Can nursing mom apples

The first thing that every young mother thinks about after the birth of a baby is the organization of proper nutrition. It is very important that it be as useful as possible to the child, not negatively affecting the work of the as yet weak organism (in the form of food disorders, gas, allergic rash). But do not forget about the saturation with vitamins and trace elements of the body of a woman who gave so much energy to bear, to give birth to a baby, and now to lactation.

Considering which products to include in the daily diet, each mom will ask: “Is it possible for a nursing mother to have apples?” – and indeed, the question is interesting, because this is the most common fruit in our area.

The most valuable fruit

The apple, besides the fact that we have the most common and affordable fruit, is distinguished by a mass of beneficial properties, it is a real “storehouse” of vitamins and trace elements necessary for health. Today there is a huge number of its varieties, differing in taste, color, size, level of sweetness and its ratio with characteristic sourness. An apple is eaten in a different form: raw, baked, boiled, in the form of juices and compotes, alone or added to other dishes.

Approximately 80% of each fruit consists of liquid. Scientists have found that this unique fruit contains:

  • vitamins C and B, as well as A (it is interesting that here this vitamin is two times more than in citrus), E, ​​P;
  • useful trace elements (iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and others);
  • carotene;
  • pectins (vegetable fiber);
  • amino acids;
  • sugar (its amount, depending on the variety, ranges from 5-15%).

Such a rich composition fully explains why apples improve the body’s substance processes, remove toxins, clear slags, are necessary for blood formation (it is apples that are especially useful for anemia). This fruit has a strengthening effect and supports immunity, soothes the nervous system.

According to many scientists, an apple hinders the development of oncological processes in the body. All this is due to the combined action of quartcetin (a strong antioxidant contained in the peel), vitamin C, pectins and insoluble fibers.

Can nursing mom apples

The fact that this fruit is useful for mother, we were convinced, but whether apples can be breastfed and how microelements trapped from them into mother’s milk will affect the baby is an interesting question.

“Apple” effect on the baby during lactation

Breast-fed apples are not only allowed, but also useful, because a part of the vitamin and mineral complex immediately goes into the milk and is passed to the baby. They do not cause diathesis even in the most allergic children (green apples are especially safe when breastfeeding).

This is the only fruit that a woman is allowed to eat within a few days after giving birth (the rest are introduced gradually, not earlier than after three months). Apples will help the mother’s body to recover faster, and the baby – to develop correctly and fully.

Unfortunately, in rare cases, a negative effect can be observed, and the fruits can cause it:

  • purchased, with a beautiful, almost mirror skin or very large sizes. Most often, they fall on the shelves of supermarkets from foreign countries. For long-term storage, attractive appearance and transportation, the fruits are saturated with preservatives and a special wax base, which is dangerous for the child’s body;
  • consumed raw with peel. In this case, although all the useful components are preserved, the process of gas formation is enhanced. Consequently, babies can be bothered by colic and gas.

Comparing the benefits of such fruits, we can safely say that this fruit is priceless, and you can avoid little trouble if you follow a few simple rules of apple nutrition.

What kind of apples you can eat and how to properly enter them into the diet

Let’s start with the choice of varieties and whether green apples can be breastfed. This color says only about the benefits and safety of this variety. Usually with fruits and berries of red color children have problems in the form of diathesis, therefore it is recommended to clean fruits even from pinkish skin. Well suited varieties “Antonovka”, “Golden” (yellow fruit is also safe), “White filling” (but with this sort, you should be careful because of the increased acid of the fruit).

Green fruit contains the most iron.

It should be well washed fruit before use, and also not recommended to eat fruit with traces of onset of rotting. Even if the fruit can be cut (say, on it you have found a small spot on the skin), it is better not to eat it in its raw form – it is better to cook baked apples for nursing mothers, cook compote from them or add them to oatmeal cookies, porridge.

Starting to enter into your diet this fruit (in any form) should be only a small amount. For several days, eat strictly on a small piece, and then gradually increase its size. The daily rate during lactation should not exceed one fetus per day, the amount of iron, fiber and vitamin C contained in it is enough to satisfy your body and baby. You should also begin not with raw, but with baked apples during breastfeeding.

Buying fruit is better than those that grow in your region and correspond to the season. Do not forget that the imported product is treated with chemicals for long-term transportation and storage.

The peculiarity of the baked product during lactation

Sometimes young mothers are fanatically afraid to change something in their own diet, which even doubt: is it possible for a nursing mother to have baked apples? Explaining this fear is most often the presence of sugar, but at the same time, you should not forget that this is how you can saturate the body with vitamins and iron, plus baked apples will help to cope with constipation (most women experience this problem during lactation). And most importantly – a source of health, beauty, vigor and energy. Do not forget about it!

Can nursing mom apples

To prepare the same tasty, useful for nursing moms and safe dish is quite simple:

  • wash the fruit;
  • remove the cores and tails;
  • sprinkle sugar on the resulting dimple completely;
  • place the fruit in a deep container, pour some water on the bottom;
  • bake in the oven until soft and transparent skin.

Can nursing mom apples

And one more thing: breastfeeding moms can not have a lot of sugar, so it is not recommended to sprinkle a dish when powdered.

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