who give birth to them are embarrassed.

It is worth noting that childbirth, of course, is a complex and painful process. But having endured this pain, a woman receives the most expensive gift in her life – a child. And it is worth it.

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