Can I get pregnant with myoma

Women can have many hormonal diseases that affect their reproductive system. One of these illnesses is uterine fibroids. Many representatives of the fair sex have a question: is it possible to become pregnant with uterine myoma? Let’s try to understand this disease in detail. What to do when pregnancy occurs?

Uterine myoma

For a start it is worth saying that uterine fibroids is a disease that occurs due to hormonal failure. Due to the incorrect production of estrogen, a node appears in the reproductive organ. The neoplasm may be located in different layers of the uterine muscle, but wherever the fibroid is, it is always a benign tumor.

The size of the neoplasm is determined in accordance with the weeks of pregnancy. So, a node can be 5, 8, or 16 weeks old.

Uterine fibroids and pregnancy

So, can uterine myoma become pregnant? The answer to this question depends on how large the tumor is in the weaker sex. Quite often, a woman turns to a doctor because she cannot conceive a child. After some examination, she is diagnosed with uterine fibroids. The size of the tumor can be suck up small and be only a few millimeters. In other cases, a node weighing from a few grams to a kilogram is found. Of course, large fibroids make themselves known by various symptoms.

With a large tumor, an independent pregnancy is very unlikely. With small knots, women successfully become pregnant and have children.

Why is it difficult to conceive with this disease?

Women ask why pregnancy is unlikely in uterine myoma? Difficulty may arise for two reasons.

Fibroids can simply interfere with the attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall. If the embryo chooses its place on the opposite side of the node, then difficulties in this process usually do not arise. If the tumor has a size of five centimeters, then, most likely, there will be a rejection of the ovum, as getting pregnant with uterine myoma of a large diameter is almost unreal.

In addition, we must not forget that myoma is a disease that occurs due to hormonal disruption. Problems with conception may occur due to the wrong level of hormones in a woman’s body. Thus, a large amount of estrogen can block ovulation and create unfavorable conditions within the reproductive organ for the development of the ovum. Is pregnancy possible with uterine myoma in this case? Of course, yes, but before that it is necessary to carry out the correct hormonal correction.

Can I get pregnant with myoma

What problems can arise if conception happened?

So, can uterine myoma become pregnant? Can. If conception has occurred, then you should immediately contact a specialist and say that you have fibroids. The doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs to maintain pregnancy and create favorable conditions for the growth of the ovum. If you ignore the fact of pregnancy and let everything take its course, problems may arise.

The main difficulty faced by women with uterine myoma is the threat of a pregnancy failure. It occurs immediately after conception. Due to the large amount of estrogen, the main hormone is suppressed, which is necessary during pregnancy. The decrease in the concentration of progesterone leads to the fact that the reproductive organ is constantly in good shape. As a consequence, detachment may occur. If a large portion of the ovum has departed, the pregnancy will be interrupted.

How does uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

If conception has occurred, and the woman takes the necessary drugs, prescribed by a specialist, then the pregnancy will develop normally. Uterine fibroids can interfere with conception or harm in the early stages. During pregnancy, the node can not affect the development of the embryo.

In some cases, when the size of the node is quite large, caesarean section delivery may be recommended. During surgery, the doctor decides whether to remove some nodes.

With small sizes, neoplasm of complexity does not arise during labor. A woman is allowed to give birth naturally. And it all ends safely.


Now you know whether it is possible to become pregnant with uterine myoma and what to do if conception has occurred. Before planning it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination and find out what difficulties you may encounter in early or late pregnancy.

The uterine myoma must be carefully monitored and the tumor must not be increased in size. Nodes are especially susceptible to growth during pregnancy, since a large hormonal alteration occurs in the woman’s body.

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